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Vilene Joubert Dec 2018
My life has Not turned out remotely close to what I planned and worked so hard for all this time that has passed..

But we all had choices..
We all make mistakes..

And we are blessed if we are able to acknowledge our mistakes and where things went wrong..

Again we are faced with choices to which way our paths will go..

The only thing left to do - is,
To start all over again!
Right our wrongs!
Choose our path.
Begin the new journey to reach our destiny
Our fate is solely up to Us!

However, you do not need to walk it all alone!
Like you feel you do and almost expect it to be

The only thing certain in life is change

And change is obviously what you Need!

It is also the most scary ..
Fear of the unknown
The uncertainty
The people you Will loose along the way...

I can assure you, this will be the Most Uncomfortable, most fearful, most DIFFICULT Choice you'll ever have to make..!!

But I can Also Promise you ~ Your new Destination ~ Will be Worth every second of it!!!!

It will be Worth all the sweat, pain & tears of excruciating days in & nights alone filled with sorrow, loneliness , tears & fears!!

If you can be Strong enough for just a brief moment in time ~ you will have a glorious lifetime without regret & all this self inflicted ******* we tend to grab, attract and hold so tightly onto...

It all boils down to

You just have to Choose..

You Always have a Choice!

Will you choose the
Easy way
You've known for so long..??

Or do you choose
The road unknown
The hardest path
Obstacle infused..

Yet the most Amazing..??

Ask Yourself...

Do You Choose Change..??

Do You Choose

Vilene Joubert Dec 2018
Your "little breakdown"
Revealed the truth
Of your

All your absurd accusations
Was a mirror
To your own web of deceit

All your insecurities
Was the reflection
Of your own actions

All the ugliness you see
Is not this world

It is You!!!

Your "temporary insanity"
Was the true reflection
Of how **** the
Universe is
Vilene Joubert Dec 2018
After all these years
Being my best friend
My person...

Why did you have to break me
So ****
If all you could've done
Was say
You didn't want me
Vilene Joubert Dec 2018
A life time of memories
Gone in a blink
Blamed on

You promised not to run
But come to me
You promised we'll Always be
Best friends above all
You promised you'd never lie
But I have not seen
Any truth...

The ugliness you poured on me
Is that the inner You?
Vilene Joubert Nov 2018
I wanted it to be
Just Zayden & Me..
For I do not want a life like this...

Of constantly convincing
Then countered
to proof
Love you
Vilene Joubert Nov 2018
I do not want to leave you
Or ever completely loose you

I want to be by your side
One day when you're completely senile, old & blind..

I want you to live a complete life
Filled full with smiles

I wish you someone
That can fill all the holes & cracks
In areas where I lacked...

My person you may be
But my love does not complete you
My rights are wrong for you

How can I Ever be
"The One"
to you?
How will i Ever be
.. Right for You?
Vilene Joubert Nov 2018
From my flesh
Through my core
Straight into my


Every firbre of my being
& my entire soul
Loves you completely

The vastness of my love
Runs so deeply
Passing all my fears
Into tears
Knowing what you deserve
Is so much more!!

May the one you marry one day
Give you My Love
And that little bit more..
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