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Cardboard-Jones Jul 2021
I'm told knowledge is a virtue.
Knowledge leads to understanding.
Shrewd eyes perceive it as arrogance;
Self-elevating over others.
I must love believing I am better,
As so the snickering goes.
In reality, it's sadness.
The joy of sharing knowledge
Is shamed back into a pit,
For knowledge is the enemy of ignorance
And a protégé of wisdom.
Cardboard-Jones Jun 2021
Are we going?
Are we flowing?
Kiss me slow.
I’m decoding.
Okay, now you got me floating in your head...
...while I’m sinking... your bed...
take me up
show me what you owe me
take me up
so this is what you mean, “all eyes on me?”
im brushing off debris,
soaking in your dream.
Show me the unseen.
Where has it all been?
Show me the extent, I don’t wanna pretend.
Take me up.
Show me what?
What you know?
Kiss me fast.
I’m encoded.
it also works when read from bottom to top i think :o
Cardboard-Jones Jun 2021
Do you always wear your smile like this?
Have you tried it from the side, like this?
You’re the highlight of the show.
Let’s live tonight like we’re myths.
Do you always ride the vibe like this?
Have you ever felt the hype like this?
Be the highlights of the night.
Kiss me through your sunset tears.
I might,
Empty my conscious out,
Invite you to newer heights,
A modest view of the sprites,
I might.
Cardboard-Jones May 2021
I was floating on the moon now I’m back in town.
My feet still hover, smooth, they don’t touch the ground.
It’s hard to fall in love
When you’re guilt trippin’.
When my back was against the wall
Somehow, you went missin’.
Now that I’m doing good
You start blowing kisses.
Talking wedding bells in June,
You wanna be my Mrs.
I’m onto better days.
I’ve outgrown this zone, how could I ever stay?
I just want to elevate.
I can’t afford the time to just sit and wait.
Floating through the stars because they can relate.
It’s not up for debate, you’re already too late.
I’m driving on the cosmic interstate while you hesitate.

I’m onto better days….
Don't let nobody prevent you from becoming who you're meant to be
Cardboard-Jones May 2021
I hear whispers in my ear.
They're tempting me, they're always here.
They're haunting me.
They're stalking me.
The shadows move once they speak.
I don't know what they want from me.
They're taunting me.

Moon beams shatter the sky.
Bring me the light.
Keep me alive.
I'm not alright.
They have arrived.
Get me through the night.
Cardboard-Jones Apr 2021
Don’t come back.
I know that you can’t understand.
I wanna fight.
I’ll win this time.
You don’t think I can?

Last time
Everything was numb, my heart was cold.
Yet somehow you convinced me I was home.
If I shut my eyes,
When I wake up, you’ll be gone?
Cardboard-Jones Apr 2021
There’s a thin line between hero and villain.
Everyone’s a hero in their own story,
But someone must be the villain.
Both are born through trauma and grief,
Yet one rises above
While one brings others down.
A gentle push from fate
Spirals an innocent mind.
Eventually a choice is made.
The proverbial line is drawn.
And teetering on that line
Is the indifference of man,
Waiting for their push.
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