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JV Beaupre Jun 2022
at the outdoor bar on the beach
And all the golf carts gather around.
Some Elvis and a few more beers
No millennials until sundown.

In that little deuce coupe,
the Beach Boys run around,
Surfer girl's a Pasadena lady,
And surf boards are all aground.

Now I long for yesterday
When oldies were the craze.
There goes the sun and I say,
Hey Jude, here's to better days.

I ride back to the boonies,
thinking when oldies were newsies.
Wake up little Suzie,
we gotta go home
Maria Etre Oct 2020
Today, I remembered
yesterdays' rain "comin' down on a sunny day"
then suddenly "nothing else matters"
when you ask the piano man to "sing me a song"
as "I listened, to the wind, the wind of my soul"
Nalinee Aug 2020
पुराने संदूक में ये क्या खोज रही है
शायद नन्हे बच्चों को अपने ढूंढ रही है।
छोटे छोटे रंग बिरंगे पैरहन में
उनका बचपन संजोए रखा था।
सब कुछ टटोलकर शायद
अपनी मुस्कुराहट ढूंढ रही है।
पैरहन- लिबास, वस्त्र
laveni Apr 2020
When I was a mere child
I would wake up as soon as the
Sun broke out in rays
A radio would be placed on a table in our little porch
And its songs always brought me joy
Oh, what nostalgia
The Carpenters would sing their
comforting music
Bread would sing their heartfelt songs
Whenever Perhaps Love would come, I would close my eyes and wander about my future life
Kelsey Ann May 2019
when music was
pure & uncut,
when we were all users
trying to survive?

addicted to
the crack-le of
the needle
as it hit the 45?

back when the
natural high of
heart & soul
was enough to suffice?

we’re just
some junkies
looking to score

excuse me mister,
could you spare a dime?
Mariam Shittu Feb 2019
Ever wondered…

Why Jerry is so smart
And Tom so unlucky?

Why Bugs Bunny has to say “ehh what’s up doc”
every time he wants to communicate?

Why Winnie The Pooh’s top doesn’t go over his belly?
Is it a crop top?

Why Daffy Duck has a white collar?

Why Pinky asks the same question all the time?
And why Brain always answers every **** time?

Why Snoopy has a lazy voice?

Why Fred bothers driving since he moves the car with his legs?

Why, why, why?
Stan Gichuki Aug 2018
It just hit me that I’ll be playing timeless hits from the 2000's and it will **** my kids off just like how I hated my folk’s oldies. can't wait.
Tahirih Manoo Jun 2015
I'll tell you where I am

               When I stop moving

For now,  I  don't *know
where I'm heading.

10:07 am,  Saturday, June 27th, 2015
The girl replies to the boy.
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