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The sun rises, the sun sets
Inbetween its rays is distance measured by time
At times we experience life's seasons at the sametime
Sometimes we experience being the living dead
Alive outside , dead inside
Challenging the grim reaper to a battle of life with death being the prize
Hindsight buzzing with afterlife never seen
Whilst eyesight is blind to the beauty of life
All this global warming does not do me warmth inside still
The addrenelin of the moonlight send chills down my spine
Pees pease of the same pod in a poor ***
Wanting piece of the pie when i dont even understand the pie-chart
Pyramids, Pisces, pirates, pastors, paradox
From dawn to dusk to dawn
New age of the new era is an old saying,
Because there nothing new under the sun,
Even an eclypse
Days to weeks,  to months, to years, to decades, to centuries, to millennium
The sun sets, the sun rises
As i rise from the ashes,
I dust myself off the dust of the ashes
Although im the son of the soil
And so shall i return like the soil i am
My journey's wit trying not to wither away
I may trip and fall on this trip of ego
I have to still stand and proceed
This i have to do for my seed
Noone knows to what extent life is continuous
So arise the need to always be victorious
To an extent  have become vicious,
Although not to victimise victims
The vices i employ from advices hath maketh me devise malicious advances
Anticipating the day i will be flying high like birds of prey such as the Phoenix
Still i have to be patient as the Sphinx
Take time with every step to step out of the paradigms of pyramids and theorems
Pharaohs are my ancestry,
Dynasties is my accendence,
The world is my kingdom
My baptismal of fire has given me rite of passage to the throne
Lust, greed, evil, in my empire i do not condone
For like a mason i have built myself to be the temple of the creator.
By power of the creator,
By advocacy of ancestors,
By my discipline
Its bewildering to know we have become slaves of our own desires
We commanded everything when we came to this world
Now money makes our world go 'round,
Not even Micheal Jackson can rock this world now
Yet we taught ourselves what we needed,
We taught ourselves that citrus-orange is desirable than citrus-lemon,
That honey is better-healthier than sugar
We used to communicate with our bodies to unlock knowledge (wisdom)
Like when we having ice to cooldown then we have "brain-freeze" then we know we have had too much,
And that too much of everything is not good
We have become a band of banditts
We used to be on par with the bars of standards we set ourselves on benches of  the bar ,
Now we are behind bars unconstitutionally and thats not gold bars not to us,
Our consciousness of conscience is barred with hard steelness
Our situation has lost stability,
And now are intensively critically undersiege
We blame our demons, forgetting we have the power over them
Maybe its because of these demonstrations of non-action
Unable to heal from wounds of our past bruises,
Because of the food we eat,
And thats food for thought
Have a time of your life, this is your timeline)
Theres nothing new under the sun, said Emperor Haile Selasi's ancestor, The wise king Solomon the star of King David
In this kingdom of galaxies, life is not a rehearsal
For some mistakes theres no reversal
And pain is universal like the weather
(You have to be robin' hood, coz you have been robbed of your princehood of your dynasty),
(Thats just dynamics of life, dynamite comes in small packages)
Be at peace that you gonna get a piece of devine dividends
Coz the world is far from innocence
As above as below
Let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
The creator judges us for sin
We the people judge each other for crimes against each other
(Rise in peace in Sudan)
Be at peace like a monk coz he finds his from deep inside,
Connecting to spirituality tranquility beyond infinity
Do you think you can find sanity in insanity of confusion
Love is the law, unconditionally
Love thy neighbour even though they dont love you back
And dont get cheeky, turn the other chick
And just salam alaykum , halleluJah to Allah
Charity begins at home , even if they treat you like a charity case, on your case
Im not even gonna mention friends,
(Coz theres many different kinds,
Theres natural,  theres unnatural
An enemy of my enemy is my friend and a friend of my friend is my friend)

...We rebirth, also through baptismal
So when you go through baptismal of fire ,
Just more fire like a Rastafari
And let the inferno el nino deep inside erupt like a flood of lava
And scorch to ashes the demons in the depths of your deepest darkness
And rise like a Caterpillar of  a phoenix-dragon breathing fire
Dont take externalities to heart, (exhale)
But usher it like through the red sea, dont let it burn like Usher
Gold is converted through heat
And pressure makes diamonds
Dont reach for the body ,reach for the soul as that is the true being
As we are not in battle with flesh and blood but with evil , spiritually lurking from the shadows, in search to devour and destroy
Keep calm and steel-still in silence
Seek wisdom
From a place of disposition i sit and deposit thoughts of emancipation into action from intuition to reposition  my dispensation depo
Depriving lack cutting it not even abit of slack
Sometimes fishing yourself out of desolation can be a life line
And sometimes not judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree is not selling yourself short of sushi
Sometimes money does grow on trees like wattle into charcoal, marijuana to hemp, mushrooms, seaweed to medicine
Just because we have yet to find a cure to the ailment does not mean it does not exist
Sometimes the pain is the outcome of the indication not the source of hurt
Eureka hallelujah, hallelujah eureka
i'm proud of you, everyday
  Jan 15 Masibulele Ntsepo
i tried to find
a song
a poem
a piece of art
something, anything
that felt like
or sounded like

i looked
and searched
and wondered
yet no matter what
i tried
there was nothing
that came close

for you
my platonic soulmate
are one of a kind
a light in the dark
warm, soft
kind, loving
a best friend

i couldn't find anything
nothing is like you
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