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Vilene Joubert May 2019
Ek maak myself

          In die Donker....
Vilene Joubert May 2019
Browsing through my memories
Everywhere I'm seeing you
You've been apart of my world
For so many years

I've had some wise times
Some dark times
Good times
And bad times times

You were there
Through it all

Now I have no more time
Vilene Joubert May 2019
First I thought history was repeating itself
Sho obviously it was me who's lesson had to be learned..

As I criticize myself, old habits resurface
Insecurities return...

History Repeats Itself!

And with that realization.. I started doubting my self worth

Which led to me straight back to that
One thing
Very one thing...

That makes me
Vilene Joubert May 2019
If all things are done

There wouldn't be one
Vilene Joubert May 2019
Without our precious present moments
There will be no future
Vilene Joubert May 2019
I have now felt
What you felt
What you felt so deeply in me..

And I apologize..
I am so sorry for not feeling what you did..

I have now felt the beauty, fearless, shameless, blameless, unconditional Godly Love
You felt all along

And I truly hope & pray you will find that beauty again some time soon..

You deserve it too
Vilene Joubert May 2019
Dear best friend..
I will never understand why you had to leave

But I want you to know
I have found another you
A better version of you

One who does not blame
One who does expect
One who lets me be

This I wish for you..
Where ever you run to
I sincerely hope you find
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