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And yet despite the reciprocities of man, we are still at war.
Not at war with other nations,
Not at war with our governments,
Not at war with our neighbors,
But at war with ourselves.
The war that never ends is the war that is fought inside ourselves.
We all know that this is something that exists,
We all know that this is something that shouldn’t change,
We all know that sometimes war is too great for ourselves and we seek help.
But the war is something that we all agree should remain.
Why I ask of you,
Why must this war remain?  
Is it so that we can constantly better ourselves through repeated questioning?
Is it so we can work to create turmoil in our minds in which we must struggle through?
Or is it so we have a reason to perpetually push ourselves to improve so that we may reach a certain goal?
This is an answer that will forever remain for it is different for the individual.
But it is my belief that thanks to these inner wars, we may improve as a society, no, more so improve as a species.
Through self improvement, through self turmoil, through self questioning, we may force ourselves to change, to become the person or entity in which we wish to become,
And if everyone was able to achieve this goal,
Either it be through our own desires, or the desires of our circumstance,
We can improve others, thanks to the experience one gains, and due to the natural human desire for social contact.
But not all inner wars lead to this outcome,
Many of them lead to selfishness, entitlement, or even apathy for their fellow people.
Saying that we should leave behind our earthly values, or a physical addiction is not what I’m implying here.
I believe that we are all allowed to have some selfishness, some amount of self entitlement, and even a small amount of apathy for people.
We do not need to feel empathy for the people who have wronged us, but we shouldn’t ignore the reasoning for them doing so, we can learn from their mistakes and teach it to others.
Being too selfless leads to self destruction due to giving too much of yourself away for the sake of others, this leads to a mind that will sooner than later crumble under the stress of pleasing those around them, and even sooner a body that will start to fall apart from beneath them.
A small amount of self entitlement leads to knowing one's self worth, if you have no entitlement then you lead to being too selfless, and leads you to become used by those around you.
By allowing yourself to do the tasks or the jobs that nobody else wishes to do, yes it's good that someone does those things, but letting someone do it for too long and their mind too will lower itself to the trash tasks and will become trash itself due to repeated exposure.
The inner war that we all face, that we all have, and that we can all see,
It should be discussed,
It should be allowed to be seen by others,
It should be a way for self improvement.
It should always remain.
Just started typing whatever came to mind, apologies if it seems like a jumbled mess.
Daniel Pokorny Nov 2022
A child looks onward as the grown-ups go on,
He sees the corruption in the world, and yet does nothing about it
The Grown-ups so diluted with their dreams of their child's future,
Forget to see the person he is now,
But he pays no mind, he has his own world,
A world in which he himself is in control, where he determines the outcomes,
He grows and grows, and soon he too is stuck focusing on his childs future,
Failing to see,
That he too is a grown-up now
Daniel Pokorny Sep 2021
Do you really think that someone like YOU could manage to **** ME,
I have been through things that you will never know,
I have done things, UNSPEAKABLE THINGS, To ensure the safety and the growth of the next generation,
I have sat on the side lines, JUST to watch my comrades, MY friends, MY FAMILY die and retire to their normal lives,
JUST SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU, COULD strengthen their resolve, SO that you may push them to defeat you by THEIR RULES...
I don't abide by your rules,
I left so that I can be their villain, their antagonist, Their DRIVING FORCE,
I have seen one generation grow into the people that you want them to be, and that's one generation to much,
YOU Don't deserve to be your so called HERO,
It's your fault that this war has gone on this long,
That this war has influenced the lives of us first Gens,
That this war has effected timelines where I get to grow up happy,
Timelines that are pedestrians to your little spat with yourself,
Do you know what it's like to be ME,
I have lived so many lives, That your entire existence doesn't come close to meeting mine in experience,
I Have gone through so many of your "Trails" just so that I could become what YOU wanted me to be,
And yet here we are,
Me standing against the old man once more,
The man who put me through so much,
The man who Exiled me so many times,
The man who forced me to relieve the same sadness, the same sorrow, not because you wanted me to fix others, but to ensure that I had the strength to break them, the strength to tackle every challenge in my path, THE STRENGTH TO HURT THOSE THAT I LOVED MOST....
You know what it's like to go through this, and yet you made me,
You're making her go through this life, no this same torture, just so that you can win, so that your "order" can continue, and others will be called to this battle....
I've lived my life doing this,
I've lived my lives doing this,
I have given my life to save them,
I may hate your order,
I may hate how you do things,
But I dam well care about all those kids that you're training,
The 3rd Generation will not go through the same thing that I have, that WE have.
I will ensure that,
I may have allowed you to live in the past, but that doesn't exlude you from your duty,
You will protect these kids, I will protect these kids,
But more importantly,
I will LIVE so that these kids can have a future where they get to retire and live a normal life.
As the last remaining first Gen, I swear to you,
That by my name,
I will Live,
I will keep getting back up,
I will keep moving forward,
I change the outcome that I have seen.
So I ask you once more,
I am Exilus,
The Nexes Reformed,  
The last remaining First generational child.
And these timelines, these lives,
Are under my protection.
And I just stalled you long enough to get my Limiter off."
Daniel Pokorny Sep 2021
Why do we exist to merely die in the end?
What is the point in simply changing our way's of communication?
Why must we feel pain before we can feel whole?
There are no answers to these and yet,
We all have our answers to each question.
Each answer either being chosen for us by written scripture of the past,
Or by our own past experiences,
But one thing is for certain,
The only answers that we can get to these questions,
Are from our own past's.
The past does influence our future,
Yet our future is what alters our past,
It blinds us into thinking that we were someone we were not,
It binds us to think we have changed,
When in reality,
The truth to all of this,
Is that it doesn't matter.
Daniel Pokorny Sep 2021
Hope is a fictitious dream that mankind created when all everything seemed to be going downhill for them,
Just because we hide behind our "hope" doesn't mean that we have given up,
It simply means that we are believing in a lie instead of believing in our demise.
The goal of getting back up isn't to over come the obstacle,
It's to overcome our past self, the self that we know cannot continue in that same path.
It's why people change, why we struggle in life
And more importantly why we as a people would rather believe in a lie than in our past self.
Daniel Pokorny Jun 2021
Gotta spend money to enjoy the things i like in this world,
it's the sad fact of life now-adays, gotta have money so you can enjoy things due to the greed that has been created by man, superficial value is praised more among-st the mortals of Earth and people will do nearly anything in order to gain it, from robbing a convince store, to giving their body and soul to a company. A greed created through generations upon generations from the original foundation of being able to have a common way of trading, but now a thing that consumes the minds of many,
I know this fact, and yet I pursue monetary gain in order to enjoy the time with friends and the time I have by myself, but I must keep in mind these facts and not allow myself to be swallowed in despair and fear for the future that will be created  by this form of greed. Depression, anxiety, and fear created from this greed is a bottomless black hole that swallows many in my generation, most with the thoughts that there is no-way out nor a way for them to properly gain this within an instant, therefore demand immediate change to this, but without the after-thought of the affects, yes inflation will occur more-so now than in the past 30 years, but the fact that it will impact many of the small business and those who support them, in the end these small business will be swallowed up by the darkness of greed and will be forced to sell out to the larger and less competent corporations. Once again starting the despair in other generations, and re-starting the path of greed from monetary value.
I am so sorry, I just started typing and didn't think about it
Daniel Pokorny Mar 2021
He stands there, staring at the beauty in front of him
The girl with the blue hair, the one from his dream,
He’s afraid of what she would say if he approached her,
Days turn into months, months turn into years,
Thanks to the fear he had witnessed in his mind, he had moved on,
He sits alone, another day passing by, the girl approaches him and talks,
And talks,
And talks,
The fear begins to lessen inside him, and he remembers why he liked her,
Hours turn into days, days turn into months,
Finally, signs appear to him, throughout the radios, and songs that would randomly play,
He pushes his fear aside, he gets the courage,
He does what he had wanted,
He asks her,
And waits, and waits, and waits for a response
Finally hours after asking, he gets a message in the form of dots and dashes,
The fear returns,
He decodes, and decodes,
The more he decodes what she said,
The more the fear leaves,
In the end,
She said yes,
The fear he once had, the fear that kept him down,
Finally left his body, and he became courageous,
And realized that fear is nothing but negative emotions,
Those negative emotions,
Have now become his courage.
This was found from the depths of my journal from long ago.
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