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Don't be bothered
If I am cold and sad
Love, you ask?
Don't expect something which I don't have
Time is my enemy
I didn't treat her right
All she needed was saving
All I did was waste her all night
She touches the fire
But turns it into ice
She thinks of doing good once
Instead she does the bad twice
Her body with imprints of all the hues
But her heart is painted only of blue
Those who try to turn it red
Find their souls barren and wrecked

Once she wanted to be loved
and housed by warmth
She chose a route leading to fire
Walking that road
She burned with "their" desire
Watching her ashes in the air
She missed her cold flair
Her cold- her need, dire
She reached an epiphany
Of why she was fond of cold
As, build on blue
Was the genesis of her soul
She is a great dine
They, feeding off of her
Her tears, their wine
She managed to save some
On a secret corner of her reservoir
As it fills to the brim
It was a monsoon
On her long deserted heart
Monsoon turns to flood
As she let it pour out today
Nothing is left in her reservoir today
But she is now a Terra
Left with sweet petrichor today
You touched my heart
And broke it gently
She wants communication
She wants understanding
And she also wants understanding without communication
Man! Is she confusing.
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