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audreyboren Dec 2020
something that being resented
being looked at as a dirt
saying it's a living curse
No love, Only hate
but  One
at least One
rare as middlemist red
will come and conquer every pain
from Hate to Love
burn every wounds
still Painful but Beautiful
as a rainbow shines after storm
in the end
abomination will soon breathe again
Carl Miller Sep 2020
Why do You appear to me?
In the reflection of a beautiful shell standing speechless
Looking at Me that way
On the sand where I thought our futures remained faultless
I don't want You to look at Me any more  
My face is deformed and You don't care for Me any more

Look away while You can
And gaze at Your reflection
The burnt ends of My anger toward myself
And the negativity of a life void of affection

Are making those ends fray and split
Like a stalk in a breeze
Calm and collected
Helpless and at ease

If nothing at all
then something, somewhere
Arcassin B Mar 2020
By Arcassin B

Love ain't , this hard,
pleasing while teasing the emotions down the drain for me,
Don't want you to use me and abuse me,
this feeling isn't the same for me,
my love is like flowers kissing sunlight ,too intuitive
to being let go from the horrors that await us in a world such
as this one,
by and by we all say bye at some point in this crooked timeline,
wanna jot down all the memories that keep me so divine,
realizing i'm not like you or him or any guy,
I don't know why I try,
to make you see the other side of life but still you
stress and cry,
i get to spilling out of my intense cranium,
you get so annoyed.

A Jan 2020
I am:
A mistake

Maybe. But I'm still your wife. And I DO love you.
It's effortless.
Grey Dec 2019
He's not

She's not

They're not

They're human.
And we're exactly the same.
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
I am shaking
Fearful, as the shouts grow louder
Every breath leaves me aching
The hourglass has begun to fall slower and slower by the hour

Reality has crumbled into mere dust sliding through my fingers
Wordless, soundless, screaming
Avoiding the empty, shattered mirrors
Left to pace between thoughts, as my hands do the cleaning

I cut my arms on glass, but I'm not seeing the bleeding
Dripping down my arms from my veins are jokes gone wrong
Sitting, in the glass poured over me, I'm leaping
It won't be too long

I've done a bad thing and I can't be forgiven
I am smiling at the spots in my vision that look like stars
I'm dancing, swaying, to an unknown etheral rthym
The whispers are seeping through my gray walls

Words have become a mush of meaningless *******
I hear the floors loosen and soon I am falling through
Ego tandem videre stellas
Ad astra per aspera
CJ Oct 2019
It's not insomnia but I skip sleep on regular nights.
I hear voices in the soulless nights…

Aren't you lonely?
Aren't you worthless?
Aren't you depressed?

I feel inferior.
I feel lonely.
I feel needy

But why do I always look happy but not feel it?
It’s empty in me, but why does it feel so heavy?
Sometimes I just hate my own presence...
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