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Aug 2018
Love is light that is eternally bright
Love is eternally wishing for all to feel light
Love is feeling eternally Calm
Love is being eternally Kind
Love is observing only the Positive
Love is listening to the single drop of Truth
Love is searching for the Truth.
Love is appreciating attempts of kindness

Love takes every opportunity to encourage the light to glow brighter in others.
Love is interlocking the palms and physically connecting foreheads to unite all energies between two bodies
Love is interlocking the palms and facing upwards to unite all energies of all bodies
8:05pm friday 3rd august, 2018.
Tahirih Manoo
Written by
Tahirih Manoo  F/Under The MoonLight 131
(F/Under The MoonLight 131)   
     ---, Jen, PoetryJournal and Lily
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