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William A Poppen Jun 2019
Without the label of a teacher
Nonetheless things are pointed out
With care and diligence

Comments meticulously exacting
As though there is a sixth sense
About what is detailed

More than busy, attention is thorough
Rigor seeps from every statement
Oozing inside the listeners skull

How much perseverance can
Be understood while feeling
Crushed beneath a microscope’s slide
*A recent word of the day
Mackenzie Dec 2018
"why are you so insecure?" repeat. repeat. repeat.
why wouldn't I be?
do you know the ache of being me?
I never learned how to love myself, and I've never really seen anything to love
It is only me. it's impossible to feel confident when you hate every inch of your body
to be trapped in my mind, is like being publicly criticized just like
Your worst dream, but every night
my disgusting body, the life I keep trying to find
and then ask again.
why are you so insecure?
This is no disguise
Try and see through these aching eyes
Please love yourself. I know it can be hard.
Enola Cabrera Dec 2017
Poetry gives our soul a voice
The courage to write without hesitation and proclaim without explanation
To the point that it is no longer poetry, but the words we have been choking on in fear of being criticized
trampling over weathered grounds
along the way that's where I'll be found
beaten, bruised, and criticized
yet when you see me I'll be fine
oni Dec 2014
you say you
wish to protect me
from the wolves
around me,

but your words
are the things
that bite
like a canine's teeth.

so let me lie
with the wolves,
and let their fur
protect me
from the chill
of your heart.
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
Whose got the answers?
Rise oh rise!
Whose got the answers now?

Whose criticizing?
Oh rise, oh rise?
Whose criticizing now?

Who thinks they know,
and who knows they think?

Trumping their thoughts,
onto me?

Who knows what's right,
and who knows what's wrong?

Who has the answers to fix everyone?

Tell me, oh tell me,
I just have to know,
whose got the answers now?

— The End —