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Hesitant orphanage
I would have fled to you: A smiling cheerful girl responsible for my peace and harmony. Give me a slight and redemption with your golden heart, you no longer deal with routine words, worn-out beauties, and you, like an immature child, have thrown me away with a little rebuke! But I cannot apply for forgiveness in your conscience because Loving would have been an unforgivable sin,

but you can see for yourself: Fiery burning stars if the gloomy night is sitting up there, with researcher, gendarmerie discipline only they will guard and protect you! The fused human destinies were rolling more and more in vain, embracing you with unbridled clinging to the momentary immortality of the Universe - I could do nothing for you anymore!

With the rumble of our tears, fountains and energies met in the blood caves of our bodies. With our ever-circulating juice dumplings in our bodies, we longed for maps as principles of sure cognizability.
Now the thickest serenity: Dead tor tormenting, and contemplating my silent patience with silence: Your chestnut wreath on the crown of your head would have rocked me in my dreams with quiet reverence!

“And then I snatched myself out of the afflicted, intoxicating vapors of disappointment; You did not sacrifice your Heart on the altar of love like I did because You were more selfish! This earthly prosperity of yourself was in your mind. Will there be loyalty to you who will forgive your hesitant orphanage?
Maybe - then one day this disbelieving katyvas, an obsessed idyll, a futile self-branding that many consider the secrets of my heart will end. What was this drowning air resistance, a volcanic eruption? A short but more lasting successful armament with the power of Words. - See orphan, my pessimism left to me is forced to chase me because it has nestled in the target of my head and my whole life has been

hesitant to insecurity, one-time escape! "I would have liked to have laughed proudly at the World in your arms, but I could not take heart and never forgive you or myself: Silver ice beads shattered your sincere face like true beads!" "Now that you really aren't physical, but maybe you're standing next to me with spiritual smoldering faith, I still don't know if I'll listen to wise advice and destroy you forever from the island of my desires if you ask: Why my tearful vulnerability?" Then maybe he will answer for me! After all, it was so good to sit with you in prison benches, to sit in shackles, miserable, and to rest, and to watch and watch with my persistent patience: the throbbing hammering of your sweet heart as it enters

to a more private terrain, and how comforting and reassuring your overwhelming victim, which you have brought for me, when, in the midst of the hunger of starving wolves, he has lifted my bleeding honor, the human hills of my morals, to the wings of your angelic patience.
Unexpected landscapes, unknown uncertain possibilities opened up before us: We were hoping then that we would dream ourselves! If I doubted it, I dared to believe that with you I was in a mood and mood with ascending and sinking relaxed freedom, like a submarine and a submarine that appears on the surface at any time!
You’re becoming more and more vulnerable, you’re getting weaker: You don’t know what to do, nor how? You are still secretly hoping - with a certain consciousness - that the gift rainbow of happiness may banish your gloomy clouds into starless loneliness: S You can cherish an priceless human star between your two arms!

Dodge, stagnant hesitation, heavily woven, complimented fever, humiliated adventure: Youthful Ankle: Fate Anyway One: The shackles of your lost consciousness are rarely about yourself if you can shake them off! You thought — it was true that you would untangle the cross-knots of your being with your armor-smile, your unshakable confidence, like ******* Gordian knots. The hammering and pulsating effervescence of unexpected heartbeats opened before us, and your only fate-error is only

it could have been: Didn’t you know what would be more appropriate for you: determination or a resigned escape from the towering walls of your problems? “They were pushed and tossed towards me like a growing, bursting lava flow. I had to, but I really needed the disappointed embarrassment and the blushing beauty to do next to you!

From the web of my memory — no matter how careful I keep the brush from falling out — as a great Sisyphus, I struggle with the rocks of unchanging vanity!
When the shore tear between the two of us was completed: An important, small piece of the heart was broken with a huge sparkle and delicate strings: disappeared! - The internal organs that kept the weight of your true pearl tears, the transforming heaven of your happiness in you with the gaping depths of caves, are now offended as looters

with the words of silent bells they keep sobbing and do not understand: How could you let go, without the hope of a joyful reunion, the One, the True ?! A wounded tear burst out again and dripped its way like a soundless yet talkative glass ball, mercifully on the crater solitude of your ash face. "I was the first to lose my dear: You have left for a limited, perfectly sterile world, and a well-deserved marriage may have flourished in your heart forever!" Slowly, deliberately, the Secrets have legitimized in my heart: You may love me even more than anything, but inside, where something was swollen and tense at your gaze, now only the gaping, perforated like craters Nothing yawns!

And finally, you can see yourself filled with happiness; smuggling the belief that your heart might be fuller could be better than chasing the destroyed emptiness of your brave words endlessly! "I would ask you, your blessed hand, to take the pledges of my truths, the promises of my kisses, as a pledge," and I will take care of you on every doomed day of my life as before.
When I was drawn to myself at once as a summer rampage, and the heat flirted with us, the landscape was sultry, fogged with volcanic vapors, and we would be accustomed to an air war of refreshing drafts — our eyes trained for science. We should stop losing the false illusion - which we have told each other as truth - and just love it as a sweet-sad consolation of tears! Just watch as the mature, drunken summer kisses the veins of tree leaves into golden treasures, training lattice-belly blinds so that when we fall into each other’s arms at the universal word of the Universe we can refresh the hiatus of the air.

Caress your hair with delicious and pleasant chocolate chips! "But happiness and satisfaction do not radiate from me now," despised bitterness rages with the pounding steel needle of a steam drill in your heart:

Now that you have grown into a married, committed woman, you can only vegetate almost every day so that the eternal One Emotion dies immortal again as Prometheus. “Many times I watch the silver smile of stars with a delicate navel — but that doesn’t hope for salvation either. To resurrect the immortal realm of Eden! Your eyes are two vulnerable, orphaned

a tiny continent of desolation and also the books - with which I surround myself every day, and they have brought remorse that has destroyed my counted time. Now, under the bearded icicles, I crouch up like beaten shipwrecks. The indifferent Winter also targets me with killer frost glances over my head!
They will soon leave - as will my acquaintances, My Years! Bitter memories as iris moments may be resurrected once and for all, if I will: If you are not surrounded by amber tendrils, Nothing as conscious indifference and boredom! I will warp with broken and cracked country road ditches if I have to look in the mirror in honor.

I did not become an winning strategist or warlord in either Adonis or the first camp! I was able to be satisfied with the cheap smell of potato vegetables and brine: "You swallow a lot anyway!" The others barked at me with their curses! "And maybe in my death, maybe I can only be a naked snail who dared to try in any way to

he could not just catch the Atlantic shores of immortal love. And if my blood seeps through the caverns of my perforated heart many times, where was the self-help, blessed face laughing at all the misery and waving? "Are my eyes or just my will tired of searching?" Mapping the Real? - I don't know myself! I can't compromise with bus pass dictatorships right now! Whose money and faith in the alleys of years of trying few people are now enough for a single line, if it gets a little better and maybe even smiles, the Sun can travel kilometers around with its youthful feet,

if you want, your health can still do it! I have no desire for the raging raging of worlds: I long for the uninhabited islands of Peace! The poorer are devoured daily by life, its cynical asphalt snout absorbing the sparks of Existence — what a light-hearted thought it was to release the life-giving and promising tingling around your porcelain fingers that might have guaranteed the earthly happiness of the two of us.
A terrible season ensues: it resembles an army of disgusting leeches, armed against blood vessels, and wisely armed to tune its poisons against our bodies, and to unite our ever-battered organs in unity!

For weeks, siege cannons have been gathering with the fierce symphonies of clouds: Slowly, with the staggers of weakness, the blizzard mutters in tiny, slender drops, the street forced to put on its armor as a solidified response!

I can already feel that the shameful folds of my forehead are plowing the shaggy forest of my chest like an ice-scalpel by the storm, and now - because I'm still facing a window, there are no drying, eternal immortal tears

I see the bitter weathered glass beads of conscious incompetence of conscious ignorance and revenge abounding in greed! Through the translucent cracks in the air, twilight also unfolds the petals of purple-roses richly! And I can only watch, just stare, as my idyllic idiots cheated to the brink of my idyllic dreams!

And now it's getting raging, the conscience is still roaring, "Oh, how much I couldn't do for you!" "Because he was chewed on our wall, the insulted cowardice, the cheap escape, and the caution not to trust anyone - and the least in myself!" The suddenness of the minute greets me, the world is now in the throes of those who know everything better -

I may be going strongly out of the circle in which the year of my youth has fled unnoticed! Fate looked like a wanderer in its two existence, they cannot sleep in peace, because he could not find the True - the other, more valuable half of his soul!
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