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I think
what I liked most
was that she
liked me
or seemed to
for a time
Elegance manifest
tall and slim
pixied hair
cool and chic
another word for
you get the
She was
between the sheets
they dripped
imbued with
But we had agreed
it was just
a moment
I began to believe
that she loved
the idea of
as much as
I loved
the idea of
The city called
it needed her
I knew it
she was made
for it
And yet
the want called
it needed
that high
Insecurity and vanity
won out
or just
until the
set in

And we ended

All things
are ruined
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Meg, my sweet,
fresh as a daisy,
when I’m with you
my heart beats like crazy
& my future gets hazy ...

Keywords/Tags: Meg, love, lover, fresh, daisy, heart, heartbeat, crazy, pounding, future, hazy, bachelorhood, engagement, marriage
Lace Sep 2019
You got my zodiac wrong.
Your inhibitions were down;
you came off headstrong.

I can't even picture what you look like.
I just notice when your energy is gone.
It's as if there is this magnetic pull
and it's overwhelming strong.

The fear of having no fear
is quite a mysterious conundrum.
Over time my heart had grown cold
and for you, I believe, it has longed.

I've never felt anything quite like this
and I'm starting to sing along
to all of the words in the songs.
I'm starting to feel myself coming alive.

Suddenly I am seeing things
from a different perspective,
through the rose colored glasses
that I took off when I was a little kid.
A good man with good looks
Looks too good to be true
With an ambition as big as his muscles
Assuming he would have a big ego too
I have loved and I have learned
No man is worth the pain
Because I chose to take his place
He left me with nothing to gain
Love drew me in so tragically
Blinded me with infatuation
Then stabbed me where I'm vulnerable
All because of some fatal attraction
So how do you expect me to admit
What led me to despair?
I will not fall in love again, I quit!
When has love ever been fair?
Arcassin B Mar 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I am too social,
I am too artistic,
I am too musical,
I am too fun going,
Too ambitious,
But this ******* broad will never understand my feelings
because her and everybody in the family don't respect my wishes,
Like the time i said i wanted to become vegan,
or the time I said i had a book signing to go to on stage but I couldn't make it,
and they reply was they didn't have money,
but the same place I wanted to go is where they took my sister to see her family,
Now Isn't that a shame ? not quite because theres way worser **** I'd rather write about
ya see the out of all these people you thought my mother would have
understood and made it right to serve her purpose as one parent,
but bad decision after bad decisions later  now that 20 years old just give every
reason not to repay me,
and once I get up out of this hell hole and take my business else where,
I won't caught doing things she did to me,
this home never a home in the first place , even in the happy times they ripped
me off aside from all my memories,
I don't hate you cause you didn't care of me most of my life , I hate you because you
still pretend you care,
I didn't forget what you when you were last deadbeat , that I wasn't suppose to be here,
In this house I'm treated like meg from family guy, when all I ever wanted was the love
and support I didn't have,
I'm smarter and I'm wiser and I'm Stronger , i could give a **** about what you ever do to
me on your behave,

When I Leave I Won't Come Back.
xmxrgxncy May 2016
I'm not afraid
Not now
Not ever

She's not a cowboy
So I can't call her my partner
But what can I call her
When all we feel like
Is machines

Twisted gears and mangled fears
Push up on us faded years
And hopefully there'll be no tears
When the truth breaks out
For a final
Ariel Knowels May 2014
Shut up Meg
For some reason tonight, this affected me on an emotional level.

— The End —