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remember a time
when an imaginary friend
was real
and portable phones were
make believe
Jules Nov 2019
I knew for sure there was no guarantee
But what's the harm if I agree
For a few seconds
That what I see
Is more than just make believe
JKM Oct 2019
Why are you doing this to me?
Making me wait anxiously for your replies
Making me worry by telling me lies
Lies like you're fine, and you're okay
While your eye says otherwise

Why are you making things so complicated?
Making me question whether it's coincidence or fated
Making me wonder, are we really connected
Or are we just two lost souls longing to be accepted

You see, I don't even know what's happening to me
I don't know what we are and neither what we'll be
I myself am not even sure if there really is a 'we'
Or is it just a make-believe story I made in my fantasy
On a slow summer evening,
cherry-stained and giggling,
I sit on one side of the porch and
you both on the other though
it is going to take you two, with
your green eyes and red fingers like
chapstick or popsicles, 100
days in a fast space ship to reach me.
Hopefully the cherries you’re bringing
along won’t spoil before you arrive
on my alien planet (alien though
you share more of my
molecular makeup than any others)
and in return I’ll show you some new
creation but in all fairness I should
be thanking you for who I am
because it was, after all,
you two who shaped me.
Feb 2017
Pyrrha Dec 2018
There were parts of you I didn't like
So sometimes I pretended they weren't there
I made believe there were parts of you I couldn't live without
But one day I was looking for those parts of you
And all I saw were the parts I couldn't stand
Slowly I began to realise that you were only full of make-believe
Those parts I loved
Were never real
Neither was our love

You can't love what isn't there
meg Nov 2018
I don’t believe in magic,
but sometimes I feel as if
I’m floating on this cloud
of the make believe,
that floats around
and picks up people like me,
that just want to believe in something.

I don’t think there is any
specific reason for existence.
Maybe its coincidence
or some celestial power,
but I like to believe it’s some kind of magic.
Something that just hides in the shadows
And pushes things at specific times.
Like the rain and the tide.

I like to think that everything is made out of fantasy
and wishes and all magical things.
That my intuition isn’t what tells me to do things,
it’s the something between the sheet of real and make believe
that follows me to ensure my success.

Of course, that’s not true though.
There is nothing in this world except for me and what I am.
Nothing but me and my own fantasy and wishes and magical things.
Nothing but the sparkle in my veins and the dreams in my eyes.

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to make own magic.
In a world where I have to make my own sunlight
and galaxies in my eyes and drown in my own hues of make believe.

I don’t want to live in a world in which
I am the only enchanted thing.
But I guess that’s how everyone feels.
We all live in this twisted fantasy, this dark fairytale.
Maybe with our own fates in mind,
we will try to make our own magic.
i wish we could just have something magical in our lives, but i guess we just have to wait till we make it for ourselves.
Pyrrha Oct 2018
You and I were never real
We were just kids who played pretend
regina nicholas Oct 2018
They used to spent their time at ikea everytime they were together.

She remembered she pointed her finger to one of those couch. She said she wanted to buy that and put it in their room.
She can’t erase the memory of his smile after she said that.

They were too in love, they start to make believe and holding onto “what ifs”

And when they were passing by to one of those garden swings.

He stopped by and grabbed her by the hand.
“One day i will build a garden at the back of our house, i know you love swing. I’ll plant some trees. We can spend our time there. I know you will love it, i will love it too.”

She could hear excitement within his voice.
She nonchalantly hugged him with a big grin plastered on her face.

A year has passed,
She was scrolling through her instagram.
She saw, he bought the swing they always wanted and planted a tree next to it.
With another girl sitting right beside him.
Donna Jul 2018
If you look careful
You will see natures magic
I saw a giant
Arthur Habsburg Jul 2018
All land begins
underneath these feet:
a merry makebelieve.

and catch a glimpse of Arabia
in red,
in yellowish-grey,
Berlin's fading rainbow..
all lacking in depth like
like foreign pain,
like your very first birthday.

Don't they?

Spend days in suspension,

don't you?

Well, look around!
You see ahead
and back
are much the same
when all is round.
And all IS round!
Unless of course,
on the ground
where a single wave can

Doubtless fun,
boundless thrill, all
but for a price!
even cloudy sunsets imply
And at nights
perfect darkness never dwells,
Some devilry always tells the time
in mocking ways:
and you're on holidays,
divorced from all necessity,
sleeping in the sun
for days an altogether different
with sandbagged veins.

At least not dead,
I hear you say.
How cute..
Alas! the price you pay for
being oh so futile is per se
a snide;
So pick your cherries and throw them
in that tide!
You know the lights in this harbour never return
in a straight line
May craft and the shimmering power
not let you be
the fog in the rye,
or the rock's inside.

You are round and everything
is your equal.
So consider your battles well.
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