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steel tulips Apr 2020
warm and stale cola reminds me of home
of warm breeze
of the stinging sun before rain
of home
steel tulips Nov 2018
Love drifts
like a stream of water it can gradually and quietly ware out a new path off course if you don't pay attention to it
small adjustments over time accomulate
small stones  around my heart  
that took up space you left
grew into piles and then pyramids
in that space he also slipped in,
or the idea of him
the idea of being loved the way i needed
the way i needed brought me down a stream i didnt except and i made a mistake,
i left too much space between the stones
But as always you have the patience and strength of those tall pines we saw in Washington
and your loving hands warm the stones around my heart and slowly unpack the pyramids into piles, and the piles into just a handful where the idea of him has slipped away
as you take back the space you had left
and love streams make their way back to you
steel tulips Feb 2018
candy hearts and love songs
seem  bitter
this dreary winter day does not look like love
february 14th does not fix everything
but it does remind me to be patient
and to try to be sweetness
and to be a little more forgiving
this is not the Valentine you wanted
but it is the one I have to give
it's me trying for you
trying to be softer
this valentine is not just a gift for a snowy Wednesday
it is a testament to three years together
and this Valentine also shows that the fourth valentines day together does not have to be the best
we just have to try
for candy hearts and love songs
to feel the way they used to
steel tulips Oct 2017
amor es todo
amor es sufieciente
amor es triste, y feo, y duele
pero amor siente
amor es todo
y amor es suficiente
steel tulips Jan 2017
my legs stir and my arms are more chilled as they grow accustomed to the absence of you
steel tulips Jan 2017
sometimes i feel as though we are the same person,
but you are the version that is more refined and more talented and more effortless
we do all the same things,
but you take the time to brew beauty
as i let emotion crash through delicate crystal i once tried to create

you are also darker; more solemn

you have long legs
a slender waist
milky skin
and deep brown eyes
that are serious
and earnest

I provide the imperfection,
the blind confidence
and the willingness
to make mistakes
i provide thick thighs
and a booming laugh
that makes it known we are not here to please

we are a literary device;
two parts of one character
that morphs into one
complex heroine by the end of the folktale
steel tulips Jan 2017
do not confuse rage for emotion
our EmoTions are in check as
we calculate and
devise a plan to
and literally
hands off our *****
do not confuse a women's tears for fragility,
for her tears are full of pain and anger and the future,
that does not need to include you
you were not considered in the plans of the matriarch,
not out of hate
but simply because you are unimportant
do not confuse her hips for beauty,
those hips are waterways to life  
that you have no right  to even
lay your weak eyes open
you cannot make the calls
do not confuse
losing to being lost
losing lives
losing songs
our bodies


does not mean that this ocean
of strong woMYN are lost
We  have always been found
and we will too,
overcome the darkness in you.
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