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Katie Jan 2017
A mixture of lust and fear
I feel like I'm living in a haze
The memories pierce me when I'm least expecting it
I can't break free.

I regret everything, yet I would do it all again
You're like a poison that I'm addicted to
I like the way it burns down my throat
But I hate the feeling of choking
Katie Dec 2016

I have a stark longing for you
But I dilute it with drops of hesitancy and dashes of indecision


Sometimes I feel like we are both playing a game and I can never tell who is winning.
One minute I am playing you like a fiddle and the next minute I find myself being accidentally genuine.
I know you are strategically manipulating me most of the time but I catch glimpses of realness in you too .
I remind myself to stay guarded- to not get attached- this is just fun, right?
But then an authentic emotion stirs within me.
And I have never been one to stifle the movement of authenticity.


It feels authentic when you remember little things about me...and about us.
It feels authentic when I catch myself stammering for words because your kind eyes catch me off guard. And my mind flashes back to the way those green eyes would look at me right before we kissed.
It feels authentic when I find myself praying for you. Praying that you'll nail your job interview or have life-giving friendships or fall in love with the perfect girl.

It's moments like these that I realize I am losing this game of ours.
I try to push away the care that I feel for you because, frankly, it hurts
It is much easier to pretend that I'm apathetic and unattached
And sometimes I beat myself up for caring about you because you make it so **** hard to do.


If I know that you are not my future- why am I so intent on fitting you into my present?
There is a cruel irony in the way that I came crawling back.
I finally surfaced from the tumultuous waters of you, only to turn around and voluntarily plunge back in.


And I know that you probably don't trust me
And I suspect that you don't experience the same care for me that I have for you
But sometimes I detect a flash of the longing that you have for me
You long for my attention and affection
You long for my encouragement and friendship
You long for my body to be wrapped up in yours- like slipping into a familiar pair of sweatpants
You long for me to long for you


but is that enough?
Katie Nov 2016
It hurts to not be somebody's first choice
To feel like an afterthought
It hurts when they tell you they care but their actions scream out: "you're worthless!"
It hurts when you sheepishly ask to cuddle and he pointedly sits on the couch across the room
It hurts when you feel like you valued the relationship more than he ever did
It hurts when you feel like a filler of a human
Something that he spent his time on until he could finally obtain someone better
It hurts when you start to wonder if there really is something inherently unlovable about who you are
There must be something fundamentally broken in me because every time a guy gets close enough to see inside, he backs away
Maybe if I had good skin and soft hair and toned abs
Maybe if my sense of humor was wittier
Or my passions were more beautiful
Or my nail beds weren't a disaster
Or if I cared for people better
Or if I was more confident in myself
Maybe then I would be lovable
Maybe then someone would value me as much as I value them
I know relationships are hard and love is a choice but there is a base level of adoration that people seem to have for their partners
Why have I never experienced that?
When will anyone look into my bruised, twisted heart and decide that it is worth choosing?
It hurts to not be somebody's first choice.
Katie Oct 2016
intimate, trustworthy, fun
the kind of friendship that I didn't question
he's like my brother I would tell people
and you were so good to me
you would hold me as I cried over other boys who broke me
you would take me on spontaneous doughnut runs
you would help me move out of my dorm- doing all of the heavy lifting
that's just who you were
you lifted things when they were too heavy for me to handle
you carried my burdens for nothing in return.

more than friendship?
intimate, confusing, fun
I remember that night on your couch so vividly
The way you brushed my hair behind my ear and told me all of the things that were special about me- the pieces of my heart that you loved
And you said that you would never hurt me or leave me alone
I remember feeling so certain- so sure about you
In a way that I had never felt about any other man
I remember letting myself be completely bare
We've been friends for years; he already knows all of my wounds, I thought
And I let myself fall, I really did
With every midnight conversation. Every passionate kiss. Every knowing smile you would give me from across the room.
With every passing day, I was becoming more and more yours
I would even picture the future, our future
My unguarded heart rendered my mind susceptible to thoughts such as, "what would a life with him look like?"

distant, sudden, decidedly un-fun
your decision crashed over me like a wave pounds the sand
it was not pretty or easy or anything like I had imagined it to be
the equation of my future calculated you as a constant- not a variable
but there it was: your decision to let me go without my permission.
you chose to walk out of my life in a way that hurt me more than any legitimate breakup ever could
my "shoulder to cry on" suddenly became the source of my tears.
my dream about the future suddenly became an all-too-present nightmare.
my best friend became a stranger.
and I was entirely unprepared for the impact of my fall.
an ode to the past few months of my life lol
Katie Aug 2015
When I was in 4th grade she called me “weird” and I believed it
When I was in 6th grade he called me “ugly” and I believed it
When I was in 7th grade she called me “worthless” and I believed it
When I was in 8th grade they called me a “*****” and I believed it
When I was in 10th grade she called me “fake” and I believed it
When I was in 11th grade they called me “desperate” and I believed it
When I was in 12th grade he called me “selfish” and I believed it

I seem to think that I’m just not good enough
Like I’m not worthy of being loved or cared for
I have a hard time believing I’m a beautiful person
I see the ugliness that is my heart and refuse to accept that my soul is a lovely thing

I also believe the lie that I cannot change
That I will always be a slave to my anxieties and shortcomings
That I couldn’t stop even if I tried
That I don’t really want to change

I believe the lie that this way of living on my own strength is more satisfying
That surrendering to God will let me down somehow
I’m scared to give up control of my life
I feel like I can’t give it all to Him- I need to hold at least a few strands of myself back

It’s hard for me to even imagine what total healing and surrender would look like
I’ve been tangled in webs of deceit for as long as I can remember
I listen to those lies about myself

I’ve made my home in a house of matchsticks and every time my heart breaks the force is enough of spark to set me on fire
I continue to self-destruct
I don’t even know how to trust God
How do I hand over my life into His hands?
Is there a special prayer or action I can do in order to totally surrender?
Why is it so much easier to trust myself instead of the One who knit me together?

I don’t like myself- you see- that’s a problem
But the Spirit living inside of me renders me worthy
I have inherited a lifetime of loveliness because I was created by an Artist
Not everyone that looks at me will recognize my beauty
However, that does not diminish the reality of it
I have been made worthy
I have been made lovely
These are facts- not opinions or fleeting emotions. This is truth.

When I stop believing the lies about myself- I feel free
I’m free to live the way I was created to live
I am not bound by shackles of addiction or self-hatred
I’M FREE and even though I thought rebellion made me “free” it only fueled the fire that welded my own chains
Ignoring and disobeying God is not freedom- it’s self-destruction

I cannot make myself happy
Nothing can satisfy the aching in the core of my being other than living in the shadow of the One who gave everything- sacrificed everything in the pursuit of my adulterous heart
I could never be more loved than I am right now in this very moment
I can never be more beautiful than how I was created
He will bring me joy, purpose, strength, conviction, peace, satisfaction, & LIFE

When I try to control my life, emotions, thoughts, and rebellious heart it yields pain and emptiness
When He is in control- I bloom.
Katie Apr 2015
I'm the kind of girl that boys like to forget about
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