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Is a description of time labored
worked into crevices like grime
gritty seconds rolling like tanks
against bags of groceries thyme
sinking i am into sinking as a
sensation decline against mine
hard muscled now here hatted
by the paperwork of the day
this what keeps you away
Rex you're right
we imagine
and believe
like fools
The sudden wretchedness
Of my existence
Writes itself

Onto quiet inebriating sips
Of my reticence
lighting itself
it's a song
falling out of an
obscene hour
of consternation

its running down
the clock tower
of ticking
life choices

these explosives
wicks entwined
being lit

count the no-
see-ums creeping
only visible
as squashed

notes rising
these cascades
a run up
of hope full

rhythms i
can still follow
say they're you
Why do I give the finger
to what I love
why do i give the finger
to the world
why do I give the finger
to my own good
Why do I give the finger
to you
I don't care about you
I have learned my lesson
about  you
you and your fancy words
dancing down
everything with that frown
i can't e'n
find a smile for your need
Don't soften existence
to the dissonant
by being it
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