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stopdoopy Sep 24
so gentle and understanding

pining silently, too friendly looks

brushes, only an artist would use

our union under the moon

what should've been, blooming for you

even as I depart, I leave you keeper of my heart

watch over me well, my tender one
im in a sad *** mood for no reason, yeehaw
stopdoopy Sep 8
so much to give
but so closed off

a glass
filled to the brim
waiting to spill

others take tentative sips
or pour it out completely

I just want to be savored
drank slowly over time
enjoyed through all seasons

while my heart may be punctured
oozing out love to anyone who looks
my bones are hard and sharp
waiting to poke through this flesh
and stab if need be

to want to love
so freely
to want to receive
the same

you'd think it'd be easier
to crack open this ribcage
  Aug 27 stopdoopy
My Friend,
You look tired
as if you have walked a thousand miles
carrying everyone else's baggage

My Friend,
You look sad
as if you have cried a thousand rivers
trying to mend the pain

My Friend,
You look drained
as if you have drowned a thousand times
screaming for any kind of aid

My Friend,
I see you
as you're running even further away
poisoning your life every day

My Friend,
I know you
and as I'm watching you lose yourself
ignoring my pleas for your sake

I hope you know I love you

for I can see beyond your pretend

  Aug 27 stopdoopy
Heart of Silver
He called me an angel, and yet

failed to mention he wanted to be
My god
Angels are seen as divine to humans... but they're still the servants of God.
stopdoopy Aug 27
A love that never was

Oh but I felt it
As we left it behind
getting cut
on the raw edges
not yet worn by time
or effort

Just a fresh feeling
I really did love her
stopdoopy Aug 12
Now I see it's you not me
Don't say your same old lies
I'm tired of hearing it all the time

I never wanted this.
Thought that it was always going to last
But now it's failing fast

Wasting my life
It's too much for me to forgive
Knowing how much you hid

Who needs the night
Sick of the fight
You can never find me

Memories swayed
Had I stayed
I wonder how things would've changed

Now that you see what I did
All that's come undone
I just had to run

Not that it was gonna last
I'd've never said goodbye
But all I ever did was cry

Never say I don't care
You were never there
I felt so uncomfortable
stopdoopy Aug 8
You make me want to write poetry,
but I fear I lack the talent to eloquently
put together the words,
to tell you how wonderful you are;
even in the most mundane of moments.
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