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Kora Sani Nov 2022
i wish i could open my front door and meet you again for the first time. we’d be a little bit kinder and a little more understanding. the light you see me in wouldn’t be amongst the clouds. i’d believe the things you say and you’d say the things you feel. we’d move the fence that guards our heart
to the house on the corner. when we unlock the front door, we’d know it’s the one. there our kids would grow up and the dogs would roam free. i’d fall asleep nestled in your arms and awake to reality and to a you i’ve already known.
Kora Sani Apr 2022
everyone said it was a hard pill to swallow
so i held it at the back of my throat
would i become better or worse for this

white wine
followed closely behind
making sure the pill found its way
to my bloodstream

they never told me
i would have to do this
until my body became numb
to the side effects

and even in the aftermath
after the side effects dissipated
i was told
to keep going

each gulp
becoming a reminder
of what never was
and what couldn't be
Kora Sani Apr 2022
a closed
as my pages
the wind
Kora Sani Apr 2022
raindrops danced
on top of the pavement
as I searched for a reason
to continue on

drenched in misery
i begged
to feel just a small mist
of what life had to offer

this downpour
continued filling the gutters
and drains of my soul

and still
these raindrops danced
enjoying a brief moment
of bliss
before falling
to form puddles in my mind
Kora Sani Apr 2022
i'm not a poet
or a magnificent creature
i am but one of many
with knowledge to learn

i string words together
with the meaning you’ve assigned them

i write and rewrite
until i see myself on paper

my palms become stained with ink
as i sort through the jungle of my thoughts

no, i'm not a poet
just an inhabitant of earth
i am but one of many
with knowledge to learn
Kora Sani Apr 2022
when i'm alone with my thoughts
it's a scary place to be
so i keep myself busy
going here, going there
impulsive decisions leading me everywhere
but i must still recharge
in an introvert's paradise
knowing every time
those thoughts will return
it's a catch-22
i cannot escape
i must either choose
a racing heart or
a slow beat towards death
Kora Sani Mar 2022
moths fluttered
inside of me
into the caves
of my soul

nestling into every crevice
they burrowed
and deeper
until met with a dead end
of no return

mother’s laid their eggs
upon realization
there was no choice
but to make me
their home

i lay idle
as they build
their cocoons
in the space
where my lungs
used to rest
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