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Dream Fisher Apr 2019
There's spiders crawling up my back
They walk beneath my skin
Following my veins as tracks
If I give in to the itch and scratch,
They'll only go deeper down it seems
In a whack-a-mole, I'll never win
There's no cut to end the scene
A T virus living within me
Too young for this vaccine.

There's a dagger digging in my side
Giving a twist every five minutes or so
As hard as I've tried, I can't remove it
For a few weeks then I guess it resides
I don't know if they can tell me
Why I always throw dice and end up
With such luck of drawing snake eyes
But they seem to be on the slither
Scaling quickly up and down my spine

There's a room that's been spinning a bit,
A headache for days that just won't quit,
I'm losing focus and maybe you noticed
But I'm trying hard not to throw a fit.
I'm anxious and truly I don't wish to mingle,
I'm twenty - six and I have the shingles
And my roof is leaking a bit.
Janna Sep 2018
Everyday I ask myself

If the hole is still open

My itchy fingers can’t help

But poke and pry

Instead of let time heal

My itchy fingers

Do more harm

Than patience and time

My itchy fingers

Keep on itching

I keep asking myself

If it’ll heal

But my itchy fingers

Won’t listen

- soulwriterj
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
The opening night,
in front of packed house.
The story, a fight,
between a cat and a mouse.
The cat with her guile and
the mouse, all the while.
Powers up a ******' chainsaw
with a knowing wry smile.

So never bet against the mouse
with either money or your house
because the crafty **** takers
have slashed the odds at bookmakers
as to what's in the pies
at the new high street bakers.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Old enemies retold.
(randomly drawn years gone by
without gifted with pipe dream *** of gold)

Paradise visage and eyes
   a bulge with dollar signs
   whetted imagination
   PowerBall ticket bought

expected usual outcome
   after next drawing
   to yield monetary naught
temptation for instant millions

   human foible to reach
   elusive *** of gold
   streak of universal desire  
   potential riches
   overtook rational self

   delusions of grandeur caught
aloud, enabled and provided flirtation
   illusory fate to experience rich draught
envisioned emancipation
   nondenominational penury
   distant battle fought
attacking hard scrapple existence wrought!

At core
precious legal tender chronically
   short supply within
   this (then) family of four
though hard times, eye desired at least
   another son or daughter
urge (long silenced this ram

   ewe who) vehemently didst roar
boot budding young girls
   I whole-heartedly loved and adored,
who rushed into opened arms,
   whenever back from trivial pursuits

   nearly squeezing out digested gore,
when casually and nonchalantly
   turned key to open front door
akin to finest crafted clock work
   sounding time of day

   they danced and frolicked
   like kittens or puppies
   bringing newspaper and/or
   dem golden (ha) slippers
   sharing silly concocted faux pa lore

inviting me to play
   make believe games on floor
enjoying revelry
   without keeping score
yet…creating memories
   I forever store!  

Financial straits
   made unsettled existence hand to mouth
   fantastically generated grandiose aspirations
   successful life frequently headed south.

Creative endeavors
   found excitement and linguistic pleasure
   thru attempt to pry poem
   or prose from mind
deliberated semblance to communicate

   and extract idea from cranial rind
words synchronized suitably
   in poetic third eye bind
readers may espy hidden puns
   within rhyme lined

with challenges or commiserate
   and complement
   via words of positive kind
although large sum of money
   would be dog send

   delivered by one
   blessed angel in disguise
   redemption and salvation
   rued bing considerate regarding
   thankful escape out poverty grind.

Much rather be cursed
   with excess wealth
deliverance to life,
   liberty and mental health
depravity foreign concept
   never to rue by stealth,
nor can money buy spiritual wealth!
Fallen Angel Mar 2015
It crawls underneath your skin.
Distracts you from your friends
from your life.
You can’t help but scratch it.
Your friends try to stop you.
They pull your hands away
the skin on your wrist,
and legs,
are already red from your nails
they don’t want your skin like paper to tear.
They don’t want to see your blood drip out like paint off a brush.
You can’t help it
that itch is so demanding
it demands to be scratched
no matter where it travels to.
Your wrist becomes bright red with marks from your nails.
Your legs have red splotches over them from digging your nails
into your skin harder to itch through your jeans.
Your arms have red splotches traveling up them
and under the sleeve of your shirt.
Your face is sensitive from your nails digging into it so often.
You can’t win!
The itch doesn’t go away no matter how long you scratch.
It drives you insane.
It won’t leave,
I’m going insane.
The itch is so persistent!
I think I might need some calamine lotion…
Maybe some Benadryl...
I don't know what the deal is but I just keep getting really itchy. Like I am right now and it just travels around my body. It's horrible and driving me insane and I don't end up thinking about it and end up digging at whatever part of my body itches especially if it s my wrist. It was bothering my best friend that I just kept digging at my skin so she kept hitting and pulling my hands away from my skin. I'm just so itchy its terrible!
Nebek Wormer Oct 2014
Itchy face;

Cold embrace,
Troubled by fate

Itchy face;

The taste longed for is
The glory of success.

Itchy face;

If only he could put in the best.
O how he yearns for that taste

Itchy face;
12:54am 9 29 2014
Nameless Sep 2014
It was 4am and Bill bit me
My two arms soar and itchy,
I awoke in discomfort which quickly turned into anxiety and anger
Scratching to ease my pain which temporary ceased
Thoughts of my life, work and my insecurities burned to my attention
******* Bill! I sighed, he's awaked my anxieties too early
Seething now, feeling redder and redder I wondered why Bill didn't let me be
Id had enough and got up to apply some lotion
Slowly my pain began to soothe and I drifted away
Awake now at 9am
Somewhat calmer, my insecurities still present but other thoughts present too
I ponder on what lotions I can use

— The End —