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basil Nov 2022
my stomach has become an hourglass
digesting the sandy grains of time we have before you leave me
i can count the days on my fingers now

but you still whisper sweet forevers in my ear
you still kiss me like we have all the moments in the world
you still hold me like you don't have to let go

and i have to remind myself
that i don't get to keep you in my pockets
that you signed a contract with your future
and my name isn't on it

i have to whisper the bitter "nows" when you're not around
and hold myself together when you let go
gonna ******* miss you private hernandez. i wish you didn't have to go.

Jaicob Apr 2021
The day after dying,
Your mortal shell will rot
And be filled with sleeping pills
No, sugar can not
Hide the pain you feel
From failing your many deaths,
Immortal now and always,
A hundred final breaths.

The day after dying,
You're nothing but a husk,
An empty, rotting hell
That lies awake until dusk,
Just contemplating painful existence
That wounds every inch of you.
Words, knives, and other pains
Don't feel enough in joy's lieu.

The day after dying,
Nothing will even change.
You'll still be a hopeless wreck.
You'll still be from peers estranged.
You'll still be a walking corpse.
You'll still never be alive.
You'll always wish you'd succeeded.
You'll feel useless just like I've.
Jaicob Dec 2020
-Hate yourself to the point of misery

-Slash your skin into oblivion

-Make your flesh a canopy of the hatred you feel

-Still feel numb after all of the pain

-Get yourself a rope

-Hang the rope on a sturdy branch

-Tie the knot properly
         - make a loop
         - spiral the rope around the loop
         - tuck the rope through the loop
         - pull on the end to tighten

-Pull a stool under your necklace

-Stand on the stood and wear your craft

-Kick the stool away

-"Look, Mum! No hands!"

-Think of your mum.... and others you love...

-Gasp for air but find none

-Shed a tear, cry out in agony

-Feel your neck being stretched out

-Remember the lovely touches from your loved ones... Remember how your brother used to nuzzle up by your chest and whisper against your neck

-Remember the times your friends used to hug you around the neck

-Remember the way Their lips felt against your supple skin

-Cry out harshly one final time


                                       Nothing is left anymore...

-You did it!

The pain you face doesn't go away when you do. It's simply transferred onto others. The ones who cry at your funeral, the ones who will miss your voice, the ones who notice an empty place where you used to sit, the ones who shed a tear at the mention of your name, and even the ones who seemed to hate you will still love you the same. They'll be devastated. If you ever need to talk with somebody, I've been here before. I've been to the lowest of lows, and I've attempted before. You can always talk with me. My instagram DMs are open all the time. @darlingdrawingqueen

Don't be afraid to reach out. Your life is important, and you are loved by so many people. If not until now, then I love you. I love you so much, and I really want to get to know you.
If you're ever feeling this way, please reach out to somebody. If nobody else, you can ALWAYS message me. I love you dearly, and life will get easier, darling. I promise.
Derrick Dec 2020
that's all i hear that's all they say
maybe i will some fateful day
until then i'll make them stop
i'll **** them all till the voices drop
maybe you help maybe you don't
maybe i'll die maybe i won't
bye my friend this is my final note
than i will slit my throat
slit my wrists let them bleed
please never be filled with greed
my time runs short in ****** sheets
to my death throw in some sweets
Emilia B Apr 2019
Every time I stare into my reflection
Blood starts to surface
I’m not one to be offended by rejection
But the reflection refuses my stance
I’d call myself an infection
The hairs on my neck start to dance.

I feel like an outcast from the world
I'm definitely there
But no one seems to care
Just because you can’t see me
It doesn’t mean i'm not there
I'm like the stars in the daylight
But you can see me clearly In the dark night
Isn’t it ironic the way I express
My mind feels blank but at the same time i'm a mess.
Arisa Mar 2019
When the smallest thing happens to me, I think:

"take my life away
just do it
i don't wanna be here anymore
like seriously,what the ****
J Dec 2018
Kms means **** myself
Except it doesn't
It means this *****
So when I say kms
Just know that I'm suffering
But I don't actually wanna die
Because when I do
I keep it in
And it'll go away
That's an acronym I'd use
It means cut myself
And when I say that
I actually mean it
Like now
Or 2 nights ago
Or 2 weeks ago
Each time a new spot
But a spot no one can see
My hips
My stomach
The skin under my *****
It's a habit I can't break
An addiction I can't go to rehab for
I'm fine
I promise.
Haylin Nov 2018
I think I am
going to **** myself.
Maybe not today,
or next week,
or even next year.
But I can feel it.
I will end my life,
on my own terms
Retro Nov 2018
I’m drowning.

And I’ve gotten so used to this feeling...

That I could go jump into a pool...
And not feel a **** thing...
As I hold my head...

Spooky Babe Jul 2018
Every time I look in the mirror
I’m confused by my reflection
I don’t think I’ve ever recognized her
It’s complete and utter deception

Those bright eyes that I once knew
Are now useless and dimly lit
Hiding and concealing all that’s true
As if that could make me ever forget

The lies that they once spewed
Whether I was aware of it or not
Especially how trust can’t be renewed
And how loyalty can’t ever be taught

Funny I never thought that’d be me
I never took the time to know who I am  
I hate myself for not being able to see
That I’m just a lying, attention seeking sham
I literally just wanna drink bleach
For the loml I guess
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