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He stands there, staring at the beauty in front of him
The girl with the blue hair, the one from his dream,
He’s afraid of what she would say if he approached her,
Days turn into months, months turn into years,
Thanks to the fear he had witnessed in his mind, he had moved on,
He sits alone, another day passing by, the girl approaches him and talks,
And talks,
And talks,
The fear begins to lessen inside him, and he remembers why he liked her,
Hours turn into days, days turn into months,
Finally, signs appear to him, throughout the radios, and songs that would randomly play,
He pushes his fear aside, he gets the courage,
He does what he had wanted,
He asks her,
And waits, and waits, and waits for a response
Finally hours after asking, he gets a message in the form of dots and dashes,
The fear returns,
He decodes, and decodes,
The more he decodes what she said,
The more the fear leaves,
In the end,
She said yes,
The fear he once had, the fear that kept him down,
Finally left his body, and he became courageous,
And realized that fear is nothing but negative emotions,
Those negative emotions,
Have now become his courage.
This was found from the depths of my journal from long ago.
Sometimes, you just have to put words down before you can organize them,
Sometimes you have to say random words in order to form a thought,
Sometimes, you have to watch to think,
Sometimes, you have to "just do it" before you can give an opinion,
But always, be yourself, your own person, your own personality.
Sometimes I don't have anything to write or do, but I just end up writing for now reason, like now.
"The wise are often deemed stupid to the society that follows the norms that were created before thier time, those who think that they know everything deem themselves as wise, when in all actuality, they are the ones who must be reminded of what they already know. The closed mind of the self deemed wise of this world is a plague that spreads from person to person, generation to generation, from grave to grave. There is no such thing as those who are wise, for we all have to be reminded of something.
Daniel Pokorny Dec 2020
As humans, what do we truly want?
To be Strong?
To support the weak?
To accomplish what we set out to do?
Or is it a simple answer such as
"To never be alone?"
Daniel Pokorny Nov 2020
The black and white swirls that I saw changed my life.
Waking up everyday to watch something funny gave me a reason to keep going.
It gave me a reason to keep taking steps toward my own self happiness,
But now that your gone,
I'm lost,
But I'm not afraid,
I'm not afraid to wake up and take a step,
Not afraid to listen to my own clock,
Not afraid of the inevitability of death,
I have the strength to keep going, even after your passing,
Others feel the same way, and have tried to cling on to the videos, I admit. I have some downloaded, but I am deleting them now,
Because I don't have to cling to the past to proceed forward,
So as I hit delete on these memories,
I sit and cry,
With a smile on my face,
So thank you,
For everything
Daniel Pokorny Nov 2020
Through life's toughest moment's, fantasy characters show more strength and durability than many of the people who watch and strive to be like them.
Now that's not a bad thing, in-fact it's an incredible thing to do. To better yourself to become better. But lot's of people lose motivation to keep pushing themselves. Something that the Channel Unnus Annus taught me, was that you only have a limited time to live and that death happens sooner than later.
So why must we strive to become something that we idol?
Why must people break down who they are and mold them into something that they see all the time.
Why waste the time changing who you are entirely and make yourself into some sort of Hero or perfect citizen when in the end most people will give up and end up in a worse situation (either mentally or physically) than they were before trying to be some-one else?
Don't live trying to be like someone else. I'm not saying to simply stop idolizing people or trying to be similar to them.
In-fact, what I'm saying is,
Try to be something better than what you are now, try to live like your next day is another day isn't your last, but instead, another day to learn from those idol's.
Push yourself to become better than those idol's, push yourself to become the person that YOU want to be, not a person that already exists in the mind of one other person (the creator).
Cause in the end, if you try to be just like your idol, you'll either achieve this and become someone different entirely, or you'll end up worse off than you were originally.
Many people don't know where to start, and everybody will have a different answer as to where. "Start on what you hate, work on your emotions, or start on your body". But to people who are lost in their journey, this won't always help, in-fact, it can push them further back past where they started. That person must discover their own path, their own journey.
All that matters, is that you're at the very least starting
With a simple step.
Less of a Poem and more of a thought that I wanted to get out.
Daniel Pokorny Sep 2020
Jot Jot Jot,
I continue to write with dots,
The Jots, Dots, and thoughts are my own,
I'm the writer who once lost control of the Jots and Dots,
But also the writer,
Who learned to control his Jots and his Dots.
Jots and Dots only make sense if you read some of my old poems.
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