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Kirah Jan 2020
At times we miscalculate the moves,
We acquit at our peril,
With the irresistible vocals,
And beats louder than words,
Why we dance at our insults,
We are painted in black,
With crooked and spotted legs,
Yet, our desire is to glow,
Why we trusted our painters,
They dressed us in long white dresses,
Well, Mr Tailor knows about the front slit,
We dozzed in our drinks,
With olives for grapes,
In the serene choral,
Whose refrain was,
'Move, we stepping on you'
It's our minds that killed us,
We lived in the trust of their smiles,
And in their cold fragranced hugs.
Anaïs Mar 2020
I am exhausted of talking about love,
I find it everywhere, constantly,
So much so that I develop hate towards it,
But I don't hate it, I envy it,
No, I envy anyone who has it, yet
I am a hypocrite,
When I feel love, panic obscures it,
I run away due to inexperience,
I flee from it due to my insecurities,
I hope it goes away because my heart beats too fast,
Days later I feel it, regret,
It forms a lump in my throat and I begin again
the cycle of hypocritical love
samantha page Sep 2016
they want to be different, greater
don't they realize to their own words they're a traitor?

they're a debator, educator, investigator, negotiator
but how?
how can they be so different when they all say the same things?
how can they be so ignorantly hypocritical?

love everyone* they say whist full of hatred
hang out with your friends they say when alone in bed
you never talk to me they say although they've never tried
go outside they say from deep inside
get off your phone they say while on the computer
just be nice they say when they're actually a persecutor

so much and do so little
want to become more while becoming less
they guess it's a success when they oppress
but it's just a mess

things they should be saying to themselves to us
but we are all people too, not slaves to command or objects to discuss

this and that and everything
but I say


for it is better to say nothing at all than to participate in the
parade of puppets who profusely preach phony phrases.
I'd rather remain silent than take part in this cacophonous,
hypocritical, ignorant, perfunctory mess that we call
*s o c i e t y.
Jess Hays Jul 2016
One look around,
Plastered everywhere like a boomerang that never calms down,
Hypocritical words and false perfection.

Coloring the bags under their eyes
Camouflaging the stretch mark on their thighs
And the rest of us stay fixated on our insecurities.

They get paid millions of dollars
To correct their microphoned voices
And be honored for the 'hottest celebrity'
When they are just like the rest of us.
Jellyfish Nov 2015
I wish you'd all just go away
leave me alone- at least today.
I'm sick of you always telling
me what to do -especially you-
of all people.

You're so hypocritical.
Maddie Jun 2015
All through life
Society tells us
To use our words
Yet they represent us
Through numbers
To them we are
Social Security numbers
Credit/Debit Card numbers
Part of a statistic
Or demographic
Measuring our
And weight
Our Grade Point Averages
Our IQ
Our Age
Yet they dare tell us that our most
And influential tools
Are our words
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