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Sadie K Nov 2013
There is a place i long to go
where clouds appear like mountains
on the horizon
and the only sound is no sound at all
I am waiting for a call-
a sign saying go find your home
among quiet sunsets
and beneath skies of scattered stars
should i travel so far
to such a place?
The answers I can not find
and waiting takes too much time
So I shall gather my thoughts
and turn them to ink
take my dreams and transform them
into kites-
anticipate the wind
until the day comes when I can fly.
Sadie K Nov 2013
When I think of you I think of your eyes
and how blue they are-
the kind of blue the could drown a thousand men.
And I know that each one of those men
would count it a privilege
to die in such pretty blue eyes.
Your eyes remind me of drowning
and I guess I also think of dying
when I think of you
and how to die without you by my side
would be such a terrible way to die.
And if you were to be the first to die
I think I would drown myself anyways
because without your blue eyes to gaze into
I would find my eyes constantly longing to look at the sea.
The sea reminds me of you more than anything else
that is why if a day comes that I can't be by your side
I would rather be in the depths of the sea
because without you- I am not me.
For the Swedish girl with the lovely blue eyes.
Sadie K Sep 2013
You're not heartless,
your heart just doesn't have a home
maybe you're homeless
with no place to call your own
and I know I'm no palace
but I could be
you're home sweet home.
"Home is where your heart is."
Sadie K Sep 2013
People say to let go of the past
and yet I'm entirely unsure
of how one is capable of doing such a thing.
How can I let go of something
that is physically attached to my being-
to my existence!
For as long as I live
the memories of the past live along side me,
knit into my being
flowing through my blood.
I cannot let go-
although the past is in the past, I am not.
I am here with every memory
and I fear that the only way
to let go of the past
is to forget it.
I will do no such thing.
Sadie K Sep 2013
Perhaps the most significant
of all my struggles
in life
is the fact
that even my immense
love for words
fails to express
the way I feel when
you look
at me.
Sadie K Sep 2013
It's like this:
I have the entire world in front of me.
Yet all I dream of are the cosmos and galaxies.
Sadie K Aug 2013
You had empty hands
and a full heart
which made me think
that there was no one
I'd rather have by my side.
I told myself that maybe
I could be the one
to fill those empty hands
with my own.
But distance is a funny thing
and no one expresses
just how they feel
when they know what's
coming next.
I've heard people say
that two weeks isn't enough time
to be sure that
something's meant to be.
Yet our goodbye
was far more sweet than
it was bitter
which makes me think
that maybe next time
there won't have to be
a goodbye.
Met a guy in Australia, hah..
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