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Kimmy-Nichole May 2012
it simply is
the number of me
defines my years of life

ive felt ive hit the rock bottom layer
and flown to the highest of highs
with simple elegant trys

Kimmy-Nichole May 2012
the time is here,
the air is clear
the time is now
to go about
a certain path
all alone,
guided by my own heart
pathed by intuition
felt by faith

here i am,
free at last
standing taller than ever
loving myself and being strong
i know the right one is out there
it just takes time and personal change
i will achieve that.
Kimmy-Nichole Apr 2012
why does the life of kimmy seem to be more and more complicated?
i dont get it,
Kimmy-Nichole Apr 2012
It is underwraps,
serious doubts
you dont listen to my dreams,
you dont ever know what I mean
taking a second,
even a minute
evaluating this love that you swear we have,
Perhaps this pushyness of your persistence
is merely just a trap
to kidnap me from my thoughts
and control my train of thinking
like a puppet and his master
Kimmy-Nichole Mar 2012
hocus pocus
please, grant me focus
stop my mind from racing
a thousand seconds a minute
slow my thoughts,
calm my fears,
demolish the doubt
give me the strenghth
give me the piece of mind
to overcome
this adhd train of thought;
for i only have till midnight
Kimmy-Nichole Mar 2012
its an obsession,
with you every day
and all i still want is you;
no one gets it but my heart
i feel it beat to you,
your my boyfriend,
my best friend,
maybe it is fast
i wont slow down,
this is different,
for once this is real.
i think i love you; yes i love you-
just you, though.
i dont need anything else
no one else will do,
i wont have anyone else,
all i need and all i want
is you
Kimmy-Nichole Mar 2012
We have so many coincedences-
its like we are on lifes meant to be list,
i lost a friend he lost friends,
instant attraction love at first sight,
my broken phone his missing phone,
we both encounter hand enjurys;
we care for eachother
like eachother; 2 weeks deep
and I am obsessed; more or less
mindover matter
his car breaks down,
next night my car breaks down,
run in with our exes and our dads
what are the odds?
we are strong and together,
we can handle anything this world throws at us
together as a team
pinch me, this feels like a dream
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