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For whom do I writhe
pealing look away
your gaze freezes me
to disintegration
lightly and in denial
is the state of our ends
and then

who am I looking to see
that is watching me caustically

fade to fading away again
leaving the stage sullenly

not seen, again, by them
or anyone

no waves return
to this

I am awash in nothing
bundling silence
with directions around

of course
smiling at my skittering
denial of its ownership
Dennis Willis Mar 23
Is it time to go to bed
some of you remain
banging around in my head
and I'd like you to be dead
Dennis Willis Mar 23
I'd write you another
bad poem

The sickness fades
glad feeling

And I'm not caught
Dennis Willis Mar 23
I have a theory of angulation
which, when I learned this,
I had to look up

I want you cornered
because you're a round
thing and I like you edgy

whatever you are to me
dodgy and tenuous
slipping right past here

to some delicious awaiting thing
ready to leap upon
your delicate sensibilities

I cliche i cliche away the day
thinking I am thinking
not repeating some sine

a curve settles in to play
as if it was just another say
not bent not bending not

things are always ending
yes I know the corollary
shockingly more scary

what rhymes with nothing
on the next line
some something said
Dennis Willis Mar 22
Why would you help me
when I am trying to beat you

I am confused you don't
compete to eliminate me

I don't understand
what is wrong with you

You need fixed
so you don't lay down

when I arrive to fight
your horrible self

I don't understand
why that is a surprise
Dennis Willis Mar 20
I'm wondering if it's gratitude
the universe dies for
I thought it was life
at all costs and any rent

and then what then
a shiny expensive hen
what is the ringing sound
I have been brought to ground

out I am ground out of here
so now I am where the lyrics are
wishing I was where the girls are
and imbibing along quite in sync

and time decides to say thanks
there is a fluttering and I am keen
to know where it has been since
and whether or not I've been seen
Rubbery words
aren't getting it done
these stretching's
breaking sense
pulling rents
over holes in hours
of this-again again
and that ****-that again

not even words
not even feelings
not even ever now
the exact when
of not again
not now

sloughs of meaning
leavings of lies
marched on or off
the stage to cries
of hold on what does
no it doesn't again
over and over again

carcasses of clever
thinking thunk over
by paws scraping
lines in wood floors
of nevermore
artfully again
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