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Jonas ernest May 24
Lost in so many ways. Losing my girlfriend, lost all my friends, losing my hair and my mind. I can only speak through a phone, and in there I find soulless circuitry. My name means nothing to me now, I was orphaned sometime ago. I want to crawl in the woods and dig my pit. It never goes away, I just make friends with the same strangers and acquaintences, weary of the breeze and the trembling leaves
Jonas ernest May 24
Blaring monkey with the subwoofer
So close to committing homicide,
  I hope the tune was worth it.
Jonas ernest May 1
I want to be with my girlfriend, but I hate not being able to be alone. ***** me up like a
vacuum, wherever I go, I follow
Want to be gone in a grey beam,
taken by something obvious. Your heaven in ribbons.
  Time to let her know
Jonas ernest May 1
Ads? Pretty sad, on the one clean place I had.
Makes me feel bad,
Like I lost a friend to death,
Of the slow kind. Eating at his force. Explode. Painted by sheep, because no one is true. Haha
Jonas ernest Apr 25
Couldn't believe it, I planted a tree, and where was the false

When I look away I fall forward. Nice  to know, account down, so was the  
promise of reclusion. I always find my way back
Jonas ernest Apr 25
People hate nature because they see the chaos inherent
in its form,
This reminds then of the unknown and
ultimately death
They aren't in control
Jonas ernest Jul 2021
Death awakened me and it was like a handshake in pale light. I felt the immediate reverberation of a dismal fleck of starlight harangued in the glossy aether.
   To pass away meant passing by. The painter wipes the last of the blue hues on his apron, the weathered book clasps shut, I see a dog running and a fountain trickle down a path to my home. Somewhere I've never been, but always remembered.
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