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Licking tears away with your warmth,
your sunshine dries them,
maybe they will taste good to you.
Scarlett Riel Apr 2020
They watch my lavish fall
Lips gnashing together
Grinding teeth in anticipation
Its the only sound I hear
As I slip through the abyss

I blame them
With their eyes scanning upwards
Fixated on the throne
Waiting for the day
They’ll look down on the rest of us

Now today has arrived
And they marvel in what I’ve become
What I've lost
Who am I now
Surely not this creature
Cracked mask on a sunken ship

Blood streams from my temples
Tormenting thoughts cannot be contained
In the mere encompass of my mind
They hug the curve of my cheekbones
And slip on my lower lip

Inviting me to speak them
Inviting me to scream them

All while the parasite keeps digging
Tunnelling deeper and deeper
Up the underbelly of my wrist
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
I lurk on social media.
I post all day and night.
It strokes and stokes my ego
to pick a verbal fight.

When I see inspiring stories
or such videos I watch,
my cruel and vicious comments
will take them down a notch.

Oh feel my power and my wrath,
my insults, mean and shocking,
like "Loser", "Snowflake", "Re-****", "***"
(do you tremble at my mocking?)

I hate the world, I loathe myself,
my friends all went away.
Girls say I'm scary and a creep.
My rage grows every day.

My impotence consumes me,
I respond with posts of rage.
Anonymous through GMail
and my fake Facebook page.

My hatred grows as my soul shrinks
and so my spleen I vent.
Safe, deep within my bunker,
down in my mom's basement.
Sorry, that was rather dark, but I really don't like trolls.
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