PiLomus 3d
Identifying this domain, naming it life,
Thinking am I the main, just hiding in disguise,
Exploring the world gaining in size,
Singing endless stories to my side,
Working for the day when answer will become one,

Myriad possibilities are there to come,
Questioning will this is the one or someone else has to hum,

The dream becoming reality,
when life will be calling and acceptance will come.
All will fathom one and one will fathom all.
A journey will welcome a journey in rise.
One will start understanding the blunder,
And never will the veracity of a dream be in plunder,
A proliferating uncovering will arise,
And Sapiens will ask Is this world suffice?
Life is full of possibilities if you are possible.  A heartly tribute to Chester Bennington
grace snoddy Mar 30
lying awake
and looking for all of the answers
in my ceiling.

asking why
it has to be me who feels this way
               (feeling completely lifeless, and absolutely hopeless)

asking You
               “haven’t you taken enough from me?”
               “why must you haunt my dreams?”

and the only bit of light i have
comes from the streetlight by my window,
it shines on You.

and from the corner i hear You,
with a vacant and harrowing tone.
and the detached vowels and consonants
echo throughout the hallways.
they hang themselves on the wall
as a reminder.

               “they say nothing kills a man faster than his own head”.
there's a fisherman down by the sea
sitting on the wharf
watching the sun sink into the western sky
a frown frames his house
he looks out the window
at his pole, gear
and especially that of his net
metaphors that weigh on him
uprooting his garden
a garden of no delight
one lonely row of forget me not
and regret
all wilting
his foundation
never found or realized
he pauses
runs his hand over his pole
like a belt without any notches
his grip slipping into the abyss
as the last of the orange
bleeds also
at where the sea  meets the sky
where his day slowly turns to night
somewhere out there he sees his image
in nature's mirror
at his crossroads
for deeply
and some may say shallowly
he looks onto the sea one last time
and he means what he says
and throws his fishing gear in
tears welling in his eye
as he watches his teddybear sink
lips gurgling
seemingly asking why
... why
he answers back
there were no fish or bites
in his lonely sea
or wind at his back
... there
his window opens wider
the sea not singing or dancing
he sees the ambient light
... here

Logan Robertson

If one reads between the lines the poem reads like a eulogy with a
harbinger to come.
The long bleak halls that bear surprise,
of mirrored shadows' invisible eyes;
Cast visions that will soon repent,
from illusive dreams' opaque fragments.

The drafty corridors in frigid cold,
where icy shards loom large and bold;
A mansion where no one knows his place,
exuding its echoes from time and space.

Perhaps the wayward hours will appear,
holding to account these walls of fear;
While they search for evil's antidote,
the complexity of answers remain remote.

Yet hopeful images still seem at play,
as smiles overshadow those paths of gray;
Conquered souls are willed to start anew,
when destiny's light shines into view.

As witness to evolving notions here,
once the winding road becomes so clear;
Are glorified by heaven's pearly gate,
from captivated souls consumed with faith.
Rafał 4d
Searching for a soulmate on a wide barren desert
Combing through the papers, looking for the answers.
And I'm always lonely like the fallen on Mount Everest
As I keep on fighting cold and the unfriendly weather.

Tell me whether I should move or should I stay,
It's hard to say;
I probably need to take a breath, but I gravitate
Towards the bottom of the planet -
My spaceship has crashed
And I don't know where I landed
Now I live as an outcast.

My vision is blurry, I got snow in my eyes
I cannot breathe, my lungs are filled with ice
Is it a dream or a vast paradise
To be content within or be content outside?
World on my shoulders as I proceed to move
Row to the shores of the ocean of bloom
Watch the horizon as it slowly burns
Each one of us awaits our turn
There's no return.
joeblow Apr 23
a longer life is long,
and every lonely man will tell you so,
the laughing days, as such, are gone,
and the dew that slid down the length of every dripping thing gone with them,
but oh, to taste that honey,
to come to it again,
my old grey beard in the sticky sweet,
o those words, that image,
o Lord, if you exist,
do you have a prayer for this?

o loneliness,
so cruel with cancer and broken faith,
you have your answers in your stupid face,
can you rise?
can you go on?
is there nothing left?
I don't know where I'm headed but there might be hope.
Maybe I'll find something real and not feel the need to tie the noose around my throat.
I feel less alone but a little more lonely.
Everything about my life just seems so god damn phony.
I guess it's true when they say that in this life nothing is ever as it seems.
In these shoes all you can do is dream.
Even when your life is falling apart at the seams.
And you're unsure if people say what they really mean.
So what do I do to try to give my life some meaning?
My life is a mess I guess it's all a little too deceiving.  
So I guess I'm selfish for wanting to get my life back.
Who has the answers because it's almost everything that I lack.
I guess I'm just not cut out for this life.
But I'll try my best to find the answers and try not to take my life.
You don't even ask questions, you stuff answers into my mouth.
You don't give evidence and I believe in your lies.
You pull me down into a slur of words, drowning me into a conversation that never seem to end but starts worlds.
You Pierce me with a knife.
You cut me up into stitched pieces.
help me, and you say "no one cares."
You threw me out.
You kick me out of my own mind.
You close the door.
You keep me out.
You stone me with fire and ice.
You let me keep the burden all to my own.
i can't keep up.
i am broken apart.
just please, give me a moment, and then we talk?
Always been defined as something I'm not
Please don't confine this I'm just a human
Behind all the others
I made my mistakes like everyone else
Others reign a life of kings
And I'm just trying to find where I belong
With a sense of helplessness
I stubbed my foot into an iron post
Losing myself along the way
I'm still dreaming for change
A rebirth in flames that purify
The body I put through hell and back.

Don't ask me why I'm so harsh with myself
I wish I had the answers too
I know the person I am
Yet so many times I deviated
Like a spirited away fisherman in a storm
Every damn time I lose a little bit of myself
All the promises I have made
I always seem to break them
Not one mother fucking time
Have I been able to shelter those I love
Feelings change like the seasons
Yet I'm still a failed seed to germinate.

Too weak to carry all the burdens I once could
The lid exploded I can't keep my emotions in line
You've only seen the persona I am
The white mask now turns black
The clear surface becomes cracked
The blue eyes are gray with death
You always thought I was strong
How wrong you are
If I didn't act strong like everything was golden
How long ago I would have lost in this game of life
Always been the pillar for others
But I am no pillar for myself
I've already lost to myself
Better hold my ground and stay in sealed rooms
Maybe then I can mark my existence
And leave talent with a ballad of the damned
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