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Joshua Adam Jul 2015
My Principles Are Not For Sale!

This poem is dedicated to all those secret, righteous souls, the silent minority (and heaven alone knows who they are) who guide their principles of conduct, whenever their evil inclination challenges them, by the credo "G-d is watching." They do what is right, unimpressed with what "everybody else does." They readily hold their lip, and bow their head to maintain this "peace" in G-d's world. To them, know, this is their holy sacrifice--a sacrifice to G-d, on his very Alter (our world).

Surviving adversity, it is really against the odds
that you'll still stay normal with your full deck of cards
Like many a cause that you know have a price
where principle is concerned, you're ready to sacrifice

There is right and there is wrong, you don't need to belong**
your principles are just, they have made you headstrong
No rhyme and no reason can sway you from this cause
because you've pondered its justice and have found no flaws

Shouts of anger and negativity galore
you are now tasting just what is in store
What words could you offer to those limited in thought
when all is finished, would it be your wisdom they sought?

Words of the heart enter the heart, when all else fails
it's not a bad place to be, when addressing another's ails
To overcome adversity there is not always one solution
but it can never be found in starting a revolution

In final sum, it seems like the rule of thumb
better to negotiate that peace and then some
For the alternatives are all to clear
why perpetuate hatred and fear
so put aside your differences
and find a world wishing to care
This short poem is dedicated to all of you "Survivors", with love!
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
After searching for so long, I am convinced love has a heavenly source
emanating from my heart's chambers, but more powerful than any force
and when you share it with another, instead of having less, you have more
finding yourself with these emotions, and an imagination looking to explore

It's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder, another way that love shows
but I would sooner send a dozen roses, because this message every girl knows
escaping the loneliness troubling your mind, allowing a captured heart to love
then happiness will reign, worries disappear as you find yourself flying above

Love, a divine magic when reaching earth, creates a longing for another to be near
maybe a way for the heavenly world helping man to adjust, removing his earthly fear
humans are the most sensitive of G-d's creations, a few misplaced words and egos hurt
but love holds that power to repair, once again being able to reassure and bring comfort

So where must this love come from, acknowledging indeed that it emanates from heaven alone
but how can this be, having this power to heal, love must forever remain in a place of the unknown
perhaps then this is what it means when we say that someone is out of sight, but not out of mind
true feelings of love must exists deep down, a special love mixed with the divine, one of a kind

Feelings of the heart really emanate from our mind, it is the true place where all of our desires reside
so it comes as no surprise, why we'll never fully understand, because this love we seek is really inside
as the wind blows, and the sun sets, so too, love must forever remain a mystery of life never to know
Love is His greatest gift, unending happiness with us to share, G-d to beloved mankind did He bestow
The is a short poem describing where love is from and how it affects our emotional world.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Adam & Eve, originally, had all their needs provided for until the snake (embodiment of the Evil Inclination, an outside force) caused them to Sin (through Eve). The snake was the second most important creature after Adam. He actually had legs and walked upright which is a sign of dominance and importance. His punishment was that he would now lose his legs and crawl on his belly. So displeased was G-d with him that he made sure the snake's food would be plentiful so that He would have no need to ever again deal with him (directly). Remember, the snake slandered G-d, His Creator--just about the greatest sin one can do in this world! Perhaps, this is where the statement, "the bigger (greater) they are, the harder (lower) they fall," came from.

**Eve made from Adam
first sin causes them to fall
men now fend alone
The Real Culprit in Man's Downfall
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Balancing Imagination with a healthy mind and spirit**

Were I to be given wings for a day, I would fly in the sky
not like all the other birds, I would fly way up high
with nothing to stop me, and the winds on my side
a chance to fulfill my dreams, I would now not hide

These beautiful soft clouds, through which I now fly
reminded me of this divine solitude, and a low cry
with plan and purpose, I thought my trip to make
but with the rising sun, I saw it was but a mistake

The heavens are His heavens, created for His sake
but the earth, to His creations, he let them take
even though way up high, that glorious bright light did shine
It was premature to traverse His domain, while not yet mine

Human spirit lets us imagine, the things we can do
but even an imagination, at times, we must subdue
our years in this world, no one really can know
accepting our limitations, seems the sensible way to go

If a healthy mind and spirit, you desire to hold
no question, surely more valuable than money or gold
the path toward its attainment is by finding the right way
by reigning over this, your imagination, long after today
A short poem about the power of imagination, and at times the need for its control.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
This poem represents one, of many, of life's journeys. A journey filled with tears, disappointments, and lies. Many years of watching relationships being tossed, people crossed, and still worse, years lost. Yet, one can never know when the sparks of faith will ignite. When you least expect it, it appears. With it, strength for some enabling them to overcome. You are a new person, with a cause and a reason to add to your "being". You have direction with a spiritual goal as your sole purpose. A faith, borne of pain, now bringing you into His inner circle. A circle filled with this bright light. A light that will never be extinguished, because it has now become a real part of you--a part of  your very soul.

I never sought your money, never sought your gold
all I ever asked, was for the truth to be told
while time has passed, my hope has faded
G-d only knows, how long I had waited

Memories I have as a little boy, once happy just to play with my toy
but as I grew up my mind did ponder, if truth really existed over yonder
reaching adulthood I saw for myself, the lies which my soul had been fed
only by the grace of G-d was I prevented, my steps to purgatory from being led

Now I am older, being blessed with a family of my own
left with so many questions, and still very very much alone
perhaps if only I could make sense, to understand who you really are
a chance to at least to be able, with hope to remove this scar

And you my forebearer, although you brought me into being
you gave me my strength, but my faith gave me my seeing
but now your are old, and you can no longer pretend
despite our relationship, gone is the ability for me to mend

Those missed opportunities, now my mother is no longer
only after her death, did I realize she made me stronger
my internal tears how inconsolable, when this truth set in
oh how much I failed to honor her while alive, this my sin

"Honor thy father and thy mother", have we been commanded
for no other reason or purpose, other than He has demanded
no matter how much grief or anger, you feel from you they deserve
avoid bringing punishment upon your soul, your anger do not preserve

Lessons of a lifetime, skeletons in the closet we all do hide
varying durations of time we have been pained, in whom to confide
there can be no escape, for our actions will we be judged
how difficult to overcome our ego, to this we can't be budged

While we cannot go back, stopping those hands from turning time
but we can seek to redirect ourselves, focusing toward the sublime
charity starts at home, therefore it's for our own ultimate good
eternal bliss really does await us, if we but only understood
Pain Is G-d's Way To Bring You Close. A Pain which will ultimately lead to faith.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
There is a Judge, and there is Justice. Our time in this world is very much finite. When the time comes, and our name is called, some will be very much surprised to find out that there WILL BE full accountability for their past actions below. Only, the plan is that our last days in this world MUST remain hidden from us. Our thoughts, speech, and actions will be our witnesses. For better or for worse, this is our Destiny.

**three, we know relate
our thoughts, our words, our actions
our trial, heaven's date
Short Haiku Poetry - where an image is worth a thousand words
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Choose your destiny, but your destination has already been prepared
you have only to follow the light of truth, with no cause to be scared
mercy is given to the merciful, and only in the land of the living
after returning to your heavenly abode, there is no longer forgiving

Know that the place to mend is here, and the time to achieve is now
passing into the world of souls, correction they will no longer allow
our personality traits are in need of repair, we must dig very deep below
if we fail to improve the error of our ways, forever will we remain low

Three things, jealousy, lust and honor remove us from this world
struggles of the body and duties of the soul, to us has this been hurled
we do not have the choice to desist from exerting our efforts, this is a must
heavenly eyes are watching, whether we will choose wisely and learn to trust

Encountering life’s trials and tribulations, mitigating circumstances they will weigh
what is required of us is to withstand, but for the right results we must surely pray
like in human affairs, judge your neighbor favorably is the correct way to go
becoming entangled in the net of gossip and slander, from them does sin flow

This world is the place where we are expected to toil, that is why we were created
at the end of this journey, we will finally see just how everything was interrelated
a person’s face in the image of G-d was he created, and yet we embarrass him so
his face turns red as he wishes himself dead, we have murdered him we must know

Those that lower themselves in this world, in the next they will be raised up high
everything is revealed, and for all the good you’ve done forgiveness you can rely
He neither sleeps not slumbers, throughout our lives G-d does patiently await
our shortcomings are no secret, despite our mistakes His love will never abate

The day is short and the work is great, consider your obligations the hour is late
how important it is to take stock, our destiny is ours and we control our own fate
suffice it to say when all else has passed, one thing alone remains to be said
look forward to what you acquired, eternal happiness, for you alone lies ahead
Spiritual Truth unbound by physical constraints, above and beyond human limitations.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Death Is Not The End, But A New Beginning**

It is not the end, but a new beginning
a place that is the ultimate in giving
but a lifetime of attachment down here
clouds our minds, thinking of it with fear

The body replanted, with your soul finally released
a new way of living, part of a group called deceased
even though mentioning the word death causes fright
it's a place promised to be a delight, yes, for the upright

You're thinking how I can dare, mentioning death as a kindness
but your fear is natural, and perhaps caused by your own blindness
how would G-d, your Loving Creator, bring death upon you for naught
perhaps it has a benefit for you, but something you were never taught

The body is purged from sin, because our earth has this power to cleanse
so by burying the body in the earth, we will then enable it to make amends
if the soul is found worthy, after the day of judgement it will be redeemed
to be reunited with a pure body, something you would never have dreamed

Death, for the righteous, is then only the beginning, a harbinger for the ultimate bliss
an indescribable happiness beginning with G-d, taking his loved ones with a Divine kiss
thinking of death you no longer fear, because living a virtuous life you are now committed
the greatest happiness awaits for you to experience, knowing you will surely be admitted
This is a short poem relating to death and the righteous
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Hope Still Exists Because You Are Alive

With eyes tightly shut, existence takes on a different dimension
mentally exploring my hidden world, communicating my intention
my soul has begun to take charge, my body must patiently wait
as mind and heart connect, lips and tears unify in order to relate

Solitude and serenity, love and security, are as clouds of blue
impossible to explain, knowing and feeling G-d is before you
silently petitioning the one source in the world with the power
where your hopes and dreams can become reality in an hour

As tears slowly flow, focused on before whom you stand
nothing exists for the moment, G-d is all you understand
I was talking because he was listening, my tears did declare
with complete dependence on him, with no cause for despair

Oblivious to my surroundings, nothing external had any effect
standing in silence, in deep thought, with my heart alone to reflect
requesting G-d to open my lips, my mouth to acknowledge his praise
drawn with a burning desire, my soul on fire, an uncontrollable blaze

What can I give you, only prayer from my heart with some tears
a lonely creature, flesh and blood, with an existence for a few years
throughout life ever dependent on you, you alone hold the key to life
an unending kindness, keeping this world from total chaos and strife

As time passes and reality sets in, the end of my journey slowly nears
unwilling to confide in others, beseeching you alone to allay my fears
help me to deal with the unknown, that fork in the road will I soon greet
either my soul to be bound in endless light, or flames of purgatory to meet

While the strength of life is still within, remaining is my one request I humbly now make
wishing to repent for the sins I've done, and replacing them with my tears for you to take
G-d, you are above all earthly dimensions, thereby being unrestricted by time and space
you have the power to remove sins, even making them as if they have never taken place

Imploring You to grant the request of my prayers, not having withheld any of my tears
my human weaknesses testify before you, revealed as is the sun, naked with their fears
no longer to continue denying the facts, because true judgement will you soon consider
whether I am deserving of heaven, or to be forever banished as an unrepentant sinner

My prayers and tears beg mercy from the G-d of Truth, of Heaven and Earth
what vanity can I hold, having been created in your image is my only true worth
taking three steps back, I temporarily depart from your glory, returning to be Man
this world is about repenting, becoming one with you, by achieving your Master Plan

Eternity awaits for those summing up the courage, having conquered the evil from within
in the next world a movie of our life patiently waits to play, having arrived they now begin
what can be said on this day of truth as all is revealed, our thoughts and actions will attest
G-d gave us his commandments to earn a place in heaven, but we failed and transgressed

Hope still exists in life so long as the candle is still lit, time yet remains allowing to repair
realize while alive and free will is still yours, you must consider wisely and with much care
G-d wants to give you good, but you must first seek to earnestly change your evil ways
ultimately you will succeed, choosing life, and finding G-d singing to you eternal praise
This is a short poem which shares some thoughts and feelings about a prayer with a tear
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Resident Evil Always Lurking**

Transcend the world of darkness, beyond where human senses can go
perceive the existence of this reality, you would otherwise never know
waiting for you is your destiny, preordained, you alone have this control
preparations for the future, by casting off the body, elevating the soul

Transcend all physical boundaries, limitations are a figment of the mind
close your eyes and you'll see, following others is what keeps you blind
achievements are within your abilities, only others try and hold you back
hoping for you to stumble, harboring hidden jealousies, waiting to attack

Transcend the pettiness of an egotistical world, where the center of all is Me
until your life changes, until you become a giver, the truth you will never see
a world without is connected to our world within, bound by words and actions
another paradox of human existence, finding unity among conflicting factions

Transcend the selfishness of your surroundings, none of us are really fully immune
witnessing people with two faces, feigning kindness, wanting us to play their tune
surviving instability of an ever changing world, seek comfort in things of purpose
find consolation in this truth, the world is not what it appears to be on the surface

Transcend the resident evil clouding your thinking, and you'll free yourself to finally live
escaping from those pitfalls of hatred and bigotry, realizing the ultimate good is to give
now having come full circle in your life, you will understand the jewel you have found
spreading goodness to others, with an endless light of happiness, will you be crowned
This is a short poem which discusses some of the challenges we face in this world
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