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I am the star that you can admire but cannot reach,
I am the flower whom you can adore but not beseech;
I am the shadow that follows you, but cannot live with you,
I am the 'touch me not', come near me, I will withdrew;
Because I do not know who you are, I do not trust your avatar,
pardon me, I still live with a broken heart from my past
haven't gotten over all the harass;
Still cannot feel love, sorry for being stoic,
but I can come out of the cave, can start my life with you as a Novick;
Not hungry for money or power or position
will sincerely abide by all your traditions;
Just tell me that you love me till my wrinkles,
will share forever my giggles, jingles, and dimples
you inspire me in ways untold
since the time I first met you, I was clean bowled;
your words still linger around and inspire,
looks like the taste of your memories do not expire;
not sure how to move on,
when your thoughts and talks still stalk on.
Its okay if you can’t love me back,
I am used to encountering cul de sac;
Though I know that we don't hold the future together,
I will wait for you, till the end of my life's tether;
The road I take no more matters
world drowned in silence with no more chatters;
what's the point of picking and choosing,
when every moment with out U is only bruising.
I close my eyes often,
sometimes to shut you off and sometimes to go back to you..
I sit alone with my wine from sunset to sunrise.,
sometimes to shut you off and sometimes to go back to you..
I uproariously sing to the acid house..
sometimes to shut you off and sometimes to go back to you..
wish I had an option to pick and choose..
forever and a day would have been with my poetry's muse..
I don’t have to work hard to earn you,
I don't have to be worried if we had an opposing view;
I can trust you in my dark days,
you stand with me in all my life's phases;
we are not related in blood,
we were not even born in the same mud;
we don't have to share promises
we don't have to sing the same choruses
we are no soulmates,
we are best friends, a bond no dictionary really elucidates;
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