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chitragupta Oct 2021
The sky exploded red that evening
as the sun descended on the valley
and in the silhouette
I remember
the oil lamp lit up by her door

With cold winds and tired legs
I made it up the stony trail
and through the fatigue
I remember
her little hut puffing chimney smoke

A simple meal to fill me,
a fire to remedy the frost
and in the light of the flame
I remember
her eyes adorned with a desolate shine

Night fell soon after
stars danced in the naked sky
and as the moonlight kissed the peaks
I remember
her warm hands subtly grasping mine

On the morrow
we said our farewells
but as I started my descent
I remember
a sudden pang of insoluble woe

and I rushed back
the path of green and stone
with all the nerve I could muster
I remember
leaving a letter in a makeshift envelope

As often as I was entitled
I found myself back in the lone hamlet
as if to keep an unspoken vow, every time
I remember
her eyes of sadness, her smile of greeting

until the day we broke tradition
for there was no familiar face
where the trail ended
I remember
the cruel north wind cutting me open

A decade since,
of prayers to false gods in prodigal shrines
and with eyes shut
I remember
her hair billowing before the winter snow

In the monotony of city lights,
of skyscrapers and street neons
rising cigarette smoke up in the sky
I remember
the dance of the stars, the warmth of her hold


Every time
I dare go up the hill since
and gaze at the empty summit,
These memories seem to keep waning

So as I move across the highway this time
I remember
to forget the trail route to heaven.

love is not multi dimensional.
its just a multitude of single dimensions.
chitragupta Feb 2021

You heard the man
He was telling a lie
But it felt harmless;
so you had let it fly

Into the web
of nameless, faceless arachnids
who chewed it up
and spewed out in typeset

With no recourse,
it spread across the threads
As they kept on spinning
their yarn of hate

It grew with ancient tales
of temples broken, villages burned
And threats of history repeating itself
unless all debate was adjourned

Till a house of cards it was no more -
but a fortress you couldn't move
For you had by then forgotten
what used to be the truth

Publishing back again on HP after a long time, hope this is enjoyable.
chitragupta Mar 2020
To judge, to write
to scribble in the daylight
and crumple at midnight
To account for placid instincts
with the strength of an eagle's sight
The blue ink, the golden pen,
and the satchel white
That is all my birth-right

Belated world poetry day. Mash up chitragupta and a poet. I wanted to put this out sooner but just got caught up in a lot of work from home. Stay safe, everyone.
chitragupta Mar 2020
She speaks to me
And I tell her things
That normally shut most people out
And others, well they're not listening

Her eyes sparkle sometimes in photographs
Mine tired, always bloodshot
And I think it's a relief to see her smile
But those thoughts remain.. thoughts

Friend? No I don't think so..
But neither am I all round the year
But we talk on blue moons and Mondays
Silly secrets, dumb decisions and foolish fears

We've given each other little spaces,
little places to go to
But the roads to take us there have long been gone
And we end up failing to get through.
twists and turns? Nah gimme cuts and burns.
A life every poem lives
Short or long
maybe a song
A tale to tell, a story to relive

Touches many hearts, maybe not
Each a piece of art, of someone’s heart

Some live long, a forever song
Some in oblivion
Lost in the ether
A poem that was written
Inspired by the current scenario on Hp :)
Lost and found
Maybe this will be read, maybe not
  Mar 2020 chitragupta
Salmabanu Hatim
I am a huggy person,
But now,
I hug my two palms as 'namaste'.
Namaste: greeting in India.Joining two palms together.
Revolution Comes
Sulfur sprouts
From snow
Big trees blow
lawns grow
Barge floats
Convoy flops
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