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i feel angry
not the kind of anger that you feel when he doesn’t text you back
but the rage that consumes you
and your every nerve
the kind of anger that makes the nicest people
malicious thinkers and hateful destroyers
hell bent on exposing all who’ve done them wrong
that’s the kind of anger i feel
and i’ve felt it for so long
that i worry what i might do
that anger is now a part of me
a constant fire that grows with every hurtful word
and unlistening ear
they are what made me this way
they made me this angry
this is the type of anger that is felt when we have been silenced for far too long because of our issues. it’s time to stand up for what we believe in.
Get beneath your peers
Crawl while in tears.
Drown inundated by consequential shame. Cause you’re the only one to blame.
Your avarice for ****** release isn’t natural.
You’ve conditioned yourself to be this abysmal.
Let your cries resonate, impregnate, and eradicate within you. A morning sickness derived from truth you will succumb to. While this truth grows and evolves within you, it will evacuate your lies behind your truth.

Sullen loneliness withers you, it’s created a monster.
One that pines for intimacy without foster.
Through this eagerness, a dull misunderstanding festers.
One where intimacy is strictly ******.
And it’s enjoyed alone on a phone, ha. How intellectual!
But the primordial need, sets you in greed.
Clear thinking leaves you, and desire is left only true.

However this brief inhuman act of disgusting ****, leaves you in a tut.
With rational thinking back after release. You’re trapped without peace.
Loneliness floods back, and on the attack, charges self reflection, without affection.
You don’t deserve affection. Just affliction.
So you grow ill from your actions.
Don’t stop this introspection. Self disgust is appropriate. So don’t take an ******.

Tenacious pithy feelings will raise your ceilings.
Embrace this self loathing. The shame will strip you of clothing. Now true to yourself and the world, unpolished and furled.
You can act on embellishments, and ignore wants and irrelevance.
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Faithful or hateful

Faithful or hateful, the choice is yours.
I can only ever be grateful for your company ‘The one I adore’.
You’re so funny; you make me laugh like no other does.
I guess you love me.  Is this what you call love?
I am still asking the questions, never getting satisfaction.
Still searching for clarification, so here I am asking.

Are you faithful or hateful?  The choice is always yours.
You are still ‘The one which I adore’.
You showed me your light
And I was blinded by such a beautiful sight.
Your beauty thrills me;
You make my heart skip a beat.
You make me rise, to my feet,
Just to kneel down before you unworthy.
If only you could, I would ask you to love me.

I don’t know if you’re faithful or hateful.
All I know in my heart is that I will always be grateful,
For once you loved me and I too loved you
And between us two, we had something unnamed
And it could never be tamed,
Because once we were real…
Now we are only in old flames.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amanda Jul 4
You're sure you know what's best for me
Should leave and never come back
Degrade me until I'm forced into a corner
Alone and finally attack

But you do not understand your terror
Can't see eye-to-eye
Both sides are quick to get angry
I can't hold my tongue but I try

That smirk upon lips incites rage
Not strong enough to keep it in
Not capable of letting go
You always have to win

I work with all might to be
The bigger person but fail
Talk nicely until your words turn mean
I can't help but wail

I miss days we got along
Miss ways you used to be proud
Hateful expression worn on your face
Makes me wish I could run and never turn around
To my mom
chitragupta May 14
You may have seen me
like leaves green of a summer tree
Never cared to understand
the roots that grew beneath

You may have heard me
like the noise of a falling pin
For in your ears, naught but
your own voice is sweet melody

You may have known me
like gentle waves atop the sea-
Ignored the raging maelstrom,
but can you escape the tsunami?
We become selfless by caring for others,
yet we become careless by caring for others.
m h John May 10
i stood over the sink
waiting for it to fill up
so i could wash
yesterday’s tears
out of my face
when suddenly
i felt your words
grab behind my neck
and submerge me underwater
i could hear every
hateful word you said
muffled beneath the water
when I pulled my head up
the sink was filled with bubbles
and that was your way
of apologizing today
until you do it again tomorrow
don’t drown in the narcissist words
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2018
I was treated like the VIP,
A cat and a big fish,
A hook and a big Six,
whilst visiting Little bo-peeps
rotisserie of *****,
she was no shrinking violet,
Wearing open silk
working 9 to 5am.

Hot funk never satisfies,
but she had the way with all
to feign, delight; even interest,
before negotiating the price,
She was classy,
kind of slick,
she tickled my ears
for nothing more than kindness,
a small token in exchange for a smile.

She poped on a tune,
as she took off her dress.
The petting started
Two hands tugging with the zipper of my jeans.
A woman's touch... Ha HA,
the sultry kiss of *****,
tight and tasty;
***** like a ripe tomato,
Sugar fried and drunk,
She opened her legs.

Her hair smelled like shampoo,
She was on her belly,
knees tucked up
as I took in the fruit,
deep holes filled **** and shabby fingers,
hollow spit and angry poison,
head spinning with the groove,
loud and high,
The bed squeaked
and a single bulb dangles
like a loose tooth,

Both crooning love songs,
Sick and spent,
I got dressed to leave,
I said with a poke,
I couldn't get laid,
Not even in a ***** house.
And i'm back in the cold again,
only dirtier!
Another old poem
The inspiration from William and Don G
CROW Jan 11
I am always losing friends,
my love never meets their ends,
i never amount to what they wish,
i never serve them the right dish,
of care and love,
now i am just a dead dove,
i am suffocated in dying peace,
drowning in it as if it were grease,
please don't leave me in this despair,
i will lose my mind but they won't care,
the always leave,
i never receive,
the love i know i deserve,
to think they have enough nerve,
to take my everything,
and not one gift of love they bring,
i am done with friends for life,
they are nothing but sickness and strife.
You're just another ******* hidden under the name of God.
You're soon to be 40
I'm nowhere near 30
I hate you so much now, I only wish you bad
I hope you'll die soon, wasn't your plan to be closer to God?
All your ******* stupid beliefs broke us apart.
And I feel a LOSER falling in your trap of love.
I hope you'll read this and understand that you shouldn't exist
A mistake you were always, an angry ******* beast.
So upset with my ex. Tired of all the things I had to go through for him. I'm tired of thinking about him.
Eleanor Sinclair Nov 2018
Maybe in another life I will be something less painful than a human
Fewer feelings and emotions and ridiculous devotions
Perhaps a butterfly so I may sprout wings to go wherever I please
To escape when I want and live among the trees
To be free from the mortal bonds which bind me still
Being crushed by those who see me as a bent and dying daffodil
I am viewed as a damaged and battered being
Yet it seems as though my outside casing is the only thing people are seeing
My mind is quiet foggy but my folded stems are not painful
They just distort my appearance and for that I'm quiet thankful
Because if those who care were to ignore my imperfections
Then by chance I could avoid societal dissection
Let me return as a creature without sense or thought
Then I will never be caught thinking of what I used to be
I'll be free from the prospect that the world ruined me
I thought I was alone in this place of misery
But I was soon brought out and could see clearly, instantly
Love was the lens I needed for sight
But now like the butterfly, it has left to take flight
There once was a time when the world brought me joy
Until I found people who sadistically poison and destroy
Now I again must revert back to nature
In the end it is all I have left...
Sooner or later
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