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We all have chains,
Chains that bind us to different things,
For some,
That involves being chained to other people,
For others,
It involves being chained to your emotions,
For me,
It was being chained to those who were close,
But that’s okay,
Because over time,
I broke those chains, and moved forward,
So can you,
You can break your chains,
Either it be through the rust of time,
Or through the constant pounding of breaking it,
And once you break your chains,
You too can move forward with your life.
The chains that bind us, may be broken, but that doesn't mean, we must forget.
Some days, you'll just sit there,
Some days, you'll just lay there,
Some days, we just listen to ourselves,
Some days, we just talk to ourselves,
Other days, you have the motivation to work on you projects,
Other days, you read to you'r hearts content,
Other days, we play till our brains are done,
Other days, we type out our thoughts.
Every day, we think of what to do next.
Every day is different, the days don't need to be the same, even if you feel like they are. If the days feel the same, then your not looking hard enough at what you have done. Have a good week people.
Not every day needs to have a significant other,
You don't always need to have a good week,
You don't always need to have outside support,
You don't always need to walk with others,
It's okay to be alone for a while,
It's okay to feel pain,
It's not okay to pretend that pain doesn't exist,
It's not okay to hide your emotions,
It's okay to stay true to your emotions
But always remember,
You can win on your own,
You can help yourself become better,
You can succeed where others have failed,
You just need to realize,
That life can get rough,
And it's up to you on how you handle it yourself.
I know it doesn't always make sense, but sometimes that just how poetry is, it's up to you on how you interpret others writing.
The outline of our life,
Isn't so straight forward,
As we thought,
There's many twists, bends, and scribbles, that gets added,
It's always changing,
Never straight forward,
Just like it should be.
They say that the eyes are window's into the soul,
They say that our soul is eternal,
They say that the soul is necessary to live,
Does that mean when we cry, the windows open?
Does that mean we cry our soul away,
Crying our life away to a world that doesn't care?
Who knows.
Daniel Pokorny Nov 2019
Shuffling through the papers,
Watching the inked pages move,
Seeing the past words,
I see who I was,
It gives me a glimpse of my starting point,
It gives me an idea of who've I become,
And it gives me a thought,
A thought that scares me,
The thought,
Of who I might become.
Daniel Pokorny Nov 2019
Lies are told everywhere you go,
Truths are hidden,
Even in the nicest of people,
They start the lie, by saying some truths,
To find the whats right,
Isn't always right,
Lies are said to protect the weak,
And to the strongest,
It makes them weak,
So how do you know to tell truths from lies?
The answer is simple,
You don't.
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