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Jonas ernest May 25
Nothing to say



Words. Block. Words. I write. Now I go.    Back to the drawer. Sit down stand up.   Hush hush,  roses for a corpse. You peel me back,  and wash me away.   No one remembers.  Another line to cross . Erase. Fade.  Stay.  strain
Jonas ernest May 16
I need time away
, I need seconds to breathe,  I need crumbs to which I can count my scraps. I need poison to drink wine,
I need to feel your tight holes as I relax in my studio.
When I feel music,  I see trees.  I cut Down mountains because the babies keep crying.
If you get pregnant, my lips will turn tangerine. I have no fathers left,  just tears of pride. Seconds don't count now,  I'm all
Jonas ernest May 7
I just want a simple life  I don't need grandeur
If my dreams happen or don't, so be it.  No difference when you can't even enjoy the moment.
I just want peace of mind,  a sound mind. I don't need dreams.  I need reality.  I need a firm grasp of my surroundings. I need a bigger hole to jump in. I need a bigger flame to burn my delusions.  I can lay amongst the ash, I have friends somewhere
Jonas ernest May 7
Hyperbole though I manage and the left ear firmly bandaged, I
Squint towards the sun as he speaks now
"  abyss follows",
My hands tied tight what did the fainting man see, something behind the tide. I wish you paid more mind , I wish you showed up on time, what did it take to be so famished

I see you now like doves disintegrating. I see the exit painted red as you decay among the chalk. I kiss the cherried hand and bloodied nose.
What was wrapped up bled along with the sheets and burned in the crucifix. What statyed strong ran amok. What buried lies amassed truth in this realm, so the carcass wouldn't spit. I fed it a numb plum.  Please don't despair. Hiatus only meant a long break,  and how long it truly is  especially today when the larvae cry for you
Jonas ernest Apr 28
Next to her breathing
A stranger in this life
So little to hold on to,  I hear the bells ringing across sullen plains
Nothing to lose, abiding with time
I scratch your back because you scratch mine
Barely human, updated hardware, software clinical ,
I wrap my cold hands around you.
Warmth which dissipa t e s and love which slowly dies

Jonas ernest Apr 25
Don't believe in god because I've seen enough suffering
I die on a daily basis
Anxiety is death of self,
Suffocating whilst breathing, my eyes whiten and my cheeks turn ashen, my tongue swells and my heart pulses along while the beat of existence draws to a stop
   In a cafe, or in a car,  in the bed of my loved one I ask to die.
I  feel it all crumbling away,  I see the petals before they've withered.
I  see the grave as the body rots  in silence. I see the baby condemned  from its first breath.
The earth spins closer to the sun. The twilight gives way to dusk. No man's hour and it's so so lonely
Jonas ernest Apr 25
You're my future wife
You're my girl.
I hold your hand
I kiss you
I bite your lip and kiss your nose
I nuzzle your breast and massage your feet
I caress your *****
I rub your back
I talk to you
I watch movies with you
I laugh with you and tease you, and you me
I make you angry and I make you sad
I make you cry
I kiss your neck
I wipe your tears
I embrace you and kiss your smile
I walk with you
Hand in hand
I see you in my dreams
I think of you constantly
I put my faith in you when I had none
I give you my time,  and my love,  and my best efforts
I want you
And I need you
But I don't own you
You were borrowed and I hope they forget.
The universe has collected enough
Just let me have
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