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Tahirih Manoo May 2016
Fluttering blue butterfly
O so sweet!
Whipping your wings
sofly floating in the wind.
Bright green hummingbird
Speeding pass
directs you to nectar
from honeysuckle nearby
Ambrosia, absolutely.
The butterfly never forgets,
Memories last forever-
Since this butterfly is immortal.
Resplendent human hands
Clasping white water lily
Gently pouring clean light, brown soil
into petals' opening
A small handful of water mixed as well
Then off floats waterlily, set down gently
On large rectangular glossy river
Having no beginning , no end.
Clear sky, all light,
Enchanted, mesmerized, humbled!
Were butterfly's feelings
To see The Divine Being
Create human girl
In the Higher realm^
Butterfly felt the new unique presence
already born as a tiny spark
And heard a voice telling the Lily
'This is how you were made'
Watching it perfectly sail away.
Now here flies butterfly!
Into Earth 3D plane
And has felt the unique spark again.

4:47am Thursday, 26th, May, 2016.
Tahirih Manoo May 2016
The lamb nurses adoringly

Frolics in the meadow

Trots by the dandelions

Chases yellow butterfly

Drinks water from spring

Halts under oak tree

And naps there peacefully.

2:03 pm Wednesday 4th May, 2016.
That's it. do not sacrifice this lamb.
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
The biggest addictions are not external

It is the state of mind of that human (internal)

And most persons these days are addicted to sadness, hurt and pain

And though they claim they hate it ,
They do it themselves over and over again

Just as an addict hates his crave for a CIG
But lights one anyway, to satiate his regular routine

Sadness is worse, for it affects the greatest weapon we possess- our mind.
If the mind is weak, however will we battle our challenges?

A sad mind is a soldier going into war without his shield, helmet or sword, who has shown up empty handed and is prepared to lose before the fight has even started.
12:10 pm.  8th, November, 2015.

A strong mind won't have any negative addictions.
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2014
Yes, the sun goes down
And the stars are no longer mine
The weather gets rough
- not all the time.
The night comes again
and I admire the sky
- Hopeful? Yes!
- Worthy? Yes.
It's all a cycle I guess
one to embrace
and accept with grace.

The sparking.
Tahirih Manoo May 2016
Praise to the Supreme Being!

The source of all creations

The Evergreen Tree of Life

The Unfathomable Power

The Eternal Sunlight

The unconditional Love

The Holy Lamb , Calf,  Lion and Dove.

The Anonymous Leader whom no eyes see

The Forgiving Peak that never sleeps..

The Omnipotent form

The All knowing Body

The omnifarious Parent

Our Lord


Thank you for all you provide

I am forever your humble child.

I clasp my hands and close my eyes  

I say a prayer with Love.

3:37pm Mon-30-May-2016
So grateful for today!
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
Love is light that is eternally bright
Love is eternally wishing for all to feel light
Love is feeling eternally Calm
Love is being eternally Kind
Love is observing only the Positive
Love is listening to the single drop of Truth
Love is searching for the Truth.
Love is appreciating attempts of kindness

Love takes every opportunity to encourage the light to glow brighter in others.
Love is interlocking the palms and physically connecting foreheads to unite all energies between two bodies
Love is interlocking the palms and facing upwards to unite all energies of all bodies
8:05pm friday 3rd august, 2018.
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2014
I'd feel safer

To pour my heart out to a stranger

Rather than

Look straight at you

And have to feel judged

By your steel blue eyes.

- Feb 22nd, 2014.  1:45 pm
The people that give you the hardest times are the ones closest to you...
Tahirih Manoo May 2017
Running ,she whizzes past a gentleman fellow
His nature confuffled, a feather in his hat, yellow.
I glance once more seeking a quiet spot to mellow
Catch my breath , before i bellow
A crane grazes the ground beneath me , to which i look up hearing his "hello"
A street musician strums sad tunes on his chelo
May 17 2017
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2014
What’s in a name?
His name is what he is
Rishi, a saint, no one better than this
His actions that of his name
Innocent, compassionate, loving
Words match his tender existence

All he wanted was for peace to be among his kin
All he needed was the affection of one swan
To fit his half and make him laugh
He never asks for much, or rather nothing at all
But he prays and prays for the good of everyone
Standing alone, yet he fights for them all

His eyes gentle, like those of a lamb
His voice charming, like a nightingale at hand
His hands that offer so much, is soft to the touch
His smile, oh that smile beckons so much
His laughter rare, a sound that should last forever
Someday soon he shall have just radiance for his cover

His mind that ticks like a well-functioning clock
Takes no time to pause or stop
Apprehensive that his will may be dropped
Yet he strides onward, pushing past fears
His courage brimming over the top
No one knows how many battles he fought

The Lord is with him
And he with the Lord
What he doesn't realize
Is that he an Angel of Love
One that is surrounded by the cold hearts of loss
There, there       -  Handsome Dove,
They will all melt, sorrow will be tossed.*

6th, July , 2014   12:01 pm.
Rishi- Hindi: meaning saint. Poem about rishis
Tahirih Manoo May 2015
He kisses my lips tenderly.

He is a butterfly and I, his sweet nectar.  

12:21am, Thursday, 7th, may,  2015
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
In white water lilies ;
Miniature specks of radiant light
Swim in clear water of minerals, nestled by honey brown soil of nourishing elements
Engulfed by inner petals of delicate but impenetrable comfort
Transported by wise ripples along a translucent rectangle
Eager to drop off the water-fall edge of the plane
To fall as rain and unto its chosen carrier
Of whom shall be called its mother
Waiting to start developing physically after the essence of the mother's choice is fused with her very own jewel
The essence belonging to whom it will call father.
12:57 am . Monday, 21st, August, 2017.
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
I feel waves rushing through me relentlessly 
I choose to focus on just them...
Starting to listen intently...
Beginning to move in rhythm 
to their sweet melody
Hushing me
In lullaby. 

This, her old soul, 
Is Illuminating her core
So that she continues to rise in times of darkness 
That has always been constricting her from tender two
When she began to feel elements like no other.
I am contented she can feel and hear the soothing whispers of nature.

I pray to All-knowing Universe 
Continue to bless this flower child...

- March, 4th, 2014. Around 5 pm....
Zoning ~
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2014
True Beauty* is from within

That merely *reflects
on the physical self

- Feb 28th, 2014.  2:06 pm.
The physical self is a distraction- Most people fall for it.
They don't look for true beauty.
They seek shells.
When those shells are broken/damaged, they no longer want it.
Because they only loved the shell to begin with.

Not once did I love someone just for their shell.
I love you for you, nothing less, nothing more.
~LOVE is good~
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2015
Quite An unappealing cover
But such great content
Teaches you more than you bargained for
Sparks Inquisition
Holds your interest
You want to get to the bottom of it
You shall read it again
And scope for information you overlooked
-says the ugly book about itself

Quite an attractive cover
Content subjective
Entertains you well
Such amusement
A jolly good read
Can be read so fast
All information easily grasped
No need to be reread
Once was all enough
Time to search for a new book
-says the ugly book about the attractive one*

Eye-catching cover
What content?
Pages so smooth
Scent so luring
Writing so curvy
Thin book
So simple and easy
Why read anyway?
Just leave on shelf, so pretty!
-says the attractive book about itself

3:21pm Friday 31st July, 2015.
What do you read? Metaphor for who do you date?
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2016
New year,

Old habits.

New lessons,

Old responses.

New steps,

Old path.

New rules,

Old rebellion.

New change is needed,

Old methods to be aborted.
12:43 am Wednesday 9th March, 2016
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2014

Like magic,

Only exists,

*If you believe in it.

- Feb 21st, 2014  11:40 pm
Dazzling joy.
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
The angel of death embraces us all
One specific day
He comes to collect each and everyone
Destined to be the end of us all
That is-The end of the current physical form we are in
Not the eternal end
For we all go on
Perhaps to another realm
Or we remain in deep sleep for judgement
Maybe our spirit or soul Is instructed to Attach itself
to a new upcoming life
To get a second chance
Or merely to feel a different life
Have varied experiences
In the form of bird, a tree, a speck of dust,
a drop of rain, a tiny pebble, a ray of light,
a smudge of mud,
For there is life in everything
How is there life in even a stone?
For the Supreme Lord made ALL
It is all an illusion under his sway
He created all
so this means all is in him and in him all
We must see God in everything
Living or non living
Animate or inanimate
Moving or stagnant
In air, land or sea.

From the beginning
It was always known and told to us all
That death WILL come.
It's the natural ending season of a phase we called being 'alive'
The winter season if you may
But we must be certain that it is not the permanent end
Some other step comes
only seen to the departed
Some other form it takes
Where it exists or just waits
Death is absolute that it will happen.
But it is not the absolute end.
It is simply a parting.
A farewell
A goodbye
To the face you see that soul as.
Goodbye dear soul
May your next journey be one of light, peace, love,
joy, eternal bliss and comfort.
Travel safe.

25th May  2015  9:38am
Wrote this at a funeral.. After delivering a eulogy.
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2015
Drooping slowly

Yet Refusing to shut

They spring right back open

Wide as if shocked!

How she works diligently

Forgoing tranquility
2:20pm 12th, March 2015
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
Knowing you could be gone at any minute

Should make your life all the more thrilling by the second

9:16pm mon,  15 june. 2015.
Let's  be happy! Let's  be merry!  Let's be jolly!
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2016
After the false promises, disappointment...

I am finally starting..

This Unwantedly feeling..

No girl can be princess...

But only a warrior!

Struggling Or not

She must fight her own battles!

And perhaps never waltz
with her true Prince Charming.

11:06 pm.Tuesday, 5th , July, 2016.
Only a dream of that true love's first kiss. .
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
My hand brought up to salute forcefully

Even though I was about to willingly

Two seconds more

Would have been enough

Instead you blow your whistle!

And I'm charged with **disobedience

When all it was,


10:51pm Mon,23,November, 2015
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2014
No One Deserves ANY Bad Treatment!

of whatever reason you believe justifies your actions!

Don't do it!

Don't think about it!

You will regret it

- Feb, 28th, 2014   2:56 pm
Tahirih Manoo May 2016
A place where-
All living entities are light in colour, translucent at times.
Clouds are soft, edible, fluffy cotton candy.

People are kind and gentle.
Where God walks with man,
physically living as his neighbour,
Us being worthy of such delight.

Where no darkness gathers
For twelve hours of golden unheated sunlight,
Then twelve hours of silver glistening moonlight
Leave no room for shadows to dwell.

Our bodies are divine,
placing our hands on trees we consume the required nutrients daily.
We absorb it , cell to cell,
exchanging energy blissfully,
never taking more than our share.

We understand coexistence,
togetherness, support, love and trust.
We take care of each other as a must.

We swim like mermaids.
Consistently swimming -our legs merge together,
cells stay connected
as long as we're in water.
Breathing by air bubbles even in laughter, we race the otters.

We Fly acrobatically as humming birds
Cheerful, Calm
Without doubts.

This dreamland,
my canoe leads to.
An Egyptian boat ride.

2:09am Saturday, May 14th, 2016.
the tempo in the poem speeds up
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
Every thought is like a single red blood cell,

                                                         ­           it may seem insignificant,

                                           being­ only one,

but it adds up to enriched blood,

                                which powers and transports everything around your body,

                                       Disregard not, the small thoughts~

     Small tweaks lead to noteable improvements

- March 4th, 2014.     3:40 am.
Bleeding words..
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
is reason alone to live

On a hot day.

I eat you. 11:56 pm

obviously delicious ice-cream, not ****** sandy , lame ice cream.

happy ice-cream day .
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2014
I was just a caterpillar
               Eager to turn
Unsure what to do to make it happen
I’d sample all sorts of leaves
Wanting them to have an impinge on my existence
Nibble here, devour there
so voracious without a care
               Just Eager to turn.

All along I thought I was pink
Turns out it was all black and white
That phase was just a preparation
For my true purpose
All those struggles
Bending branches, forcing travels
Fighting my way through the chaotic lands of green battle
It was all a grand rehearsal.

Then one day without notification or indication
The real show came to play
In trance I start to weave in beautiful silk
a case, a home, a place to think, I pause…
For the first time I had stopped my crawling.
I cover myself without thought,
No more pondering on why, how, where, when and what.
I did it alone
I'm sure of that

A chrysalis was being given to me
That’s how I see it
For I never even knew how to make it
I never knew IF I’d make it
I’d always worry about if I would break it
Not knowing what that IT even was
Then it happened.
Simple in the end though intricate in steps

I stopped everything
And rested my caterpillar head.
Clung to my home metamorphosing
It was there I saw my heaven
I saw other creations
And found out secrets about divination
I saw why I had done what I did
I knew what was to come-just a bit.

                                                      Three­ months later,
                                                      I emerged slowly
                                                      Each­ day a part of a new life came to glory
                                                      A transformation  
                                                ­      A surprising revelation
                                                      ­Having not an expectation
                                                     ­ I evolved to a butterfly-human
                                               ­       Oh my, the new view is a blessing.

                                         5th, July, 2014     5:02 pm
This was why i was away,
I was...changing.

Now all Pure, Good, Who I want to be- finally.
No more questions, no more doubts, I am happy to be me- Tahirih.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
Awakened by her vibrations

His molten rocks sputter,

Preferring to remain undisturbed.

Boiling, brewing, he begun erruption.

Amused by volcano's reaction

she listens and watches,no retaliation.

Considering her own stormy nights

when her lightning bolts strike thrice;

When her clapping of thunder

revolts even the sages

(both above and under).

She places a palm outwards,

blows kisses of cool wind,

To greet his fury,

His sweet love remembered.

His embers, with a smile, are pardoned.

She showers his projecting magma-

With droplets of chilled agua.

Awaited patiently for his red to cool,

to be brown, with help from yellow sun;

So that his lava could reconnect with outer earth-green.

Using a drifting veer she carries a charming flower seed and lays it beside him,

Soft petals soon blossom, rosy and pink.

They both smile gently,
now glowing for each other.

The volcano and Storm are forever in love, in flare and submerged;

Growing compassion and understanding of each other's plates and waves.

Yet neither may burn nor drown

but somehow remain facing the other-

At the very tip of their forbidden lips' kiss- for this day, tomorrow and in endlessness.

1:55am . Thurs, 24th, August, 2017.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2017
Golden goblet fills itself with sparkling water
Granting eternal life to one who sips slowly
Quenches thirst, giving more light years-
To the deserving drinker who stumbles upon it

Unsatisying and insatiable
Taking away all your days-
To the undeserving drinker hungry for power

Its magical grandeour versus its life ******* curse-
Is a fate determined by the living, luminous vessel.

Sparkle sparkle sparkle...
12:23 am . Monday, 21st , August, 2017.
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
Why don't they accept?

Why don't they respect?

Why do they reject?

Why must they deject?

What about the effect?

Why don't they innerly reflect?

They lack intellect.

They only object.

The People You Allow Into Your Life :  Select

Yourself- You Must Protect


12th March, 2014      4:39 am.
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
Wish I had the taste of you on my lips..

The sound of your voice whispering in my ear...

To feel your firm hands grab me greedily

To feel you hungrily, lavishly bite me

To hear you tell me that I am all yours and yours only, forever and ever

To make me tell you I belong to you

Me already Knowing it to be true

As you embrace me tighter

To watch your face as you take what is yours to keep

And be lost with you

For hours upon hours-

Just A dream ..
2:34am Wednesday 24th,June.2015
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
Why is it that whenever I am not well

                                                           ­                 I tend to reflect on my life,

                                   How i treat others

It's as if I not only want to get better from the illness

                                                        ­       but need to be better in general.

Is Tahirih today not good enough?    :(

Silly fever, illnesses are for mortals, so why you trouble me so?
The tiniest sickness, has me regretting that one mean word I said last week.

perhaps it was way more than just one word.....perhaps.

7:17pm , 8th. November, 2015.
Tahirih Manoo May 2015
Light of my eyes,
angel that saved my soul,
beauty so divine,
more precious to me than gold,
warmth so tender
my skin never feels cold,
pressed against yours
I can grow old with you by my side
I Fear no more,
The one I was searching for has finally come home.
Where she belongs is here with me,
Tahirih we were meant for eachother
-of that I am sure.

Scarlet red were your lips that night,
So tender to mine I can feel it so close, taste so good I can hardly control my desire for you,
holding back is the greatest challenge,
you are one of kind there is no rival,
you are my Queen Tahirih
.. There is no reason for us to part
any who interfere should be charged for treason.
For I am your king and you are my Queen, and we shall create our own dynasty
for we are both royalty

King of the seas,
Queen of the fires,
beauty that burns a hole through any attire,
strength so powerful all shall bow,
we were born to take this world for ours. Waking to destiny,
you and I have begun,
our journey has started,
Tahirih are you ready to fight with me by your side?
Any in sight we shall conquer,
for you my love,  
give me strength to lead,
let us strive forward and plant our seeds, that they may grow and become trees.

Abundance awaits with your belief,
you and I,
There is nothing we cannot defeat!

8:18pm, Sunday, 24th May,  2015
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
Most persons who are ageable
                                            - aren't even adults

They are just grown children

                  Who have learnt fancier words

       more serious sounding expressions


Those imposters. Caught ya.

Spider one. Grownchildren zero.
11:22 am 10 th, November, 2015

My Spidey senses are tingling. Lol.
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
You are*  in love  with one

But you grow to love *two

For when you grow to love him more

Then you grow to love you too*

- March 4th, 2014.   2:11 am.
<3 Loving someone so strong
that you start to see the best that's in you,
you love yourself more
and form a relationship between yourself and mind
plus you have your awesome boyfriend/ partner! <3

~ Now that's Zen ~
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
Like the sun's transcendental glow-
His positive energy is illuminating  

Like the sun is an almost perfect sphere -
His personality, character and qualities are almost flawless

Like the sun is the source of  Earth's bio -
His very existence sustains my joyful life

Like the sun being our universe's calm, steady and powerful center -
His presence occupies the core of my thought, word and deed

Like the sun radiates a strong magnetic field -
His embodiment allures me so intensely yet effortlessly

Though the sun's light reaches Earth in 8 minutes -
His light extends to me in an attosecond

Though the Sun contains 99.86% of the mass in the Solar System-
His accommodation in my heart encompasses a full 100%

Though the sun may one day run out of nuclear fuel and burn out
His love for me and my love for Him will remain eternal, everlasting...

*Unfathomably, Spiritually endless...
There can only be one sun in a universe, I know not mine.
1:58 pm
2nd November, 2015

#unknown soulmate. I wish for such a love...
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
A seed sprouts from the ground,

fighting its way through

though it was buried by dirt.

So I too, can push my way upwards,

reaching for the sunlight.



to be out.

11:28 am   Tuesday , 9th, June 2015
grow Tahirih grow!
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
I see it!
I run!
I leap!
I fall!
I am unconscious!
I'm awake!
I have lost the rainbow from sight!
I close my eyes!
I peek!
I wait for another rainbow!
I'm old!
Time is up!
Only to realise there was never a rainbow.
1:24am,  Wednesday,  24th June,  2015.
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
We all crave that Permanent happiness you know

            it can only come from inside though.

Not from eating ice cream,
                                        buying new shoes,
                    hearing a joke,
Kissing a mate,
                                         Swimming in a lake,
Living in a bigger house,
                     Or Driving a fancier car.

*The more we rely on the material world for happiness ,
the further we dig ourselves into an endless pit.
For when one thing is gained, example that car,
you are temporarily satisfied.
Then a new want arises ,
a new goal that makes you think
" okay when I get THaT THEENN I will be happier"

And so it continues until you never settle with your idea of happiness.

Thus it is good to realize sooner rather than later- that true happiness is just a misleading term for absolute contentment .

Such Contentment that you learn to take the bad as you take the good. Always remaining in the middle, unaffected by any external matter.
You always looked pleased.
You never desire more.
You take what you get, enjoy it gratefully,
if you get more you are pleased-
if you do not get a single bit more,
would you know it-you're still pleased.

It is brilliant really, and so simple.
The goal is never to be happy.
The goal is be contented.
At least it should be.
Me thinks..
8:14 am Tuesday 10th November 2015.
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2016
All flowers would cease to bloom! Nightingales would sound as crows !
My lips would only resemble graveyards bearing nothing but dullness,
The skin on my flesh would be pale- as the blood of love would be drained from mine heart.
The sun shan't rise and -
the only showers would be the rains from mine eyes
If he were to to be sad

6:55pm Friday 15th July. 2016
For a doctor
Tahirih Manoo May 2015
I KNEW he loved me

For before he was gone

He turned back to look me at me one last time

With a longing look of not wanting to be separated from me, his one true love.

Yet he must go.

BUT His look MADE me know...  

That he is and will always be- all mine

12:30am Thursday 7 th may  2015
Im in love~
Tahirih Manoo Dec 2015
There aren't stars

              As there are reasons

                           For why I love you so.
For my soulmate ...a nameless face
1:36 pm Tuesday, 15th DEC, 2015
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2015
I can't believe you just said that to me
( please, you are the only one I expect kindness from, do not say such things, I'll forgive you if you never do that again)

Go away, leave me alone.
( please, hug me tightly, tell me you're sorry and don't let me go until my muscles relax after I feel convinced, please be convincing)

I really don't care what you do right now
( please, do what i hope for. I care so much, deeply and you affect my actions and feelings greatly, take my hand and make things right)

I can't take this anymore, I can't stand you.
( please, change just that one behaviour and I will accept all the rest of you genuinely. for the others qualities are so good, you're a great guy)

Let go of my hand, you're hurting me
( please, my emotions are soft, I'm fragile and gentle, I feel no physical pain at this moment. I am not a weak snail. I'm a lioness but I am hurt by what you did, don't let my hand free, hold the other and look at me as you explain to me, to correct the issue. I'm eagerly waiting on you)

You always do this to me
( please, lets figure this out, you've done this once before, but we never dealt with the underlying issue, we were too eager to kiss and make up, wanting things to be perfect again, let's just talk this through, find the root and pluck this **** before it grows)

I never want to see you again!
( please,don't leave, why would I ever want you to leave? If you leave, even for five minutes I will  suffocate, let me breathe, stay with me, I love you. please don't leave me!)

you never listen to me!
( please, don't listen to what I'm saying right now. I'm just so angry, saying things I don't mean to seem tough and far from the fact that I need you in my life, you are my everything, ignore my harsh words.)

I will never forgive you.
( please, know that i have already forgiven you, it wasn't that big of a problem, I'm over reacting out of fear that this may happen again, it IS the second time. though we never actually dealt with it, so we are not to blame, we simple must try to solve this not avoid it. we can do it)

I'm sorry ...I love you. I'm so glad we are good again. I missed you so much**
( I'm not sorry. this was excellent training for the both of us. we needed it. Now we are more secure. we have a mutual understanding. a loving connection and treat each other better. I love you more now. I miss you incredibly. You are my one and only forever and always.

Mind thoughts inner reveal. #how people disagree

#for my nameless , faceless soulmate
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
I'll tell you where I am

               When I stop moving

For now,  I  don't *know
where I'm heading.

10:07 am,  Saturday, June 27th, 2015
The girl replies to the boy.
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2014
S        t         *r            a      n      g          **e

                                          ­                            becomes NORMAL one day.  

7th, July, 2014
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
You can* falsely call an apple a grape,

           can say the inside is silver and that it’s poisonous,

           can assume that the apple is bitter,

           can paint the apple blue,

           can believe that the apple could make you fly

You can talk about it all you like...

It doesn't change the true nature of the apple now, does it?

                                                                                        - March, 3rd, 2014.  4:29 pm.
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
Often do people confuse a Good lesson

As a soulmate.

He was just there to show you what you DONT need ..
The right one will do it correct, not him

She was there just to teach you what you DONT deserve ..
The right one deserves you, not her.
Unfortunately I may mix the two up. But after realizing- you can be sure it will be over before you could say "wha..?"

12:33 pm. Saturday 7th November, 2015.
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
Who are you to determine if a person is good or bad?

‘Good’ people may do bad things for good reasons;

‘bad’ people may do good things for good reasons.

Unless you feel targeted or have been personally, honestly affected , then you have no legitimate excuse or reason for judging ANY other human being.

Even then, compassion and empathy can overcome whatever surface emotions you experience...

Give yourself a chance to be the level- headed, objective and humane soul you know you can be and have been.

Because at some point, I'm sure you had felt it in yourself,
that light- pure goodness;
whether it was while listening a bouncing baby's cheerful melody of coos,
when you rescued a homeless pup,
Or willingly helped a senior with a task-

Something must have allowed you to tap into your true peace, the moment you find it, keep it, access it and let it guide you in everyday life.

I believe in following your instincts - there are no room for doubts...especially self doubts.
Blatantly, if you don't believe and have faith in yourself ,
how could you possibly expect someone else to?

Be confident- and that can only happen if you
understand yourself,
love yourself,
encourage yourself,
respect and take care of  yourself
and to remember that you don't NEED anyone but *yourself

Most people don't realize it but if anyone sends negative energy to you- through words, actions or insinuations-
That you can simply refuse to accept it and maintain your own positive energy,
leaving you *unaffected
pleasant and in control of your own emotions.

If you process rapidly, you'd be able to see that whatever that person may say or do has nothing to do with you- It's just a reflection of their feelings towards themselves

( e.g calling someone ugly because you truly feel ugly in a different way, of course you wouldn't be able to see the beauty of another when you don't appreciate and understand your own inner you throw those emotions at someone else because you are stuck on surface thinking and want a 'quick fix'
Well, quick fixes are the worst, with anything!

I was 15 when a classmate threw insults my way but I understood they were because of her insecurities.
I told her and I remember because after, she just looked straight at me she didn't have to say anything,
I just knew she didn't mean it and that she was sorry.
I saw it in her eyes. . .
I said "That's not a very nice thing to tell someone... you don't know what I could be going through right now, but hey, I believe I'm a beautiful soul and I've been around you for quite some time and I can safely say I believe you are too, I hope you deal with whatever you're going through right now and beat it..."
She was still just looking at i said "It's okay, I forgive you"

We never became good friends because I'm picky with my close friends but from then on, she always greeted me pleasantly and never said a bad thing against me ever again  :D  
- high school win!, drama and conflict averted-

Forgiveness can lead to wonderful outcomes.
Try it right now!
Start with yourself!
Forgive yourself right now for something that you are not proud of.
You'll feel lighter...literally too, somehow, you feel the weight off of you.
If you feel that, Your mind found a bit of peace. <3

Back to first topic-->

Yes, we are entitled to our own opinions, if it won't do any good, keep those opinions to yourself.

God is the judge of you, YOU are the judge of you.

Which is the same thing because we are a fraction of God.

Our souls are reflections of God.

To love yourself is to love God.
To insult another person is to insult God.
For God exists in everyone and everything..

YOu can't change can only change yourself.

Everything....starts ...with...YOU!

- March, 3rd, 2014   4:00 am.
Scattered thoughts like leaves in Fall.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
Some lights clouded
Some are bright
Some glow dim
Some fearfully hide
Some are mesmerizing
Some feel tender
Some seem blinding
Some are lost
Some now finding
Some fluctuate
Others remain wholesome
Yet All are still the same light
Light in different forms shining.

- 2:27 pm Aug 12th 2018.
Are you a lightworker? ...I believe we all are in some ways, since we are all made of and possess that same pure inner light known as the soul/ spirit...
From my Instagram Page
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2014
The light reflects on my windows...

Casting shadows my way...

I think about how the Lord makes me feel...

I face up towards glorious sun!

Shadows have been forsaken.

4th, March, 2014.    4:25 pm.
Tahirih Manoo Jul 2016

I focus in.

I see all details

Like caught on film.

I rewind,
I assume.
I draw wrong conclusions about the varied clues.


I externalize.

I see no details

Of the who and why.

I project,
I know.
I make good decisions when walking on objective rope.*

10:56pm , Tuesday, 5th , July, 2016
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