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Lex Condran Jun 7
I would rather be a demon
That everyone runs from
In terror fear and frustration
Than a man they come to
In lies and greeds frustration

Always wanting
Never giving
Always entitled
Never sharing or caring
In satisfactory kindness

Id rather bring logical desolation
To this world gone mad
Destroying it all
For a brighter new foundation

To see them flee
From the me that brings me glee
A destroyer for love
And new possibilities

I loved to create
But nobody ever sees my heart
I like to destroy
In life it was one of my favorite parts

The world today is disgusting and blind
Confused rotten minds
All forgetting there was once a divine

But it abandoned us
Left us
For we try to create a false love
We love the mother
Who says yes to everything

And grow sick of a father
Who says no to most things
A strict hand
But kind heart

A fathers love is smart and wise
A mothers love is soft and kind
Open arms
Close harm

If a spanking is what teaches
Is it love that breaches the closed doors

We've forgotten to respect our elders
And that always breeds
Rotten hearts

June 6 2019
A smothered love creates inbalanced

A strict love
Creates an anger and frustration

It requires a balance
To raise a childs mind
But also understanding
To nuture a kind heart

Just because a father is strict or angry
Doesnt mean they hate you
A tough love wants to protect
Without ever saying why
A father doesnt want their kids to know of all the bad knowledge in this world.
They dont speak of it
So you dont think of it
Johnny walker Mar 16
Waking Sunday morning for that by far my worst
day I call Sunday
dead day everything as
a child always on Sunday was dead
no where open but for the church a place I never went to even the sound of the bells ringing depressed me
last day free before returning to school
trying to spin out the day as much possible In hope of delaying the arrival of Monday
dreaded school not done my homework be In trouble again headmasters office probably six the
but always took It like man tried not the let the pain show never cried out that not what men are supposed to
Hate Sundays  always have a dead day or at leased when I was a kid It was
Vivian Feb 24
"How are you?"

Terrible, sad, dying, sick, lonely, mad, hated, unloved, not good enough, fragile, worthless, crying, anxious, going to give up, annoying, pathetic, misunderstood, judged, in pain, scared, distant, crushed, rejected, defeated, insecure, empty, almost dead

"I'm fine."
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Magic moments of love with Helen I suppose so
much I make of these times because coming from a life of a loner
like being a kid even
the age I was I didn't
know nothing of making love
I was like a kid with new
the exciting game I'd been given for Christmas couldn't put it down, but
with Helen, If you won her love, so much more came with that of
a lifetime of loyalty trust
so loving she was, I had grown up  with a mother that not only abused me but freely admitted she hated *** and that It was *****
made my relationship with
Helen difficult at first whenever we became being Intimate I could hear my mother saying don't do that It's *****, It took me a long time before I felt free of my mother, and finally began to experience Iove with Helen In a way that It should have
My mother hated *** to her It was *****, she would abuse me as a child beat me lock me In the dark alone for hours It was a long time before I was free of her, to live my life with Helen
mae Nov 2018
He rejected me like
As if I were the vegetables
Mushed together and scattered
Across the play board
At a toddler’s dinner table.
Tell me those
things I did,
did not, do.

Talk of me
as a thing
in the past.

Leave me there,
plucked or tossed,
left as detritus.

Then I shall
be nothing to
no one; -gone.
kayla Oct 2018
not as in she is
but only  she was
because the feelings
that once were there
are gone
Who’s gonna love the dumb depressed girl in the end. Only princesses get saved.
Nina Sep 2018
Do you ever just sit there and realize that you mean nothing to anyone
you start feeling lost,
and truly unwanted.
But there's nothing you can do about it.
So you just bury it inside of yourself
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
I'm dead,
I have already committed suicide,
No you can see me,
You can feel me,
You can read me,
But you can't find even a single reason to call me alive,
No I haven't got cut on my hand,
& haven't ever tried to hang,
But I have got my heart bleed,
I have got it broken,
I couldn't actually die,
& sorry I'm unable to keep myself alive,
Not my fault,
cause I'm the one
never loved,
never cared,
never caressed,
never being consoled,
never being hold...
So here is a midway,
So here is a dead me,
With a human body,
Healthy & fit
A ***** kit!!!
What if I can't cut my lifeline,
I have already cut my connections with life & now I think it's all fine...
Sorry for this negative poem, but it's just a way to dry my tears away & make my eyes deserted again, & stick that fake so called lovely smile again...
I wish I could donate my life to someone who seriously wanted it!!!
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