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Calling me.
Leaving me messages saying how you’re sorry.
Voice mailbox is full, it’s exhausting.

Texting me.
Repeating feelings you already expressed.
At this point, I don’t know what you expect.

You swear you’ve been going through some changes.
You wanna know what I find strange is?
You were better the way you were.
But you wanted to be somebody.
Made me think I was nobody.
Hooking up with girls at parties.
Only cared when I was departing.
Now I’m becoming somebody.
Now you wanna love my body.
But you shouldn't love nobody.
‘Cause you’re just gonna hurt somebody.

It’s not fair, don’t make me say this.
Don’t try to make me reminisce.
We can’t go back to fish and chips.
We can’t get back that rooftop kiss.

You don’t get it, you don’t get it.
This dream you have of us, forget it.
I’m someone new, someone new.
And you’re just someone that I knew.
I hope you accept my apology.
I know it’s hard to trust me.
I told myself that I would keep my cool
But I know I’ve just been a fool.
Ashamed of what I’ve turned into.
Though you’ve forgotten me,
I’m missing you.
Do you believe that we can start again?
Make amends?
To where we began?

Ever since you left I wondered
What could I have changed to keep you from running off?
What could I have said to prevent you from becoming lost?
What is it I did to make me just another afterthought?
You wanted something new?
I can be somebody new.
Oh, but you changed your zip code.
Out in Philly in the cold.
That part of me is forever closed.
Charm City’s not the same without you,
I need you back home.
Please just pick up your phone.
Greg Jones Apr 8
It was random, one evening
It just came for all the people.
For the neighbors and my friends.
My loved ones didn’t stand a chance.

It was growling, it was howling.
In the dark I knew it was prowling.
Born on a full moon.
It’s here for all our doom.

There’s no warning, or a reason.
It must be killing season.
You can run and try to hide
But it hears you breathing.

Then it showed up like a whisper.
I saw the monster clearer.
I began to get the shivers
As this monster looked familiar.

It’s consuming, getting bigger.
No sign it’ll reconsider.
This could be the end of days
‘Cause nobody’s safe.

And no matter how loud I try to scream
The monster never came for me.
Greg Jones Apr 4
I gaze upon the cosmic void,
Alone and tired from my journey across the frontier.
I pick my feet up, and drift across the surface.
And all I’m surrounded by is silence.

I reach my hands up towards the stars,
Trying to catch a passing comet by its tail.
Flagging down UFO’s to see if I can catch a ride
Along this space highway to anywhere.

I often think of coming home.
I wonder what I’d look like after all this time?
Would I be familiar, or would you greet me as a stranger?
And all I could think to say is sorry.

I see the hues of where you are.
The planet looks like a giant marble with an azure aura.
I need to say goodbye, and I wish you were coming.
But I desire to float on.
Float on….
Greg Jones Mar 22
I know what you’ll say.
“You’re making the same mistakes.”
But the feeling is different now.
My head is safe on the ground.
Emotions I would ignore,
I don’t ignore anymore.
Yeah, yeah, I can see the signs
But I promise that I’ll be fine.
You don’t have to agree,
But can you for once trust me?

I’m a brand new version
(You’re making the same mistakes)
I know, this time, that it’s love.
(Slow down for a bit and wait)
A brand new vision
(It actually looks the same)
I got a good feeling this time.
(You’re in way over your head)
(Hanging on by a thread)
(Maybe just think instead)
(Don’t rush where fools like to tread)
I know what I’m doing.
(Turn back before before you’re misled)

She’s looking right in my eyes,
I know that this feels right.
You say that there’s more to this.
Why can’t it be black and white?
She isn’t like the rest.
(I would highly contest)
I think it’s worth a try.
No way this could go awry.
(She’ll leave you high and dry)
Why can’t you just trust me this time?

I’m a brand new person.
(It sure doesn’t seem that way)
I finally figured it out.
(Just listen to what I say)
She’s my new direction,
(She’ll lead you back to regrets)
I’m giving her all I have left.
(This is not a good bet)
But this is worth the fight.
(You can’t find yourself inside of someone…)
Stop talking, it’s the only option I have left.
Everything else has been addressed.
I’ve come a long way, I’ve progressed.
(You can’t find yourself inside of someone else)

But….why not?
The internal struggle of trying to convince yourself you're over your mistakes, when you aren't.
Greg Jones Mar 20
She logs on to see if she's been trending,
Do anything to make it to the top.
Addicted to the glamour and attention,
Can’t imagine why she'd ever stop.

The reflection in the mirror is confusing
‘Cause she can barely recognize herself.
She needs the perfect lighting and a filter.
She wants to live the life of someone else.

She just changed her hair and it looks perfect.
Upload with a caption for her fans.
Gotta take a picture of her dinner
‘Cause she knows she’s gotta feed the ‘gram.

She’ll never be sober, long after it’s over.
The feeling she gets, it gets her so high.
The love that she’s chasing will never embrace her.
Even if it’s not there, she’s still gotta try.
And she’ll never face it, she’ll want to replace it.
But every night when she sleeps, she’ll ask herself why.
Greg Jones Mar 18
Yet again I zone out on these back streets
Guided by the instinct
Of my former self.
I can see the past now,
Pretentiously smiling back.

There’s things I can’t escape,
But everything else, I just ran.
My eyes were focused on the clouds.
I can remember seeing the places that I’ve never been
For the first time
And the last time.

I was swinging for the moon.
I knew I would see it soon.
Did I oversleep? Did I overdream?
It still thinks about me to this day.

The past is something I wanna eject from my brain.
Then lock it in a box and never ever see it again.
But the past still thinks of me to this day.

I was swinging for Mars
Or at the very least, the stars.
Couldn’t hesitate, no time to delay.
I’m still trying to find the best way.
But I think back to in that classroom asking myself why.
Why can’t I just walk away?

It still thinks about my everyday.
I still think about it to this day.
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