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when i was a kid
i always wonder why the moon kept following me
is she my best friend?
my protector during the nights i walk alone?
until  i grew older
and find her presence my peace
started telling her my secrets and dreams
sometimes we share our tears
we will talk all night
together we will fall asleep
the moon is my best friend. who is yours?

may you live well, rest well, and love well.

to better days ahead,
poetry art
  Apr 22 Masibulele Ntsepo
If you long for a life of
sunny skies day after day
you will be disappointed
nothing grows in a desert
settle for a little rain now and then
and someone to share your umbrella
I, myself am created, therefore, am part of creation.
I, myself am a creature, with the willpower to create.
Creating things unseen like oxygen
Evolving with evolution.
My creation will take you to the future, present, past.
Wise from wisdom
Bear ideology create revolution.
From circumstance to situation to solution
It all leads back to creation.
The begining of (all) things existing.
Birth of death, life on (of) earth,
Death being sacrifices, sacriligious.
The illusion of choice is created
The question of destined fate becomes silently dead.
The death of the physical is the birth of the eternal,
The death of the eternal is the birth of the physical.
Infinitly it is spiritual.
Intentional or coincidental, creation.
  Mar 29 Masibulele Ntsepo
They'll tell you how beautiful are your wings,

While they bind your pinions and strip your feathers.

"So graceful and so precious!  Such lofty, ethereal things,"

The words like rusty chains, cracked leather-sentiment tethers.

They'll tell you, "Rise above the sorrow, fly from the pain,"

After they teach you to clip your own wings so you won't fall,

And when the confusion sets in they'll be the first to tell you you're sane.

"People can't fly," they'll say, and point to the wings nailed to their wall.
© 03/08/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

I try to express the things that I think people need,
I don't write to try and make someone bleed,
Heart to pen, mind to screen,
I just wanna use my gift to help people see,
It's not about ***, race, religion, or creed,
It's all about healing, and love, and faith, and belief.
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