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Joshua Adam Jul 2015
A Tear Needs Care

The human being has five senses. The most important of them all are our eyes. They are the doorway to our very existence.

The Eyes never lie. They are the gateway into our hearts and souls. They are our direction. They are what we see and the object by which we often communicate our feelings. The eyes thus serve multiple purposes.

This is a Haiku poem that attempts to portray a human feeling that exists within all of us. Whether we know about or acknowledge them, the fact is that sometimes our own human faculties cannot always hide the real feelings contained in the depths of our hearts.

Sometimes things cannot remain hidden. By their very nature, their existence must necessarily be seen by some and felt by others. Sadness for example, shows itself in its pure honest "self" with the venue by which it expresses itself-- the human eyes. When emotions build, they reveal the true self behind the mask and, in such a case, the eye can never lie. Fears sometimes cause us to change our behavior, but when true deep sadness is the catalyst, even fear cannot withhold the outcome.

My Short Haiku poem now follows:

**no eye ever fears
revealing her nakedness
when sadness rains tears
A haiku poem that attempts to portray a human feeling that exists within all of us. Whether we know about or acknowledge them, the fact is that sometimes our own human faculties cannot always hide the real feelings contained in the depths of our hearts.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Echoes we sometimes hear in life, we will never be able to control
reawakening in us a spiritual side, putting us in touch with our soul
much like an internal echo, signaling us, trying to get our attention
Heaven's attempt to stir us up, forcing upon us a spiritual reflection

Echoes always come unannounced, we sense they emanate from within
consciously drawn to this new world, a somewhere we've never been
our thoughts focus us on our past, memories that can capture our mind
sometimes overcome with sadness, needing recollections to be defined

Echoes cause us to relive our past, but they help us to get over our pain
removing sadness and shame, and bringing us into this new domain
examining why we felt so plagued, and searching to know the reason
knowing as human beings, trials and tribulations change each season

Echoes of confusion and pain, replaced by a harmony, an unending joy
thoughts are no longer depressing, peace and serenity never to destroy
the state of mind that we keep, is our true reality where we take shape
but know that our thoughts, this will forever be our test, there is escape

We hear what we want to hear, see what we want to see, this is our power
echoes we choose to hear or to ignore, we alone are the keeper of the tower
the forces of evil are empowered to test us, with these thoughts we keep
so remove them from memory, find eternal happiness, before that final sleep
This is a short poem about those internal echoes, why we have them, and what they mean
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
A short poem about what most represents being created in G-d's Image;
The Power of Speech

It is almost one of the best kept secrets, I would say
so few know of its power, thinking it to be far far away
but this power of speech, a power which is always passed on
leaves its lasting impressions, even after you are long gone

The world we live in, created with a molecular structure
articulating sound, our speech now meets this juncture
power of speech, although emanating from a thought
impacts on everything around us, and this we wrought

"Think good and it will be good", it's not just a saying
we really don't realize this power, our words are swaying
"think good and you will create good", is what it should be
sound created by our words lives forever, who would foresee

Think about the history of creation, the way the world came into being
G-d said, "Let there be light", having commanded, darkness began fleeing
but focus on the fact of G-d's act in His saying, which comes to inform
this power our Creator used, speech, whose power caused all to conform

So having been created in G-d's image, better to learn while we are young
our heritage as humans, life and death are really in the power of the tongue
the power to build or to destroy, stems from the power of the words we choose
we can perpetuate this light, doing good to all, rather than use it to abuse
The Power of Speech is What Has Given Us Life
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
God made every single creature for a reason!

It happened many years ago, an average day at work
when I was employed as nothing more, just a simple clerk
Heaven sent me a lesson, they saw fit that I learn
sent through the smallest of creatures, knowing I would discern

My first instinct was simple, to one all could relate
a desire to crush this cockroach, I could not wait
As I raised my foot, making sure my aim was set
knowing that he'd be finished, with nothing to regret

I was overpowered by a thought, a simple thought to consider
why should this ugly creature, cause me to be bitter?
With great plan and purpose, was this cockroach surely made
but where was born this eagerness to ****, or for me to be afraid?

With great difficulty going against my nature, I did then dare
no more justifications were acceptable to me, for I was now aware
Although small and ugly was my limited perception, I could still care
With this cockroach, nothing would stop me, and would I now spare

Lessons throughout life, does our Creator continually teach
empowering us with free choice, and potential growth that we reach
By contemplating our thoughts, and their true meaning that we may find
a change of heart in our actions, and a true desire to be kind
A short but True Poem (story) I wrote of one of the very great lessons I received from the smallest of creatures
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
A day started out, it really looked bright
no one could recognize just what was in site
how was I to know, the heavens were about to flow
soon I would be escorted, to that place we all must go

When those angels came for me, I was ill prepared
didn’t pack any clothes, wouldn’t need anything to wear
yet I knew that it had to be good, whatever would be
because G-d is calling the shots, to this we all do see

Lost opportunities to reflect on life, and all that my body once did yearn
how it has now been reduced, to little more than food for the worm
stoic indeed was I now, since during my life I maintained my belief
preparing my soul for this journey, so that I could now expect relief

I knew, therefore, when I was young awaiting me was this court case
even though it was much in the future, eventually, it I would have to face
so I made sure to invest the time, helping both friends and strangers in need
for I knew the secret, heaven would certainly treat me likewise, indeed

Measure for measure does our Creator deal with us, for this is part of his design
not always perceivable to man, because it emanates from the realm of the divine
ultimately making known his true righteousness in judgement, for all to see
A day of judgement truly awaits, and our very souls will be forced to agree

Only in this world are we constantly challenged, many tests emanate from within
because there has been put inside of us, an evil inclination trying to get us to sin
having made known to us, there is a medicine for our benefit he has deployed
patiently hoping for us to choose wisely, our constant sinning for us to avoid

This medicine is a secret, and is made known to only a select few
and is given over to those, choosing to staying far away from the untrue
I have recognized this fact, a fact that is difficult but does hold true
when you starve your body from sin, merit for your soul do you accrue

After leaving this world, we hope to paradise we all shall surely go
not wanting to contemplate, the existence of that other place down below
the message is a simple one, tailored for all those earnestly wishing to know
do many acts of kindness in this world, and in the next your soul will surely glow
Spiritual/Inspirational Poetry with a message
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Make due with what you have, and choose to go that right way....

A person's thoughts, how secret we think they really are
in reality, however, the truth to this is indeed very far
how can we really think to be judged, for all the things we have done
unless our Creator above knows all, nothing hidden from under the sun

Coming into this world against our will, is something I feel and know
but contemplate the fact this same way, is how we are going to go
what matters most is to achieve our task, for the duration of our stay
making due with what we have, and choosing to go that right way

A soul placed in us from a higher place, in our body below does it rest
divine power and free will have we been given, for us to pass this test
everyday how many challenges we face, for our benefit are they designed
giving us an opportunity to come closer to G-d, to this we may be resigned

I have asked myself so many times, why this feeling for love is so strong
the answer to this may be found, understanding our human need to belong
so when we consider these G-d given gifts, bestowed with a great plan
fostering this desire to help others, then life really starts with man

If we had any idea how our actions below, effect the divine world above
kindness we show to one another, forces down upon us their love
so living a life that is divinely inspired, is not only moral and just
this power of giving and doing good, makes living life nobly a must

At the end of our days, when that time comes for that place on the other side
content we can be to let them know, at least we made an effort and tried
human frailties are not accidental, our Creator fashioned us just so
challenging us to give us reward, for all the good we have done below
A Short Poem on the Truth of our Spiritual stay here in this world and that this power of giving and doing good, makes living life nobly a must
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Trust in Faith

It's raining and the sun has returned home
although I am by myself, yet I am not alone
mind engages intellect, with time to consider
how this heart of mine, has grown so bitter

Not long ago, reflections of the past were a delight
then in a brief moment, my happiness took flight
once having a life with meaning, love and security
now with remorse and desire, for a heart with purity

Continuing to pursue life normally, while anxieties drown the mind
no matter what I might do, any sense of happiness seems confined
confused with mixed emotions, and knowing that they are both true
yet despite my conflict, still mustering the will to tell her, I love you

With each and every passing day, I look forward to behold
once again to greet those yesterdays, those yesterdays of old
but those yesterdays are buried, the fear of the future takes hold
all of what now remains, are those few tomorrows left to unfold

Worries must stem from this lack of control, how not to consider
thinking of how few years are left to live, could anyone not be bitter
the unknown of what the rest of your life will bring, an awesome fear
when you advance in years, only then does it become all too clear

Times passes, the body ages, memories flounder, and reality sets in
maybe tomorrow the mail will arrive, addressed to: The Next of Kin
finding yourself in an emotional upheaval, there is but one thing to do
forage deep down inside, and uncover your faith, your only rescue

Faith will give you the strength, it will guide you to trust in the One above
fears of the future and of the unknown, disappear in this world called love
experiencing midlife crisis, something you can and will successfully overcome
but first never stop searching, trusting in G-d, and to depression never succumb
A poem that describes a man's midlife crisis and a successful way to deal with it
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Fooling yourself with alluring transitory pleasures, this world leads you astray.....

Examining love from all different angles, one can come to appreciate the connection
how it is so often used as the vehicle, by which we share with others our deepest affection
and this love no matter how much we have, never do we seem able to get enough
yet had we been forced to live without it, we would find living in starvation just too tough

This constant need to possess a measure of love in our life, must be part of that divine plan
enabling us to maintain our emotional health, and affording us a way to become a better man
perhaps an additional reason might also be, to share a little of our love with those in need
we can become so lost in our materialistic world, easily forgetting to pursue this noble deed

The greatness of man’s creation exists from within, and lies dormant for us to find
accepting the fact that we are spiritual beings, and the most unique of our kind
innate potential to reach the highest of heights, in the service of our Creator
choosing wisely to do good, while rejecting evil, and thus becoming even greater

Fooling yourself with alluring transitory pleasures, this world leads you astray
fleeting momentary happiness, causes you to believe you are here to stay
furthest from the truth you could never be, because ultimately all will see
when the end of that long road arrives, you too, will be just another deportee

Only with constant toil and unremitting effort, could we think it possible to overcome
to successfully subdue evil that is now a part of you, would be nothing short of awesome
better to consider the end, when your immortal soul will be in need of an abode of its own
what a tremendous loss it would be indeed, for your soul to be left in the dark and all alone
A short poem that discusses focusing on what this world is really about, and how this constant need to possess a measure of love in our life must be part of that divine plan
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
My personal quote:
"Faith might be something hard to live with, but it's even harder to live without"
joshua adam

Thinking you could succeed, trying desperately to hide those tears
it's just too much for you, having been overcome with so many fears
running makeup now your worst enemy, threatening to give you away
but there is no longer denial, uncontrollably, your heart led you astray

Drowning in unhappiness, because the past will no longer return
tears silently shed, afraid this pain in your heart will forever burn
solace escapes you, left with feelings of loneliness and despair
wherever you turn, imagining others are giving you a stare

You should know, although you're broken, never submit to despair
there is someone waiting for your love, waiting to give you his care
neither today nor tomorrow, circumstances not within your control
still you have this faith, a faith so inseparably a part of your soul

Only with this, your faith, does hope have a place to truly reside
with it you are never alone, something in which you can always confide
so don't stop those tears, if they are really true then let them flow
only redirect them to G-d above, He alone, will cause them to sow

The gates are many through which prayers must always traverse
many angels probe and examine them, and very many do they disperse
yet when tears join sincere prayer, from the depths of one's heart they ascend
they reach His heavenly throne, no heavenly forces having the power to contend

From faith we must, therefore, garner the strength enabling us to discern
the wish of maintaining our continued happiness is really a heavenly concern
not always recognizing our G-d given abilities to gain the resolve and persevere
how important it is to know, with a solid faith, we can avoid despair
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Removing the Darkness from the Light......

From behind the veil, my tears, I dare to peer out
while forever longing, wishing to remove all doubt
waiting for a time, when the hidden will be revealed
when truth will prevail, no longer to remain concealed

This self-banishment is my unbroken silence, a journey I take
in order to traverse my world within, all else I must forsake
finally hoping to arrive, by following a destination foreseen
this remains my sole means of escape, fleeing to my dream

The hardships we all endure, why to remain mentally impeded
life's momentary setbacks, keep us from becoming conceded
this life is a prison, like in those dreams, we hide but cannot flee
ultimately time will dictate, how many years remain for us "to be"

To be" or "not to be" is then no longer a question, but is the answer
while for those who choose unwisely, "to be" becomes their cancer
how can they turn those unmovable hands, how to retrieve the past
to be given one more chance, and maybe to find eternal peace at last

Lies multiply advancing with time, caught in the confusion of the storm
nevertheless, you refuse to budge, you would rather die than conform
knowing what life is really about, you remove the darkness from the light
giving selflessly to others what they need most, and you become their sight

We can't always recognize the good in all things, but we will soon understand
when the concealed is revealed, only then will we recognize the guiding hand
along with the setting of the sun, are those dreams for us to ultimately behold
tears no longer to be shed, because now you're forever part of a heavenly fold
This is a short but deep poem with hidden meanings, some Concealed / some Revealed, for those ready, willing and able to navigate the depths.
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