Cheyenne Sep 2015

Am I the only one?
To yearn for the thrill.
To want the buzz.
To feel the need to soar,
Up so high,
Landing higher then cloud 9.
To want to be surrounded,
Snowy powder,
Smoky rooms,
Liquid courage,
Loud music bumping in my ears.
People become a sea,
Morals gone.
Happiness found.

Scot Powers Jan 2013

stumbling blind
through the hallways of my years
wasting time,grinding my gears
got to suffer
seems it's the only way
to make the effort
seem worth the pain

Stand back
take a look at what you see
drives you crazy,your so naive
all your troubles
you can add them to my list
my plate is full ,but I'll get another dish

You know who speaks the truth
don't forsake your entire youth
stand up by yourself and you will find the way
as the shepherd
leads the fools away

Barren wastelands
are the landscape of your mind
no more goals
no mountains to climb
treading water in a sea of misery
keep your head out of the endless waves

Andriana Vrettas May 2013

Our bodies intertwined
Together we fall apart
On this coffee stained mattress
I listen to your heart
But it's broken
You run your fingertips through my long hair
& Tell me I've been naughty
I never did my rounds
& I'm fucking up your money.
I may be your queen
But crank is your honey.

You take me by the hair
Tell me to unclench my fists  
Baby I know I've been bad
But I didn't want you getting mad.
Leaving scars along my back
Bruises on my neck & body;
My face looking kind of bloody.
I beg for you to stop
Instead you choke me half to death
Take another hit of meth
& Fuck me till I'm restless.
Strung out.
So I cry,
You left me there to die.


Pearl Smoke Dec 2014

Gotta Love This Shit
Changes You Up Quick.
Take A Little Hit, Take A Pop, A Taste, A Bite A Syringe  .
Chemical Effects Seeing Life Unrealistic Getting Super Fuckin Twisted <3
Loving Life Feeling 20x Better Than Mighty Fine, iTs Fantastic Can Be Long Lasting.
You'll Truly See How Wonderful iT iS, Like Real Magic.
Body Sensation, Mind Blasting,  Euphoria Rising, Smiles, Hugs, Many Laughing.
One Simple Dose Can Make You Feel important, Wanted, Loved,  Above, Amazing, Powerful, Special, invincible.
Your Kept Focused On Yourself And Dreamy Like Flow That You'll Soon Fall inlove With
iTs A Feel indescribable & Just Everything You Can Ask For.
Blocks And Keeps You Away From Your Surroundings, its Unique, intense, Has Suspense , Gives You Affection & So Much Satisfaction Plus Attention Keeps You  Distracted By These Temporary Actions.
You Like What iT Brings You
How Happy & Better Of A Life You Seem To Be Living iN Your Eyes,
it Lies
It'l Keep You Wanting So You Begin And Keep On Finding .
You Used, Now You Abuse
Fell For iTs Tricks,Now You Say
I Can't Live Without This.
Your Life's On Pause Took This Dangerous Vacation Which No One Has A Clue Whether You'll Come Back The Same Or Alive Cause
Your Brains So
Damaged & Fried
You Keep On Consuming Assuming Everything's All Right,
Your Hooked On This Potion Poison That Hypnotized You
Took Ahold Of You
Your Becoming Unknown
Lost Control , Life Spans On A Thin Line, Fast Mode, Became So Distant , isolated
Your Un-Existent To The World Now. But You Yourself Dont Even Give A Fuck About Anyone But Your Drugs . Went So Low Sold Your Soul To A Heavy Substance Which You Consider Your Only And Lord.
Minds Erased,
Future Hope And Dreams Went All To Waste
Reality Seems Fake
So Used To Being High
You Feel its Your Normal Estate. Have No Faith Became So Negative , And Careless & Use Your Heart less Went Against Your Morals & Values Not Minding The Monster You Have Turned into.
Self  Image Beginning To Lose iTs Color iTs Details
Thinning , All Numbed Out,
Having No Type Of Emotions , Cant Laugh, No Smiles, Your Charm Fades,  Life Became A Daze Long Maze You Then Begin To Feel Hopeless, Worthless Thinking And Believing You Can Only Move On By Continuing Smoking
This Dope Shit
Your Body Begins This Tolerance, leading & Waiting To Introduce You To What You'll Consider Hell Worser Than Comedowns
Body's All Messed Up Tricking You Into Thinking That A Nice Hit Will Fix You Up.
So Much More To This Bad Habit Of A Drug.
Havnt Mentioned
Money, Risks, And Lost's.
Drugs End Up Fucking You Up Sadly Madly Disappointed At The Fact You Threw Away Your Life Without Even Noticing .
Or Wanting.
Your Addicted And Sickened
Strung Out But Still Looking Towards How Your Getting Your Next Fix? You Still Go Down The Lane Passing The Stop Sign
In Another Dimension  Nobody But You Only Mention
Going Krazie, Buried Yourself,
Your A New Person.
Paranoia, Voices, Shadows, Whispers Your Becoming insane Looking So Drained.
On A No Sleep Mode,
But You Don't Care So You Still Go Down The Same Lane
Cause iTs Really Hard To Change From What You Have Been Around And Same Routines For A While And So Used To Doing And Living With These New Drugged
Thoughts, Mind, New State Mentality Full Of Loving Drugs And Living With Day And Day On And On.
You Messed With Your Head
Even Though You End Up Making iT To Sobriety Days
Most Likely You'll Relapse And Fall Again.
Because Drugs Had Made A Huge Impact In Your Life For A Long Period Of Time
iTs A Strong Attachment That Can And Will Heal By Time iF You
Have Hope in Your Eyes Ears Heart &

Irene S Feb 2010

You may be the subject
You be the cause of the effect

"What do you read, my lord?"
"Words, words, words."

They sound together,
fall trippingly [off] the tongue
but not for you
When I my laptop collapse,
when I this file save
you are not required.
Dear muse,
she'll tease you and haunt you
and fill your bed a while
Don't think I'd leave my muse for you
Don't think a single poet would
Don't think these words haven't been played,written, written
written to Death
And they'll be wrote
(again, again)
till He is our

Greg Berlin May 2014

Not much like this high.
Your brain about fifteen seconds in
advance of your body. Staring around
at your friends. Blood dripping
from your nose. They don't tell
you about the nosebleeds. They don't
tell you about the burn that guts you out
right behind the eyes. The ache in
your chest as your lips curl and your
eyes roll back. Not much like this
high, boys and girls, not much.
Chopped and cut; a one way ticket
to El Dorado. Your spine breaks as you
attempt to stand. Your legs buckle. Time passes.
You're on the porch, knee deep in the pool,
goddamn it feels good. Time passes.
You can't eat. You can't drink. You can't blink
Not much like this high. It don't last long though.
Here comes the tide rolling in. Here comes
the Downs. Down down down. Killing yourself
is too much to pass up on these days. Too much
going on not to take a trip. Get up. Get away.
Haven't eaten in days, just crank. Chop up.
Screw up. Line up. Inhale. Don't forget to breathe.
Saved a hundred dollar bill for the occasion.
Break it in. Go go go. Quick, before the
Downs come. Go go go. Screaming from
the inside out. What have we gotten
ourselves into? Vicious cycles and
bad habits that won't break.
Vicious war within ourselves; broken bones,
nosebleeds, and all of everything burnt out.
Our souls turn to ash as we lean in closer,
and laugh because we know we shouldn't.

david badgerow Oct 2011

crank up the old vitrola
and play me something ancient
let the static sing
us to sleep
let patti smith
kill us slowly with her blues

crank up the old vitrola
we can cram love poems
into empty wine jugs
and roll them down the street

crank up the old vitrola
as all hope dies and
the chorus repeats

crank up the old vitrola
i've got time to kill
and a lover to love

crank up the old vitrola
we've got nine more bottles
to drink
before sunrise
nine more poems
to write
before we close our eyes

The public debate
a political masturbate
reminds me
why I hate.

But that's Eton and Harrow not
Toxteth or Jarrow.
I leave the politics to them,
the Southern gentlemen

Up in the shires where men walk on tight wires
and dance to a different song is
where I belong,
from the Midlands to the Tyne where
they drink beer and leave the wine is
another place in time
a place for me.

And while Atlanta burns the gentlemen shall all take turns to piss upon the fire.
but when the hands of 'Ben' unlock and count the votes there'll be a shock when some old lady gets the keys to number ten,
we all remember them old days, the three day week, the hide and seek, the suss', the stop and search, the powers that interrupt, corrupt and end in a debate,
a state of the nation more infiltration, less liberation, more masturbation,
the public schools have fooled us all,
we're screwed, but we don't know it yet
we'll get the letter in the post,
the most that we can hope for.

Break me, break me
Tear me down
Hurt me, hurt me
Rip me up good
Just like I knew
You always would
Cut me, cut me
Watch me bleed
Pour salt in my wounds
Pretty please
Make it sting
Don't stop, don't stop
Get in there deep
Rub it in
Watch me bleed
Slice me, slice me
Split my heart open wide
You know all the painful ways
Most of which
You've already tried
No use in begging
I've tried to plead
No use, no use
Might as well
Just watch me bleed
Break this mirror
If you must
Use the glass shards
To cut me more
Crack me, crack me
If you please
But without the mirror
How could you
Watch me bleed?

Shayla V Jul 2012

We crank bones, we strip
strips of skin,
running meter sprints in the tracks
of our veins,
powering our fuel to fuck.
We do the generation shuffle.
We sing.
Our bare feet make blood brother bonds
with the linoleum, the carpet unraveling.
There's lockjaw in our spine,
each squirming vertebrae kissing the next,
stiff and bothered,
tonguing for freedom.
No better words exist beyond these
hollowed trunks, we say.
We say the journey isn't enough until our
toes are weathered stubs.
I've got a spare skeleton for you too,
We do the Saint Michael march.

[12th grade? 2007]
Nateive Son Feb 14

Getting Out,
Being Free.

All elements of the same dice I keep rolling,
Hitting the wall,
Working my abs to make sure I can feel them,
Not buried by the junk,
Makes you want to break into the Apple store,
Smash everything,
Fucking Steve Jobs and his fucking real deadbeat parents,
Poisoning the rivers,
Ironically educating me and millions of hipsters
In corporate coffee shops.

Whatever happened to mom and pop?
They smoke their legal weed now and don't have nostalgia,
That's what indica does to you,
Why I smoke sativa,
When I feel like checking out,
Which isn't often,
Because Jesus Christ this is all too real,
All too real,
All too real,
It's all happening right now,
The same things again and again,
Nobody is learning from the books,
Writing since cuneiform and the Egyptian pictures,
Again and again,
Gone and gone and gone and GONE!

I'm not going to live like this,
You got me as a slave in preschool and kept me until
After college,
And while I do really enjoy the music at Mass,
I move too much,
Think far away,
To throw the verse at anyone.

That's for you to find out.

And if you could see me clacking
On these goddamn keys,
Like Kerouac with his typewriter,
Against nothing,
For everything,
You could understand how fragmented,
And far gone I am,
From what the Cherokee,
envisioned for me.

Always trying to get back to Earth.

When you come out, your shit is gone:
Keith W Fletcher Dec 2015

On a shortcut to
My echoes end
I drag my carcass
Kickin ' and screamin' out
That it WASN'T ME
Boom.., Boom ..., BOOM
yea, yea, YEEEAAAAAAH !
Rock bottom --down deeper
   Deeper.. ..than the ...
Cold--- blue -----sea

All I wanted ... All I needed
     Was a reason
Just a reason to be
Thats all I needed--all I wanted
   But I never seem to find it...
......No matter how hard I've hunted
   I was walking through life
     On the edge of a knife
Sharper than my own hard edge
Sometimes the pain I control
     Will take me on a hard roll
     Down the hill and into
The bottom of the deep..... ...sea
   At the bottom the bottom
At the bottom of the cold ,cold ,cold
Deep, deep , deep , DEEP BLUE SEA !
     So if you're bent on looking
And you want to find me
    Just turn the wrong direction
      Anywhere That you want....
      Thats where I'll be....
.......Thats where I will be .
   Be be bebebebelow  the surface
         Of the norm
             I will admit
   It's  so fuzzy and warm
         It's so hard to quit
              Don't know.......
      .......How many times
I've tried to convince my mind
But I haven't succeeded yet
                    So now I'm ......
               ....Draggin' my carcass
    Down these cold .. stone...steps
         Balancing my soul
   On  the edge of a knife
  KICKIN' and SCREAMIN' out....
       That I want back

Kate Lion Jun 2015

i wanted to troll you
rummage through that closed mouth and find the feelings you forgot to floss from between your teeth

how was i to know
it "wasn't serious"?

you told me that you ached to call me yours--
and then you hung up.

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