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  Oct 11 Masibulele Ntsepo
I know they weren’t your words
but you posted them
and I felt like they came from you
to me
in all your posts
I don’t remember you ever saying them in that order

when I read it
my heart flew into the sky
like a flock of birds released from their cage
  Oct 11 Masibulele Ntsepo
My words are birds
beautiful delicate feathered things
on graceful multicoloured wings
set free to range the mental sky
they take me where
I dare not fly
Beyond the horizon,
I dont know what lies there
Only imagination
Imagining what lies beyond the margines
Take myself out off boundering marginal lines
Be it truth or lies
Be it reality or fiction
Until i sleep beyond this earth
I will continue sliping off through bounderies
As i see the horizon endless,
So i imagine myself limitless beyond the endless horizon
Have your own mindset,
Be yourself
Be humble.
is condemned to loneliness
as the desert calls
magnifying the instant
through the burning glass
unleashing its essence
in the fire of possibility
spreading old ashes reborn
—upon the sand

(Dreamsleep: September, 2022)
  Sep 28 Masibulele Ntsepo
we keep searching
and searching until
something finds
  Sep 28 Masibulele Ntsepo
It's not about them.
It is about you
You can care and share
Be loving and considerate
This time it is not a stranger or a friend
Not a friend of a friend
The ball was tossed to you
You have to play
Before you know the rules of the game
There is a flow and feeling
A control about the cards dealt to you
You are not gambling your life and meaning for what is at stake
You don't go through this alone but when those closest to you feel a million miles away because what you are doing is all too real
You stay the course
You stay positive and win with patience and great but quiet determination
When it is all too real
Live genuinely and when it is all too great.

Wishing you all the best game you can play and win!
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