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Ranger Sep 2017
Baby you are the one thing..
Like freddy kruger
You are in my dreams
Like pin heads nails
Your always on my mind
Like leather face
I really don't know who I am..
..With out you

I guess what I'm saying is
I love you and even Jason machete could not cut us apart
Ranger Jun 2017
My sabina my love my little spoon. I hope you are having wonderful dreams of a sweet loving wolf and an innocent little girl he takes in to his dark den and keeps as his mate forever. I want to tell you about tonight. How I saw wonder woman and how I wish you where there. How they have these seats that drop the arm rests and we can cuddle the entire time. No I want to tell you about wonder woman and more importantly I saw you in her. She's kind humble brave talented speaks multiple languages and all those things are you.. it's the fact she saw good in men kind of the way you see the good in me.. and she fights for love. I see so much of you in her. And when I saw my self.. I relate the best to superman.. even tho I often get compared to batman. Superman has no home. Can't talk to any one about his past. He's alone. He does the best he can but no one can know him. Other then wonder woman and they fall in love. He inspires hope in her and she inpires love in him. I wonder do I give you hope babe? Do I make you feel strong and proud? Because honestly you make me feel like I can fly. That I can carry the world on my back and that what I do matters. You take that lonely man in a cap and you make him proud to say he is your superman. And you are my wonder woman. The most wonderful woman I have ever met and I love you. I hope my nerd rant made you smile I hope it made you blush and I hope it tells you how much of my world you mean to me. My love
Ranger Mar 2017
Why is there hope
That thing that seems to linger
It ties me down and binds
It's warm embrace
Heaven to some
Hell to others

Why is there hope
When all seems lost
Like a dream of things to come
For the future and for life
Slowly decaying
Twisting in a heart like a knife

Why is there hope
A curse that can't be released
When hope becomes pain
A hot coal in my hand
When it's time will I be free
Cold and fades

Because hope dies last
Ranger Sep 2016
So with raging chest pain...
Ended up in the hospital.
Take my tests.
Look inside me.
This knife only I feel.
So this is it?
I always knew I'd destroy my self
So still getting tested. Best case.. hurnia.. worst case cancer. Waiting *****
Ranger Sep 2016
It's 11 am
I'm fighting depression
I'm loosing...
Ranger Aug 2016
My head is a tomb of memories
Pain and sorrow
Walk these hallways
I can't forget the wrongs I've done
And the the times I failed
Be Stronger Faster Smarter
The demands of my past rage
But I can't I'm just me
I'm just me...
So my mind is haunted
My so lost in the depths of this hell
So my skull screams
You failed

And I whisper

I'm just me..
Ranger Aug 2016
Sitting here
I think "Who am I"
I'm a nightmare
The disaster
The thing people run from
Where only angels dare run to
I never amounted to much
My legacy is ash and memory
Dark things shifting in my soul
This mask this composure
Falling like dust to the floor
Scared and broken the feeling washes away
Ruby Red and hair black and smooth as jet.
This is who I am
Rage and force
The storm heart
A demon wolf in sheep clothes
Some times I forget
That I am..
Chaos and proud
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