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Like fetuses hiding in the womb; you try to keep it a secret from your selfish-visceral world! As startled, your little animal would gradually chatter from time to time to finally fall out! The tears in your crater eyes swell into streams, reviving your self-creating, selfish dreams! In accelerating years, maybe motherhood women who can still understand your playful infancy are nursing! Like your rich self rebirths! Tiger-meekness is so good to rest between the paws of a mother tiger even now; an angry beast protecting your cub take care of you! Which would be better? You are slowly falling out of your rhythm of life!
You can also open your gentle selfishness and then all the additional protection can go there! In a trembling fever, in the stream of the Universe, they seek each other together. Loyalty-sparkling hands; torment in lust, light in the night! - Your uncertain Being Calvary seems to stretch on your bones like a bony seed; self-digesting wild fever surrounds you daily to devour you: your disintegrated chaotic future!
You may not know even a gracious moment what it has to offer you! In your ongoing life, you exist with a glowing self! In your stellar loneliness, your Executioner Time also seems to be graying, the beards of the dead under the ground will soon grow out! "In your beloved giver's immortal womb, perhaps the creaking Future is dormant somewhere!" Squeaking your bowed soul into the cherished homes of deer eyes! It does not move back to your trembling self during the sprouting man…
A self-grinding thought of a hesitant train at night; only the Heart can guess the eternal secrets! He clings to the infinite desire of the Universe in hopes of kissing, and the desire for a sparkling phenomenon dissipates in the sadness of Finality! We are full of Eternity and as a pure contradiction we lie to ourselves! The blade edge of Kanganó Time boldly cuts off its possibilities for aspirants, and in the crossfires of lost gazes you will find the only precious Treasure hard to find!
Even so, our existence is a flutter of fire, a creation of fire-flame; we want to rise and rescue from the ground with will! In extended tranquility, it would be so good to relax even to slip into endless seas! I would accustom my heart to joy if I still had, and if my friends, who believed me eternal, could stay by my side in my difficult times! On the collapsing wall of Being and non-being hangs the renewing Being by the swirling Nihil-nothing; where will the coffees of Grace stay then ?! Frozen Solitude as melted darkness settles on the inner self to proliferate the Apocalpic culture!  
You should learn to trust again in a rainbow of joy! The feasible could still be dreamed back into the waves of reverie, and in the immeasurable night the broken Plans can only be understood by your immortal Beloved as a nurse wishing to rock! You would be wondering more and more about the holy moment for Someone to be saved from this earthly hell where you have always been left with a pathetic shipwreck! Don't let Maya's veil tempt you once and for all and bring her to death
I'm a sore bunch of meat in the tidy mess! I would wake up from the daze if I could - someone will always be by my side! My brain is constantly filled with disturbing memory; sparkling self-awareness can often help you come up with more ideas! - Transient nothingness in the night and yet where the deserved pleasure of the Universe can make a nest, the immortal moment elevates to itself! They are attacked by bitter cold winds and the cheerful sun heat only permeates their heart-smiles!
The plucked lashes of the wind wave my face with their icy breath; in the smoothing of its water, the cold lack of Being often shines! Does everyone who became eligible for Death at birth fatten Human Death as a cancer ?! - Even now it transforms Experience s Time; deep well stars are blinking in my eyes could only come Someone who really wants to get to know me! A frozen dawn is shaken by my confession: "Do I have to cry out to the depths to be taken seriously ?!"
The footprint of Loyalty-Sworn Loves can still be discovered in the ashes of rock blocks and snail shells! The shakiness of Finality torments you many times! In every waking dream I try my selfish Death; after tomorrow, no more laurels can be created for me, and the happiness that can be found does not drop its only petals for me either! One could already silence my anxiety that surrounded me on my apostate days; where neither star nor light penetrates the primordial bottom of my ignorance: when can I rise again so that I can learn to believe in myself ?!
I would do my long-standing business, but there is no need for hermit witnesses! crouching ferry usages, human wrecks are moving on self-deprecating for their own benefit and they are learning to be a further guttable Being! Self-exited, re-established wild hordes tread the compromising Order on the way! The smell of burnt human flesh also makes them more annoying! Drunken, bred with great power intoxication, phlegm-chirping, pseudo-preachers would dictate the changing trend, and if it was hand in hand, it would have long since lost its conscious, preservable dignity!
They carry a roaring Lator cross modestly, while under others they light bonfires! Péter Pán's complex seedlings for the bohemian youth are marching around their necks with a umbilical cord rope around their necks! - In our idyllic freedom of the press, they even sublimely search our thinking brains; a couple of wandering experiments and study formations will only be able to survive if the "some" want to and the people standing around the honeycombs nod - but with lonely wolf-witnesses stuck outside the circles, what else can they do if they are stuck in further fragments, constantly sinking will they be lost?!
He holds us up with his back, while the ruthless Fate plays with us well; Being gives us a broken, bittersweet realization! Waves swirling await us with a mixed warning of fear! At the final frontier, the only edge is often the only luck that can be turned with crooked fingers...
The formation of Golgotha-Nobody, who lives in the shadow walls of human lives, is growing! In negligible realities, the dream time that can be won is also running out! I would welcome the Shadow Petals that openly reveal themselves with empathy! Until you can reach everyone with its waves of true pearls, the pearly, sacred streams of redemptive crying, the momentary, tiny spark of truth is hardly authentic! Heart gates hidden hidden in the cage of ribs can open, but only who is worth it! Then the humble, alumous silence of the subconscious is torn apart: in me, the living myth of your astonished, childish curiosity still unfolds its magic flowers in the nests of eye-stars inside!
It is less and less possible to believe in happy promises with a good sense! When can they already notice the vulnerable, human prayer in the hearts flying embers, which he would beg for refuge for help?! - In selfish hermitage, permanent testimonies of manuscripts were deliberately exiled; which you should have been really proud of and satisfied with! Self-overwhelming, outlying big cities are more solemnly drowning than planting trees! The donkey degeneration of the future is devouring itself; multipopultural thief-slang fish bag with poison spit!
This now tattered, lousy Age dreams of appearance well-being, and even the housekeeper can keep order and sweep up the rubble of unusable waste materials! Testosterone titans kneaded in the Phantom-Atlantis world are only for grumpy, bikini fairy blues; barbaric idiocy occupies a living space and treats the nights of first dates as an ancient insult! "The affirmative Life Panic is in short supply in itself!"
Shattered amulets of long-gone memory loves are phosphorescent on a flickering blind; I struggle with the eternal child-soul at night! My excited memory makes fun of me every day, as if I were out of time and the shadows of the past settled on my soul with legal continuity! - In itself, the cosmic Deficiency yawns as much as the depth in the craters! Superstitious pleasure superstitious in the cells of molecules also escapes by shattering the throbbing existence of bleeding stones!
I hide with petty dwarf sadness for moments when the piece In time, perhaps, the interdependence of loneliness and the proud compulsion of loneliness could be solved by the Force of Being! Insecure as a useless burden, Life carries with it! A radiant, dark twilight looms over the best of my cursed humanity; the compulsion of indifference and yet conscious resistance argues and kills itself in me!
The expropriated profit-making of prostituted, money-seeking egos is driven by a cleverly calculating lustful gaze! And in the kissing flood of multiplied, exotic butterflies, he carries the winking pride along the life-miserable, detectable differences, who is a more artistic merchant in his desires and feelings! With the consciousness of mercenary, the Man, with his empty instincts, forced into his greedy existence, is still more and more misled, so that he can finally descend into inhumanity! "Above me, as you may already know, the warrior, the caller, the pallos-right, the ordered Destiny strikes the homestead like tiny, small pebbles rumbling in words, waiting for the protection and forgiveness of the Beloved!"
I slowly fall into the depths of the vortex of my killer silences. Every Stigma Day I have to put up with the sins of the ******* world! They accuse me of uttered Judas ’words while my falling pearl of yoke dazzles me in a shattered shadow face! The distance of times stirs up and asks: "Let's see! How much could you learn from your lessons? ” - but no one deserves an answer, lingering, no-man's-house underpants!
It would be good to show the trenches of the shells of the shells of those times today to those who have ever kicked me in and out of me! - In my arms diligent blood molecules began to numb; an ever-threatening apocalyptic puzzle message weaving fears of death: can I wake up to the reality of an uncertain tomorrow?!
My heartbeat defying drumming beat but it would be nice to share now! I could listen to the tiny music of toddler, mini soles, while the immortal Dear Superstition would look at me with omnipotence, and in the lap of the harmonies he found, the two hearts would become one! In my faithful eternal-child soul, there would be no happier person than me! "Yet in the zigzag of my organized consciousness, it is as if connected spaces give the news with echo sounds: 'Take care, for the End may reach you sooner!'
I would interrogate this feeling in a deafening, delicate silence so that I could hear his excuse for Being, why do I have to break away from Being so soon?! "Imagination draws an infinite cosmos space around me, and I cannot trace the sincere truth that has consciously prepared me!"
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