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Sweety 1d
This unending ocean and its waves,
trying to meet the skies at a no man's island..
its Blue everywhere..
a place where I can hear my heartbeat and each of your whispers
a place where I can spread my arms but can never lock you in-between them..
its blue everywhere..
a spot where your memories were buried..
a spot where my desires were sent to grave..
its blue everywhere..
its more than a color, more than a feeling, more than a place;
its where you and me can meet and live together forever
its blue everywhere..
Sweety 3d
Couples are having fun together,
Singles are looking out for their dreams,
I miss you, so I am going to sleep to celebrate you in my dreams
Sweety 5d
I saw the beautiful bronze sunrise and wished you good morning
unfolded those joggers and rattled myself up from deep mourning;
straightened my fuzzy hair,
updated our Instagram fanfare;
wired some lashes to the eyes, that you once admired,
though your presence was the only thing that my heart desired;
gasped my delight at our picture, an old memory
and freed my grief to remember you in a reverie
planted your favourite peach in our nursery
and that's how I celebrated our Anniversary
Sweety 6d
Not sure why people say that ‘life is too short to live’
When an hour feels like an year with out you..
Sweety 6d
Red roses everywhere,
Valentine messages are in the air;
Wrapped presents are catching couples glares,
Don’t you worry
Your memories are safe in my tears
wish you were here and not just in my prayer
Sweety 7d
On the brightest sunny days, I miss you;
Even on the darkest nights, I miss you,
When I am with my friends I miss you,
Even when I think I can get over you, I miss you,
When I am drunk, I miss you
Even when I am happy, I miss you
I know that I just find reasons to miss you.. because
I miss you, no matter what; AND
I love you more, when I miss you;
Sweety Feb 10
From stealing glances,
till accidental hallway meet ups,
From completing each other sentences
till waiting for each other’s good morning texts,
From sharing laughter
till caring for each other’s palate
From sneaky coded conversations
till longing for each other’s touch
Some of the best inexplicable moments of life were with you;
Hope one day you will know how special you were !!
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