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Eric Oct 5
Let me see if I can put my feelings into words . Words that would describe me living in two different worlds . Always waiting patiently, for these moments to unfurl. It was never meant to happen, but it felt surreal. Every emotion genuine from the next . Now an days I'm still looking at my phone, for some kind of text . But my bet , it won't happen like that . I'll still be as empty as you made me , wishing you'd call me back . Turning all my thoughts into how you'd react . To the facts , to everything you said I lacked . Confidence , belittlement, everything you put on my back , you will never say you relate to my feelings of that . It's beyond the love an the hate, it's about those two beings pro-creating . Making a new face in this world of our fate. But your loyalty just couldn't relate. And I still ask you today , for what you have to say . Still receive no response , your loveless, your devastation in it's wake. Your love for so many years I feel was faked.  Even now I feel I'm on a time limit , and I've always been to late . Quite frankly I don't know how much more I can take.  My river of tears have now become a lake, leaving craters in their wake . I've lost the way to recuperate. I'm broken over the lies you fed me day after day . And in my poems , I can only find these destructive words to say . Beyond imaginable , I'm not okay.
Raining , pouring, carrying to much , I'm full . Feeling hot tearing , mind manipulating, deep inside my soul . Open doors apon doors , and still end up in a box with to many walls .in my mind's eye , I'm searching through these halls . Filled with shadows , but Meadows of metals. Not a single scent comes to mind at all . I'm anxious , I'm worried , I can hear it calling . The very moment I forget myself and I fall. Library of books in my dreams are hooks , casting bad memories from my past enemies. And yes my life is this dull . Vivid as black and grey , a screen shot of my emotion just gone and faded away. I'm awful , horrible as they may say . I'm now that guy who drowns in the pain , expecting voids with no change . My days are on repeat , I feel insane.
Eric Sep 26
Now I take my time , before my mind twists everything up into a negative vibe.
I set a pace for myself that isn't to fast , but still find the days where I wish things could just happen. Snap of the fingers , and now I'm not the one lacking . Built myself up and over lap him . Make sure not to forget the sin he's been in . But feel fresh and reborn everyday you get to continue to be living . At least my feelings go on.  Finding comfort in my own knowledge of peace . Cause I'm fine today , I just thought I'd say . But yet , your still the Pinnacle of my life. Always in my heart beloved and cherished . Forever more till the day of happily marriage . Or am I the fool ? To believe in a short story . There's more beyond those pages , so I thought . I'll continue to re-read , till I figure out how I got lost.
Eric Sep 23
My time is flying , with no sense of crying . I found myself in this great search for help . And it still scares me because I still feel the pain that was dealt . I come to realize that it will always be there.  A reminder that I should of been there instead of feeling so scared.
Eric Aug 12
Once again , I feel repositioned, my ears have failed to listen. And her love once gifted is now forbidden. It's a curse , that's always does it's worst. Secondly it always comes first. For her I thirst. For her I burst. Into tears cause I remember all the good in those years . I even remember the good that came from the fears .And I'm still here . Like the rock she threw with all her might , far away out of her sight.  Somewhere she wouldn't care.  Cause she isn't there to see.  What it is here to fear.  The emptiness, the darkness, myself .
Eric Aug 2
glistening from afar , shining brightly as if held energy of a star . creating a everlasting chain , with reasons to gain , every sense of who we are . let's believe in mountains of soothing greatness. connection born from the feelings that contains us , in the world crashed and torn from all the rediculous strife , while everyones out to look for a wife .  because nothing moves faster then life . we must hunker down and believe in better times . so we can stop repeating the same old lines that happen to rhyme , just to get the point across that I'm not here to waste no-bodies time . hope and believe in the sign , to find a everlasting friendship , now is that a crime ?
Eric Jul 30
I found a new path in my thoughts
Long way , but it's the distance that I fought.
I have to build myself first
Go against the things that I was taught
But this over whelming sting , I feel alot .
It's life , just breath before your breath gets
Caught .
Eric Jul 18
Submerged under ,
I hear the waves thunder.
Rolling ,
Growing ,
Across the great plains of wonder.
Feeling them move me ,
The swaying soothing
To me .
A dance
I'll soon ponder .

Cool to the skin as I sink more an more under.
As if in a daze of a place ,
There, the darkness pulling me further
Wanting to erase , the light in my days
That I want to replace
All the pain
And suffer.

But soon tightness in my chest ,
I feel my lungs under arrest,
The kind of distress when you want to breath
But you welcome death ,
The difference between light and those depths.
Is being careful of where you put your feet
To rest
What kind of steps
It took you to always
Be your best.

                                A world so deceived
                          By                                     political
                     views                                  And lies
                   about                                   how free,
                 Is  conceived                       really            
               As a disguise                       In the news
             Of how we                            abuse
           The power                             to ****
         And blame it                         on others abuse.
                                We hear you.

But we have to kick
our feet
to win
There's no room
To pretend.

all those years of who's using who

We have to go above and beyond

because we are all expected to . .

And some don't know what to do.

They sit around
and really start
to pretend
to be a fool ,
but who's using who?

One thing I learned from a great ocean blue .  
Rising to the top takes more steps then just two .
The depths are so welcoming
But so are your breaths too .
So Don't leave to soon
Cause your plans don't come to you .
Swim to shore,
Because you know your worth more
Than the ocean blue .

You have two hands and two feet,
I'm sure people will remember you.
Sometimes your scared to talk,
Because everyone's reaction
In your head you over thought.

So you decide to shut up , and go on your way to a place called good luck . Cause we travel a different pace and we all usually get drunk. Then this place called good luck becomes bad luck.  

Then learned that this isnt heaven ,this is hell , the devil's play ground.

In the end we all will be ****** .

Well , here ….in this place called good luck .

I walk home, completely dripping with muck.

"Who was calling me, when I almost gave up?"

I look back and see no stranger amongst the sand ,

Just the waves calling to me as they all rolled up to the land .

Two feet ,
Two hands
...For you,
God had different plans.

Took me awhile to reach the sands .
Fighting every thought , And all the commands.
To turning back
The voices recommend
The one I hear
My only friend .

But I walk home , trying to forget
Seeing the end .
Sunset behind
My Shadow it bends.
Realizing I ain't lonely
I can make friends.
Its about me ,
Forgetting to pretend.
And becoming me
Once more
Again .

No guarantees,
Life will ****.
In this place,
Here in good luck.
Reflection of one's life fighting a unseen battle in this reality we call life , sometimes you have to drown your self in the ocean to see what your really coping with. In this place we call good luck .
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