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I hope this verse in writting is not a waste of time, however , I cannot stop taking time to hoping in thought what would we get reversing time
I kwow we should be moving forward, like the wings of time, however, do we take the time to spread our wings or do we just hope our wings spread with time
Emit is time reversed, meaning "send out light "
Which brings me back to the concern, that we no longer make the time to enlighten each other
Thats in the past
Istead we say time is money, chasing money doing things wasting our time
Istead of enlightening each other
No matter how many naked partners with you have been
No matter how many times you can be naked in the name of "Isiko neSithethe"
No matter how you can be naked in the presence of a naked soul
No matter how naked your thoughts are
No matter how naked you say things
No matter how naked you can see things
No matter how naked you hear things
No matter how naked you do things
Is the mind really naked ?
Is the mind naked from the sight of pain and poverty ,
Naked from the thoughts of the conscience conscious shouting and standing up for action of Love and Roots
If so what are your thoughts on how to dress it
Answers are not answers at times
Answers sometimes are just answers
At times answers can be decitful
Time does reveal answers
Many times some answers are not what we want to receive
And so happens, we needed to receive that answer
At times some answers can provoke action
Some answers are just provoking their own honesty
Some say Love is the answer
Sometimes we need more time to answer some questions
Talking at times can add solution to the answer
Silence at times is its own answer
Action at times is the answer and adds value and trust to the answer
I mean have we not verbalised the saying, "The answer lies in the question " ?
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