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Moma dukes Feb 10
Love, you can love someone so much just to them out of your life so the love turns to hate.                                                            ­             Happy, you can be the happiest person in the world that will do anything to make someone so happy but in return they take and ripe the closest thing away from you so your happiness turns to unhappiness.                                                     ­                                         The one thing that can make you so happy can be ripped away from you. So now thinks are so different cause now what you had makes  you so miserable cause all because of someone’s else’s hatred can make you so unhappy cause what you had you don’t have no more and it give the emtiness that ripped your heart out your chest and it will never be whole again. As long as you live always thinking why is this happening to me.                                                              ­              Why can’t I just die. Why am I still on earth the most unhappiest person and the one thing that can make you whole again is just a hour away but that one thing you do to get that happiness back will put you in jail the ready of my life. So why can’t I say why me.
Moma dukes Jan 29
I breathe every day.                                                             ­            Sometimes it hurts to breathe.                                                     Sometimes it feels good to breathe.                                                             I have a loss that I feel empty inside.                                                       As the day goes by I wonder do I want to breed or not today.                                                           But I keep breathing Knowing I will see her one day again.
Moma dukes Nov 2016
Missing the days i held you close to me.
Missing they way you would lay on my chest and listen to our heartbeats beating together as one.
Missing the the kisses I give you every morning, day and night.
Missing telling you i love you.
Missing telling you good morning when you wake up in the morning.
Missing telling you good night when you go to bed.
Missing the birthdays, holidays, events, and special things that happen in your life.
Missing not being able to see my little girl grow up to be a beautiful woman.
Missing just to be there when you need someone to talk to.
Missing telling you everything will be all right when things mad you cry.
Missing being the for you when you need a shoulder to cry on.
Missing not having that bond a mother and daughter should have.
Missing you is the emptiness of of my soul.
Missing not having your child is the worst feeling for anyone to have but knowing that one day i will have you in my life once again keeps me going on.
One day i will see you and i really pray to have that bond with you i think about you everyday.
Moma dukes Sep 2016
We shed tears for a reason
We shed tears for lose
We shed tears for happiness
We shed tears for love
my tears are for the love that i have my children
My tears are for how much i miss my children
My tears are for the wrong choices my children make
And most of all my tears are for not being aloud to be in my childrens lives
My tears are shed for meny reason i wouldn't wish upon no one
Moma dukes Sep 2016
A empty heart is the worst thing to feel.
Knowing that someone is thinking of you and not being able to see them is the feeling of a empty heart.
You try so hard to reach out to let them know your are here for them and they don't no your there is a empty heart.
Not letting a mother see her child is a empty heart that needs to be filled with love knowing i try to reach out to let you know i am here.
My empty heart is not having my child in my arms knowing she is safe and sound.
My empty heart is not being with my child and the emptiness of not having my child next to me to say i love you, give her that hug and kiss when she goes to bed.
My empty heart is not to be able to whip your tears away and say everything is ok.
My empty heart will be filled again when i see you but until then all i can do is reach out and say i love you and I am here.
My empty heart crys to sleep every night not having you with me.
My empty heart will never give up to be filled with the love it ounce had.
I no we will see each other again i never give up to have my empty heart full again.
to my daughter i will always keep trying to get you back in my arms i love you
Moma dukes Sep 2016
Love is beyond what you see or explain.
Love is in your heart and soul.
Love is what you feel when  your sick to your  stomach.
Love is when you have children your never see but you will do anything for them.
Love is when you do anything in the world just to now that thay are ok.

— The End —