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Trisha Singh Jan 2019
There is no such thing as adulting
There is no such thing as growing up
Biological age cannot be an indicator
A source of income cannot be a dictator
The drama that disguises you as a sufferer
is apt for twitter and synonymous with tumblr
You can look like 50 but still behave like a toddler
Age, intellect , experience and memory don’t matter
Clarity of thought , clarity in action
is what everyone wants, just pay attention
Stages of life are only byproducts of imagination
A Psalmist May 2017
I used to love jumping in puddles,
Not a care in the world.
I'd splash as big as I could.
Now I avoid them
Because, well, that's what grown-ups do.
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2015
Most persons who are ageable
                                            - aren't even adults

They are just grown children

                  Who have learnt fancier words

       more serious sounding expressions


Those imposters. Caught ya.

Spider one. Grownchildren zero.
11:22 am 10 th, November, 2015

My Spidey senses are tingling. Lol.
Keah Jones Mar 2015
No one ever taught you how to grow up
the simplest things like which fork to use when you are dining with her parents for the first time
or how to change the fire alarms

So when you sit down for dinner you use the desert fork for the salad and wonder why you got yourself into this mess in the first place

and when your house goes up in flames you scream to the sky, you burn down with it.

— The End —