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Diane Jan 25
Behind the joy of fundraising mittens
Lies the truth, fear and delayed expectations
Pouring milk over cereal is hardly caretaking
Armored with semi
automatics and fruit roll-ups
Healing and unity are synonyms for
social appearance
and shifting blame
If not literally helpless, they pretend;
Your homelessness should not embarrass you
When you tell your cold son that this tent
is a blessing
They’re doing what they can
in spite of the circumstances
They voted for
warm milk
took money
And sabotaged
the guy
Who sees, knows and fights
I’m dreading
the well worn rationalization
and their refusal to be defeated
While white authoritarians
Drain blood from our hearts
Maybe Mom wasn’t losing her mind.
Michael A Duff Jul 2020
Consciousness sleeps in looking to the past, blinding now and removing tomorrow

Wake up break the mirrors that show the past

now it is the only place to truly live
Now is all there is, we can not retrieve the past or recycle it.
Growing happens through pain and not through comfort.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2018
If I could remove
Knives you put in my back I'd
Still leave you unharmed
Forgiveness is taking the knife out of your own back and not using it on someone else no matter how bad they hurt you.
Colm Mar 2017
I will let the enamel rust
If that's what it takes
To remove
The enamored me
Southboud... The rhythm... Help me continue to count our.
Nylee Oct 2016
If only I could use an eraser,
to vanish all my mistakes from my life,
Get rid of this guilt , I carry.

If only I could use an eraser,
to remove the those moments of my life,
Which keeps on repeating in my head.

If only I could use an eraser,
To erase all traces inked inside my soul,
And get a chance to move forward.

And if nothing else, I could use this eraser,
To remove him from my thoughts,memories, heart
And be unchained and free again.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2015
Moved by the guiding hands of the wind,
While avoiding the living room box's trend.

Although fixate with this generation's iPad,
Or impulse to explore the Xbox's dungeon,
And glimpse the pages of the Forbe, the Facebook, and the likes.

Make time to be in the moment of solace,
A time to dream to explore ideals,
Like floating in nebula avoiding the all powerful black hole.

Navigating the void of the sense of inner torment,
Or charting the boundries of the next voyages of personal task.

One does need to depart from disparity of news,
Or lose sense of humanity by deprived reality TV,
For satirical movies like Idiocracy prophesied seem realized.

One does need to regroup in personal cocoon,
Meld by the silent melodies of beating chest,
Like metronome syncing the keys of the piano to Bach,
While breathing upon the horizon of rebirth,
And find your enshrouded foggy path by beacon of self enlightenment.
There are times a pure silence, and solitude seem necessary to clear filth of the worldly garbages! While enjoying the sweet scent of air, lounging in a coffee shop or book stores, and sip on a true Cuban coffee!   Honestly espresso has nothing on a proper Cuban coffee!
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