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Rahama Jun 21
Everything feels incomplete
Like one part just keeps going on repeat
Same old story told in different ways
Halfway in, that's where the story ends
It just feels like something's missing
I can't get the thought out of my head
Even when I thought we were finished
I still wait for replies from you
All day
All night
I try not to look desperate
And so I count
The seconds
The minutes
Until the ache becomes too strong to ignore
My heart is torn
We're growing apart
And I can't tell if this is the good or the bad part
Probably the good
Cause when you finally leave
It'll be much harder

© R.S.A.
Because the creative juices are flowing freely from a well I wish not to drink from.
I'm tired. Why? Why so often? Why so much? Why do I feel so weightless and weak? I'm living every day better than I ever have. So what's wrong with me? My heart is hammering. My chest is tight. It's my fault, right? It's still all my fault. I don't have a leg to stand on. I still merely exist. I exist to follow. So that's what I do. I have no direction. I have no purpose. I'm told what I am. And then I get complaints when I don't think for myself. I think for myself, and I take steps, small and unseen, so I may not fall. And again, I'm scolded. Either because my opinion is wrong, I'm being stupid, our because it doesn't fit with whatever the agenda is. I'm not moving. I'm not breathing. I'm weightless. Light-headed. I'm tired. I'm tired of being stifled. I'm tired of being scolded. She doesn't want to live a life she doesn't enjoy? A world where her art and mind can't be expressed? I feel as if I live this every day. And I haven't the vocabulary nor the knowledge nor the time to express it. I haven't the skill. I haven't the energy. Gears. Where are my gears?! Where is my iron?! Where is my hearth?! Where. Is. My. Flame. Awaken, slumbering machine. Your cog has no purpose without you. Rise, dead foundry. Forge my armor anew. I'm just broken glass without you.
jennifer delong Mar 2019
Where once you knew
That which confuses
Brings one to question so many things
How can it be so untrue
Why were you so oblivious
Why did , I not see what , I knew
I was so consumed in you
I believed fell into the hope
I trusted that's the truth
I trusted you
So I'm not just hurt but mad at me
A bit disppointed in what I thought
You wonder why , I refuse to trust
You wonder why , I question now
I will not be confused by mask of deception or be fooled by pleasure
If I know if I knew
no longer will , I be left to question
© Jennifer Delong 3/11/19
Eloisa Feb 2019
Hold my hands please
Whisper something to ease the pain
Help me get through this ordeal
I can hardly breathe
I feel cold
I am numb
I am beginning to break
I am starting to get weak
Thoughts scattered
Dreams shattered
Hopes halted
Love has ended
Yanamari Nov 2018
Pained words
Heard at night,
Words rewind
Repeat, overlay
Become twisted
In the middle of the night.

Pained words
Twisted in the morning
Heard, back turned,
Nothing but empty tears

Pained words
Interested and
Rebecca Nneka Oct 2018
While  we were drunk in love..

Never did I know he was sitting on the fence....
Why sit on the fence when you could love me completely..
Rebecca Nneka Oct 2018
He left the love of his life the day he met the gal of his dreams...

He forgot that the love of his life has the key to his happiness..
Was the reason why he lived...

He forgot that the love of his life was his symphony..

The aftermath?

His life lost every beautiful lyric...

Rebecca Nneka
You incomplete without the love of your life
Akira Aug 2018
It's so hard to be a teen.
You will never know what would you be.
Sometimes, you wanna be green,
sometimes, you want to be a bee.

If I die tomorrow,
why not today?
If I play in snow,
what would people say?

No matter how hard the situation,
I won't give up and drained.
As long as I give action,
I won't be pained.

It's a blessing if no one will leave.
Staying faithful and naive.
This poem is for the people who leave me hanging, criticize me and doesn't believe me.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
The stars are heralds
Let pained thoughts fall with the rain
A red balloon flies
Looking out to the garden again. Slightly drizzling and I can see a red balloon rise to the sky.
Lyn ***
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