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Jace Joseph Jun 16
Levels that went unchecked,
were left to harshly fluctuate.
You say It's just all chemicals,
and that I'm only very distrait.

I start to feel like a test subject,
as you experiment different pills.
Just trying to fix my chemicals,
so maybe I won't feel these chills.
Chris Saitta Feb 15
Polyurethanized love,
Polyols and isocyanates
And one part dove.
Asominate Nov 2019
Consume me,
I'm left feeling so empty.
The chemicals,
They make me feel worse.

Undo me,
It's only my reality.
The chemicals,
Daddy was the first.

I feel it,
But it is only me
The chemicals,
Can't act "normal" for you.

Ignore it,
Very well if you don't see
The chemicals,
Reality goes askew.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, **** you schizophrenia!
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“I wanted to hold on to someone. But even my inner circle seemed far away. Some seemed to not care about what I had to say. My life seemed unstable just like the chemicals in my brain. I just wanted someone to care, to actually truly care about me. Maybe they did, but I couldn’t see it. Maybe they were there offering their support but I was too deaf to hear it. Too blinded and deafened by my own pain and loneliness. I feel I have nothing to hold on to. Nothing. No purpose. No motive. No one. And when there is nothing, you find there no purpose to breathe.”
Dinodust Apr 2019
I feel empty.

What do you mean?

Like I shouldn’t be anywhere, there’s a hollow feeling in my chest. I want to lay here forever and never get up. I don’t feel the need to get up and walk or eat. I don’t feel the need for anything.

Then why are you crying?

I don’t know. Maybe my body is weeping for me, it knows it can’t keep me much longer. I feel nothing though, I’m not sad to say. Just empty.

Will you be okay?

I have no idea.
Everything is ****** wack and I want I too throw up. I feel physically sick from my mental health.
Athena Feb 2019
I want to drown myself
in ecstasy tablets
I want to fill a room with
marijuana smoke
so thick you can't see past your fingers
and fall back onto the bed
I want to eat mushrooms
and lose myself
in a whole new world
and sit on the front steps of freedom
as the sun
sends cotton candy clouds
into an explosion of falling birds
I want to drink chemicals
straight from the vat
so that I can watch myself **** blood
and wonder what happened
last night
as I lay puking my insides out
all over the bathroom floor
I want you to blow smoke in my ears
and bake brownies
to fill the hole
in my stomach
and I want you to sit down with me
and watch everything
Life is a drug, so party
Khoi Jan 2019
anomalous change
suicidal atoms
we fuelling
Global warning
Global warming
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