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Craig Harrison Feb 2021
As I lie here and the tears stream
I ask myself the same questions
Why does everyone leave
Why does no one love me

For all my years I want love
I love many but no one loves me
What is so wrong with me that no one loves me?
Not a poem but I'm feeling really low at the moment
Craig Harrison Jul 2018
I can't describe the pain
the pain that you feel.
I can't tell what is worse
what drove me to this, my only option of escape
or watching the blood drip down from the blade

I look down at the lines I just drew across my wrists
my body the canvas, the blade my pencil
I do not feel fear, I do not feel sorrow, I feel joy
as I watch the seconds on the clock continue to count
I know that soon, so very soon I will be free

I can't describe the pain
the pain that you feel
Sometimes I hate that I believe that I will be going to hell when I die, funny how fear of an afterlife keeps me here
Craig Harrison Aug 2017
I gave up on you
when you gave up on me.
All I want to do is escape
and finally be free,
but I can't leave,
it's not out of love
but out of fear
which is why I will always be trapped here.
Craig Harrison May 2017
This Hell which we reside
is not like the Hells of old
It's something new
It's effecting our heart
and our mind
we're asking so many questions
because it's answers we're trying to find

But like the Hells of old
and the Hells of new
it continues to stand
but like the Berlin wall
one day they will all FALL
Haven't written anything for a while so I thought it was about time, feel like I tried to force this out of me though...

Not sure where I tried to go with this, I kind of wanted to write something about the evilness in the world but as I read it back I kind of felt like it was trying to to tell people to keep hold of hope, hope that the future will be better.....

Let me know how this made you feel
Craig Harrison Mar 2017
The heart beats the sludge through the body
while the mind waits to collect more subsistence
feeding and gorging itself
Always wanting more, because it's never full

It's not sludge that the heart beats
It's anger, constant anger, just pushing through the body
the mind sits feeding and gorging itself
not realising that it's become something ugly and unrecognisable
Craig Harrison Sep 2016
Why don't we live in a world thats free for all to roam
or a city that's as fresh as the country
after all we call Earth our home
so why is it we persecute those who differ from us in anyway
even in the age we live the world discriminates
are you male, are you religious, what's your race
are you fat, are you gay, what's your political views
all this abuse going on right in your face.

Do you love, because I do
do you want peace, because I do
That's the way it should be
me equal to you and you equal to me
the way it should be
Craig Harrison Jun 2016
The world is full of stereotypes, not that all are bad
I don't agree with them, a person is a person not a type
but their's a saying about writers, writers are addicts
drugs, alcohol, gambling. What's your addiction?

Those who choose to write, those with the calling
we're said to be depressed, we use addictions as a way to escape
from the clutches of a world we can only change in our writing.

As a writer, covering these stereotypes seems like a course in myself
I've been depressed, I've gambled, I wish to change the world.
A stereotype or just a person living in the 21st century.
Not sure where I wanted to go with this, seemed ok when I started but didn't know how to finish it, anyway I hope you enjoyed.
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