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Just how _
are you?
Please feel in the blank
and then answer the question
with 100 percent

You're not 100 percent?

You're not 100 percent anything?

So you acknowledge that you are still alive?

To have an opinion is to die a little

to be certain is to die a lot

Are you sure that is darkness and this is light?
Could it be gray hair and gray eyes you see

I don't mean to stare but do you know
what is on your face?

The legerdemain happening here
is legendary

I know I had my soul with me here
just a minute ago
and now it's gone
The wetness of a sentence
soaking in
news about you

where do I keep
all these invisible

falling through
edges distant
and several

things you can take
rubbing my eye
closed as can be
What if I start a poem while I'm smiling
How many get started that way
this seems to be the safest venue
for crying out loud

The thing we(me) most care about
indelicately subtracted
conferring a lack of oxygen
spasms onto a page

something uncontaminated
by expertise in anything
a rose, a new born, love
gone to thinness, memory

this is that beach, and we
certainly me me me oh me
discomforts on a page
almost senselessly

don't agree too fast there bub
and notice the nature of you now
what if you had been smiling
before you found
It marinates in it's own would be vibe
bounces off things it has collected
on its constitutional walk
across its living page
written in literal light
salt-ily stored in silica angst
another glowing miracle
aetherically transported
naked as the nano 'twas born
appearing on random pages
of hopeful wisps all wishing
This hand holds that hand
that hand holds this hand
in a constant encircling
this is wringing our hands

they've taken our last cover
we are exposed to the sky
backing, scrambling uselessly
we close our eyes waiting

the crack of the bolt stuns us
and then in darkness
no way to look away
freeze feeling hot breath
I don't have patience
for the normal
passage of time
So I hurry it up
by being anxious
time still passes the same
I just move faster
to create the illusion
that meets my need
Somebody read one of these things
it was the end of a long night
they couldn't settle down
looked for something
really soporific
found me

In gratitude they
thanked me
next day
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