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Can you help me get out of here, please
             won't let me

I don't understand why I am here, please
              won't let me
Stretch the universe to fit
over your mind or genitalia
unless they're the same
then don't bother

Fit the cosmos to what comforts you
unless of course that's bathtub gin
You've just got to agree coming in
as going out is imaginary portrayal

of waves incongruent with themselves
crashing in the tank defined by our
coming in and reflecting upon fate
who laughs with popcorn
Dennis Willis Oct 19
You guys good?
Lift your skirt a little
Show us a bit of what you've got
Under your vowels between your aspirations
and your imagination is not in these words is it
is it in these woods when we hear what we are
all are skittering about with some explanatory look
become explained away when the sound rains down
inside the cellular convulsion i'm poking about for
Dennis Willis Oct 19
I am bringing darkness in vibration
glowering like microphone feedback
during a eulogy or the thoughts you have
for some people in this world, not some poets
sideways via correction helpful sweet correction
the taking of a wisp of life and you feel a little shudder
wonder and shake your head no its
Dennis Willis Oct 17
A man trapped and playing his role
looks out from under your eyes or mine

This current, this current must I follow it
on your imaginary shore, you wrestle

Carried, decried, decidedly unwrapped
a burning sensation from unknown parts

Just long enough to ask what's wrong
has moved on to more fertile land t han
about you

and follows it
Dennis Willis Oct 17
Today, ok, right now
I, big I,
I feel happy
Dennis Willis Oct 17
The a ngst is begging
the vibe is right
the night is quiet
and beauty has spoken
to me and laughed
such a sound
i'm waiting
for pictures
she promised

light accumulates this night
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