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David Hilburn Jan 2023
Letting the ivy roam...
Moonlight serenade, to a begun favor:
Sense in a gentler breeze, the thought to own
A grace, a fastidious space, for a little face...

Pink, the through and due, irony we seldom
Stink and prosper, the alienation we souled?
Together in legend, we tell a tale to a God's question:
Letting the ivy see, is a redress of futures, fools?

Paces and setting a catch, of futures in the light?
A wavering kiss, and the doles of redemption
Have their solemn kin, taken to remembering a night?
My name is a person, order and truth, to another selection...

Of hearts or the ivy...
Spare to fore, we conceive a notion
Made to tailor, a secret, an irony sighed...
Like the bird it was, a concern that lead to devotion...

Ivy sleeps, shadows play...
In the breeds we assume are, the peace of decency...
That has awoken, and seen the sun come, for why...?
Persuade a kind from dread, our fruit is a gift of agony...?

Building halts; continuing salt...
When has a legend presumed finish, of soon's reasons?
The tow of exception, is a wind to defer to a copious fall?
Looking ivy in the eye, asking nix for not, a needs seasons?

The fight is brutal, letting ivy is like a breath between friends
Aching at the completed hour, the duty of they and strange smiles
Set in similar pasts to a redefining must, that only with help, lends
A role no greater than now, a whisper that ended a world's defiled?

Ivy wants your life for a silence...
Ivy has the stomach to turn direction into beauty...
Ivy seemingly aloof, to worth to realize a gift is fast, to the chin...
Ivy knows you, like a taken privilege on the other side of saying we...
Never who'd but been the playing too. Does Rapunzel look better than Rumpelstiltskin in this mirror, Franklin...? Do they talk to themselves?
SelinaSharday Aug 2021
By Sharday
"Old Fools"
Old crudes.. appearing as Fools gold. The Irony. When you offer joy and laughter.. and all the best to offer in kindly spoken joyful chatter.
When you only offered a sprinkle of smiles and sunshine's. A regular day by short easy breezes to fellow online unknowns you never ever met in the flesh and briefly known online.
shared with them smiles and sunshine of encouraging crispy apple finds.  To wish they smile with glee and inwardly are filled with bitter unrest.. Unknown to most of us. We only  see the clown painted hidden face. A true face of sunken holes filthy craters in mold. The corrupt soul waiting to unlease it's misery soon as the old fool see, your joyful positivity isn't gonna stay for the foolery.
How you can't be captured, in the web of rotten hell where the Old fool dwells. Just wash your hands wipe your virtual feet from where you ventured and never again there enter.
A fool full of liquor  and utterly bitter all of its own. To whom you never did any wrong. Yet the fool will claim you have. Is a stalker web  crawler, harassing fool.. Report the stalkers  harassing's  obsessing's  words of hate.  The fools mouth of polluted lies disguised as crafted blind leading the blind sorrows.
A brief encounter online in 14 days causes a fool to write so much **** poor chatter.
Obsessive, stalker, old fool, not your muse, move on fool.
Psalms 18:2 "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion." psalms 18:2
Proverbs 29:2 If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
Sounds like a abusive deranged so madly insane. Type foolish, type thang. Can't find a away to stop using you in written metaphors. Like his pictures of he wish he had ******.
Keep virtual 911 on hit report speed dial,
this fool seems a virtual danger stranger chillld.
fools online, bitter, people, wounded, stalker, harassers, using hate, obsessed won't move on type fools.
Heavy Hearted Jul 2018
sad boy;
what a pathetic
this is for my attention.
all you contrive
always lacks concession.

every word,
and image you fake
I reject, from my
for all you are
's worth less than this
effortless expression.

you see, my natural
surmounts your ****
of the beauty of my work
and my powerful
leave me alone
Rob Sandman Mar 2016
Can you see them?-lookin' for me to be them,
lookin' for my warmth to breath life to them,
the hollow men,yes men,fallow men,come follow men,
no heart no mind-mindsick and eyeblind,
sheep talkin' like wolves that I find,
most despicable-Dis-gusting unpredictable,
following the wind as it blows on their wick they're all
candles in the strong wind gutterin',
snipes from a distance yeah they're all utterin'

Great threats from great hollow chests,
that up close-don't stand inspection,
empty vessels-makin great noise,
hard men behind keyboards hands -poised,
with the poisoned pen ready to dip in the deep well,
of hatred they bring from deep hell's,
inside,a void,avoid if you can please employ-
aversion tactics needed,don't need it,
vampyres that need pyres,yellow they bleed it
Yellow right down to the backbone believe it...


the hollow men,yes men,fallow men,come follow men,
Yes men Hollow men come follow men  
Yes Men-Shallow men come follow men, the hollow men,

The hollow men,yes men,fallow men,come follow men,
Yes men Fallow men come follow men  
Yes Men-Shallow men come follow then
while I tell you bout the Hollow men


Yeah, **** right I can see them.
Trolls in holes. I'm willin' to bleed 'em.
Society's detritis,
..delighted by the slightest sign of weakness.
Bleakness of their lives underlined by the lies they employ..
.. in their contrived..
..cyber sphere.
Scavengin' on carrion.
Peckin' at the carcass. Behind the veil of anonymity.
Sit in darkness as they hammer out calamity.
No nobility or amity. Cyber-highway poison.
I got the remedy.
Hollow husks skulk and lust..
..for coat-tails to ride on. Soon turn to dust.
Rusting hulks their disgusting bulk decaying on the shore.
Soon to be forgotten.
The Yes Men, the Hollow Men, the fallow men.
The everything is borrowed men.
The no tomorrow men.
The follow slowly to the gallows men.

*The Hollow Men, Yes men, fallow men, come follow men.
Yes men, shallow men, come follow men.
Yes men, Hollow Men.
Never follow them. The Hollow Men.
The Hollow Men, Yes men, fallow men, come follow men.
Yes men, shallow men, deal in sorrow men.
Yes men. Don't ever follow them.
A fool strolls to the gallows man.
New Work,just finished, ready to go down on track soon,
but makes a fine poem too, collaboration with the Jay from E.C.
The ugly truth will break the mirror
Mistakes are made we justify
A black laced cry unconscious lie
Thin covered paper skin veneer

Too young to know, too old to care
Deep hurts created by our schemes
Unsure the whys or what they mean
Outside the lines play truth or dare

The smoky vapors of the game
Can sure intoxicate and flare
Urges, uncontrolled to bare
Two secret faces not the same

And like a movie screen that’s fake
A counterfeit of sights surreal
The flesh on bone you cannot feel
Unless the pie is fully baked

There are no eyes behind the head
To keep from slipping in regret
From things you never will forget
Caution your fancies clear instead

Written by Sara Fielder © Oct 2014
D Lowell Wilder Apr 2016
You walked your dog in early morning
suburban calm
of hubbed parking lots, sprawled lawns

In knee tall grass imagining
your neighbors brewing a fresh *** and
pulling their curtains
I crouch obscure

knee bent, tree nestled.
My heart sings:
You, grin, grimace
The air stings
my notes strung
affix my lips to there.

Best wishes I offer at this time
I will observe the court order and
you look so handsome from here.
Seán Mac Falls Jan 2016
( Loki )

All ills you have wrought
Mischief maker in the dirt
No shower will cleanse

Poor Woolfy Spirit
******* in actuality
You ARE Beryl Dov

Thor is your new name
Psychopath reinventing
Same old *** trickster

Who is following
The fortune cookie writers
Such lame phony names

Fragile ego here
Pages of Wolf and Beryl
Drama queens reeking

Even as he leaves
Tireless self promoter
Lowers the banal*

Wolf Spirit IS Dire Wolf IS Toreanus Pinwinkle III IS Thor IS Beryl Dov IS ******* ( aka ******* ) Rabbi IS soooooo many others - a many-faced pest and pariah, previously banned on other sites for being stalkers and sociopaths !!


Basically anyone who follows these massive-ego predators is probably them !!
good riddance PEST
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