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Seanathon Mar 2017
And here's the only place
Where I can share this honest truth
That all I've wanted for weeks now has been
To hear most any words from you
But joy comes with the morning of a new mind
Rockie Apr 2016
You think you're big,
Calling out
In front of your friends.
They laugh at your remark,
And so do you,
Because you think you're the big I am.
You call out,
You think it's cool.
It really isn't,
So get your head out your ***
And grow the **** up.
it may be a known opinion.
But it has a new form.
Someone that's willing to speak up.

it may be a known idea.
But it has been taken into action.
Someone that's willing to do it.

it may be a known remark.
But it has been said.
Someone that cares enough to say it.

— The End —