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Akira Aug 3
It's so hard to be a teen.
You will never know what would you be.
Sometimes, you wanna be green,
sometimes, you want to be a bee.

If I die tomorrow,
why not today?
If I play in snow,
what would people say?

No matter how hard the situation,
I won't give up and drained.
As long as I give action,
I won't be pained.

It's a blessing if no one will leave.
Staying faithful and naive.
This poem is for the people who leave me hanging, criticize me and doesn't believe me.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 18
The stars are heralds
Let pained thoughts fall with the rain
A red balloon flies
Looking out to the garden again. Slightly drizzling and I can see a red balloon rise to the sky.
Lyn xxx
Ayeshah Jan 4
There use to be  
                meaning to the word  LOVE
                                Now; Love's meaning
                                              is to use people
                           Selfless is now;
                                     being more
                                        Once there used
                                                      to be a woman
                                                               who loved
                                                           ­            LOVE  

                                                         She got used
                                                            ­   to being Used
                                                                ­   & now LOVE is no longer
                                                                ­                          welcomed here
                                                                ­                               ANYMORE!
© 2015-2077 by Ayeshah K.C.L.N.
All rights reserved.®
No part of this may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,without prior written permission of Ayeshah K.C.L.N
Nataya Williams Nov 2017
I'm tired of everything around me
And everyone beside of me
There all fake, They all will flea
When the storm comes they'll be gone

They use me like a store,they come and go but they never stay
It's like i'm dispensable, Ball me up and throw me away
It's like I'm their own fucking Lay-Away

I'm sorry if this upsets you
Actually I'm not, I mean to offend you
I hope this hurts as much you hurt me cause I'm tired
I'm simply tired with not just you with but everyone's bullshit

My friends are fake in more then one way
But I don't do a damn thing about it but complain
I believe it's come this, To this conclusion that I'd rather be alone

May sound harsh but it's the truth cause everything I do slowly turns back on me, Specially when it comes to him
I'm simply tired of being confused about him and his feelings
Takes a toll on you, It really does

Every night I try to sleep away the pain but it does not dissolve
Instead the tiredness of keeping it block let's it slip in to my dreams
Which turn into nightmares an those nightmares remind me of what was done to me
M Joy Oct 2017
Polaroids do no justice

To the life I made for you

You signed your name in black

And let the film fade to blue

Like being front row to a tragedy

I can't look away but it hurts to see

These times are a memory I'd like to forget

But I can't wash away the bruises it left

I'll keep your smile by my side

And your voice in my mind

As my life flashes before my eyes

And we turn into a silver sky
Asonna Aug 2017
A sea of brown and green lay at my feet,
with subtle movement i can hear them clink.
Some are empty, some are unfinished.
But for right now it doesn't even matter.

Stained cheeks of watered ink,
Salt that's mixed with sadness.
A heart of pain, a lifetime's worth.
Filled with remorse and regret.

Embers burn your words of love,
it's right there in the fire.
with a broken trust, pages are torn,
like I never even mattered.

My fingers, cold, only at the tips
as I clutch the final letter.
turns out you were no good for me,
and I was no good for you.

the spaces where things used to be,
all silhouetted from dust.
this place that once belonged to us
is now home to me and my bottles.
ev Jul 2017
you risk tears if you let yourself be tamed
the fox say-ed
the little prince remained
for some time exchanged
names and soon gained
a friend.
the little prince changed
rather than stay the same
to train
the fox. it soon became
time however that he needed to explain
his plan of him going away.
the fox was deeply pained
yet maintained
his supportive claim.
the fox remained
and things stayed the same
yet both of their wishes are stained
of possibly being joined back together again
I really enjoyed the book..I don't know so much about the poem :|
Stuck between two worlds
I've ran out of audible words
I'm speechless . . . . . . .
All I remember is being caressed
By someone important to me
But I can no longer see
Indeed, there's no black or white
All that there is is a reason to fight
Be it, a lover or a mother
All I could say is "We're not different from one another."
Our diet is different
Our status is different
Our way of living is different
Yet you're just being indifferent
Because you failed to see how alike we are
We also have emotions that you can see from afar
But this harsh reality can never be altered
There's always someone who'll say "I've faltered."
It's just how the chain goes
We have no power to control how a river flows
*So, what choice do I have?
This piece was inspired by Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. Inspirations can really come from anywhere cant they?
butterfly Apr 2017
.This Excruciating Pain With Needles AND Thorns........!........
      ..........!..........IS Pinning IN MY Head.......!.........

          .............!................­AND Dragging ME .......!........TO......!.....

                  ..!............... Hell............!.........


                  .....Scream out my lungs  in silence......

                    But give me back my Smile...
                    Put it on my face...
                    When I'm asleep....
Paida Mar 2017
You leave me second guessing
You tell me that I'm a priority but instead
Your actions evidently show that I'm an option
Falling for you was never the plan but it happened
Fighting is the norm of the day
But why do I keep coming back??
The other girls receive long texts from you
But you punish me with one word answers
Pain is now my personality
Because you inflict it upon me
Karma is a bitch and it's coming for you
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