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what’s the point? I’m going

and walking off
all this hurt, less I

blurt something
worth saying if someone

could only pay attention,

oh, never mind

gawd! Here we go
the *****

to lose
when you’ve


it’s what you chose

as your clothing and shoes

your inferiority
as the liquor

your authority
My mind is the heaviest part of my body
If I removed it, I would weigh a lot less
In fact, I would be weight-free

as if I was on the moon
The best I can do is prune
these agonizing thoughts

I paid too much
For what I got
Not much room for anything else

I’ve crowed every shelf
Stacks against the windows
Filled all my holes

with hurt and misdeeds
Here -
Take my keys

And don’t you ever let me in
these torrid thoughts again!
We sang a song
Of right and wrong

Sang it in
and broken dreams

Sang in rue
in deep violet-blue

Sang it in rage
in our old age

Silenced by our last breath
The song became our death
cut-up, bloodied hearts
you can string them
or fling them
for fun

you can be old
or you can be young

cubed and arranged in angles
go on, make them dangle

neatness is for geeks
Ok! Ok!
I admit -
I’m a freak
I drink from this pairing couplet
daring from the onset
I hope that you too -
can drink from this couplet
I brew
Drinking the poison to **** someone else
Going around dazed in circles
Hooked on the past
Hate is cast

Truths you didn’t share
Shrouded fear
Injustice and broken trust
Playing the victim, a must

Never allowing acceptance
or forgiveness
Oscillating between an angered past
and a fearful future
What these wounds need is a suture

Feeling strong about being wronged
Trying to take back power
All you do is sour
any light that could be shed upon it

Slamming into your own stone walls
because you won’t forgone it
Being imprisoned by imagined beliefs
Here it comes - the happiness thief
No one will ever do this to me again!
Giving up the Zen
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