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stopdoopy Sep 16
How it must feel
To be a traitor
To everyone who's loved you

Does he know what we did?
Would he still love you?

Call me disgusting
A  horrible person
Manipulative even

I hope he learns
And that he leaves
So you are alone

And I hope you know my pain
Because you deserve it.
stopdoopy Aug 5
I'm making love to myself.

In ways you never could,
Never would,
And bringing pleasure.

I haven't hit the peak yet,
But you never got me there either;

And at least this way
I'm going somewhere.
stopdoopy May 30
I'd love nothing more
Than to lay my head
On thy tender breast
And dream of sweet
Chaste kisses and
Melodies as pure
As the love I have
For you my dearest one
stopdoopy Mar 31
I'm an old man
I've seen my fair share
And you've got no plan
Going without a care

You thought you could take me for a spin
Dip your toes in the pool
But you could never win
And it's you who's the fool

You blew your chance
Having walked away
Go have a dance
You don't get my pay

All you do is lie
And I'm going to sleep
Go have a cry
I won't watch you weep
stopdoopy Feb 21
Now a days
I just feel
So drained  

         The moment fell open
         The fasteners broke
         And I was the fool
         Who tried to keep them inside

Broken mirrors
Blood and tears
And I see myself lying here

         Alone in life
         Alone in death
         Body all that's left

The Brain is Dangerous
Don't Listen To Us
We're Nothing But Dust
stopdoopy Feb 11
soft tears cresting in eyes

oh how they've hurt you so

dearest one, let this pass

in pain, fury, the deepest swells of sadness

let them wash over you again and again

until you are calmed

smoothed out until new

you will prove victorious

and they will meet their end
stopdoopy Dec 2019
I feel like a projection
From a distant planet
Seeing everything from afar

I'm here
I'm seen
I'm heard

But I'm not felt

And I want to feel

As much as this life can give me
So even though right now I'm far away
Maybe I'll get there, someday
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