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stopdoopy Jan 2023
Nov. 5

I was upset that only internet friends wished me happy birthday

Dec. 4

You didn’t even make it to yours
I didn’t know you very well. I remember japanese class, having a crush on you, the *** water bottle, the pizza **** tattoo. I didn’t know you well but **** if i don’t remember you.
stopdoopy Jul 2021
And it's funny,
As I stand here
Bent over this sink
With tears streaking
All down my face
And my ribs are so sore
As I ***** some more,
That I think of you
You're disgusting, my dear.
stopdoopy Apr 2021
Warm little kisses
To freezing finger tips
Are like burns to me

Why don't You run
Why are You here
What do You want

They do their job perfectly
Thawing out this heart
Making me pliant

What do You need
What is It
What am I to you

Unable to do anything
Limp for your hands
Aching for a touch

Would You break my heart too?
stopdoopy Mar 2021
I'm here for you
I'm gay for you
if you want it to stop
well baby it's too late
you had a chance to tell me I'd never be a top
but instead you accelerated my heartrate
Dedicated to all my gay overwatch friends who liked this poem
stopdoopy Nov 2020
You think
I am a hen
In god's house

There for the plucking

Oh honey
How foolish you are

To think it'd be so easy
To get close to me

My feathers are gold and ivory
And my beak deadly

Moving with pigeon toes
You stumble and trip

You thought this dance
Would be swift

But this is ballet
And you are not my Siegfried
Ballet is wild y'all, mad respect to anyone who does it
stopdoopy Sep 2020
How it must feel
To be a traitor
To everyone who's loved you

Does he know what we did?
Would he still love you?

Call me disgusting
A  horrible person
Manipulative even

I hope he learns
And that he leaves
So you are alone

And I hope you know my pain
Because you deserve it.
stopdoopy Aug 2020
I'm making love to myself.

In ways you never could,
Never would,
And bringing pleasure.

I haven't hit the peak yet,
But you never got me there either;

And at least this way
I'm going somewhere.
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