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Joshua Adam Jul 2015
My Principles Are Not For Sale!

This poem is dedicated to all those secret, righteous souls, the silent minority (and heaven alone knows who they are) who guide their principles of conduct, whenever their evil inclination challenges them, by the credo "G-d is watching." They do what is right, unimpressed with what "everybody else does." They readily hold their lip, and bow their head to maintain this "peace" in G-d's world. To them, know, this is their holy sacrifice--a sacrifice to G-d, on his very Alter (our world).

Surviving adversity, it is really against the odds
that you'll still stay normal with your full deck of cards
Like many a cause that you know have a price
where principle is concerned, you're ready to sacrifice

There is right and there is wrong, you don't need to belong**
your principles are just, they have made you headstrong
No rhyme and no reason can sway you from this cause
because you've pondered its justice and have found no flaws

Shouts of anger and negativity galore
you are now tasting just what is in store
What words could you offer to those limited in thought
when all is finished, would it be your wisdom they sought?

Words of the heart enter the heart, when all else fails
it's not a bad place to be, when addressing another's ails
To overcome adversity there is not always one solution
but it can never be found in starting a revolution

In final sum, it seems like the rule of thumb
better to negotiate that peace and then some
For the alternatives are all to clear
why perpetuate hatred and fear
so put aside your differences
and find a world wishing to care
This short poem is dedicated to all of you "Survivors", with love!
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Love's burning desire**

Life passes by much too quickly. More often than not, we lack an appreciation for the true value of time. Almost like in the blink of an eye another day has past. Then, another week. Then, another month. Then, another year. When we finally come to our senses reality starts to settle in. We are now left with that ever recurring question of, where has the time gone? Ergo, why not come to this appreciation for life while we are still young. At a time, perhaps, when we still have most of our basic faculties intact and an ability to use them more beneficially and productively while "age" is still somewhat on our side.

Below is a poem I wrote in an attempt to get this point across in a more creative way. Here we can see the development of that passing time. Here we see the changes time necessarily impacts on us. The message is clear, don't let human frailties and shortcomings from stopping you from enjoying, accomplishing, living, experiencing, etc. Don't let things like fear, laziness, depression, unhappiness, or anything similar restrict you from appreciating everything that life has to offer and for you to experience. So mush exists in this our beautiful world. So much awaits us to experience and to grow. Why squander away that precious time that so often steals away everything we have from right under our noses. The real tragedy is when we finally see how precious time is. We see why it is thus so precious. It CANNOT be replaced. Appreciate Life! Enjoy Life! Don't even stop to turn around.

The sun will shine, and the clouds will rain
these winds will blow, and love will yet feign
the eye will see, and the heart will crave
the body will sin, and sin will enslave

The baby will crawl, and the boy will walk
the man will run, and love will soon talk
love's burning desire, but a fleeting fire
age overcomes, desires quickly retire

The old man now stooped over
memories have but faded away
that life once full of living, alas
sitting in solitude, nothing but decay

So in youth, don't ever miss the chance
never stop dreaming, a time for romance
the days are shadows, years will soon disappear
don't miss these opportunities when you're young
just because of this word called fear
A short Poem about Appreciating Life. Don't let time slip away.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Loneliness Is Wishing To Cry

Can we really control our loneliness when it attacks? Of course not. However, we can employ the means by which to channel it into a positive force. A force whereby we recruit others and together battle this power of the dark side attempting to cajole us into this state of melancholy. We have to collectively rise to the occassion, and with the force of Good, vanquish it forever more.

Here is a short poem about what loneliness means to me. It was written at a time in my life when I was trying to deal with the recent death of a close family member. Needless to say, I was most devasted at the time of this writing. This poem at that time, in reflection, acted as a therapeutic means for me to "get it all out".

Loneliness is despair
Loneliness is something to beware
Loneliness is the thought today
of no tomorrow

Loneliness is wishing to cry
without knowing why
Loneliness is a simple feeling
without a simple answer

Loneliness comes
Loneliness goes
Loneliness is that uninvited guest
who visits, always without a request

Loneliness is a sickness
you my friend are the cure
Together we will strengthen
and together we will endure.....
A short and simple poem to which everyone can relate
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
I lived a life throughout this land, and with time, wisdom have I earned
I'll try my best, this is my pledge, to share with you what I have learned
with a growing strength and new found wisdom, surely I've become  brighter
out of somewhere then came this burning desire, to be this new type of fighter

Not with  muscle or aggression, this is not an obsession, I would ever aspire
but with pen and paper and the truth to shape her, to this could I ever admire
discovering this power close at hand, knowing that it would finally afford
an opportunity for me to persist, because the pen is mightier than the sword

You, my adversary, might steal my money or cause me some shame
but know for sure, the words of my heart you would succeed only to inflame
mustering the will with all my strength, to oppose you when you conspire
but in the end the truth will be known, and the truth alone all will acquire

I have nurtured this dream since I was little, to find a way to bind
to make my words and thoughts come alive, and of a singular kind
so just plant this one thought in your mind, and never ever let it go
only with paper, pen and writing again, can you ever expect to grow
A short poem and the power of the pen, you'll be captivated once again
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
What can be said about the most disastrous day in the life of every American. The day, we as proud American Citizens, woke up to the realization that the love that Radical Islamists have for us is no less than for the Israelis. The problem is no longer in the Middle East. Unfortunately, it was never ONLY in the Middle East. Evil exists in this world. Sometimes it hides behind a scarf. Sometimes it hides behind a religion. Sometimes it hides in the guise of friendship. Whatever and wherever it takes its form, it still has one purpose in mind, our subjugation, our submission, or necessarily (if need be) our annihilation--at their hands!

Trying to capture the moment of this most historical and tragic of days was no easy task. Focusing on the three actors/victims of this most heinous of crimes, while still keeping within the limitation of a Haiku's 5-7-5 format, required boiling down the truth of what happened on this day into its minutest of elements.

What I came up with was the following Haiku which I feel does justice to the realities which now exist in the world, post 9/11.

May All the Victims, NO Heroes of the day, which include all those that lost their life and/or limbs, be forever engraved on the heart's of their brothers.
May G-d Continue to protect and assist us in our (mankind's) continued battle of "Good" (the Good) versus (those Evil) "Evil". One day, very soon, they will all be unmasked and vanquished!

**four birds fly the sky
men so trained to **** and die
world reborn to mourn
9/11 will forever be etched on our minds, and in our hearts
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
A little boy sits alone, with a world before him to explore
soon this boy grows up, not that same little boy as before
when reaching adulthood, feeding his curiosity becomes his goal
but he has not yet learned, true wisdom to maintain that control

Now a young teenager in a crowd, he senses he’s different and feels sad
so he inquires of others, and is given answers that to him just don't add
not long after this young man marries, happy and with a family of his own
he becomes overwhelmed with this depression, and feels like he is all alone

The challenges of marriage were too much, on him taking their toll
reaching that point many of us get to, he begins searching his soul
in time a transformation takes place, a degree of serenity he finds
his life slowly becomes focused, confidence and belief now shines

How many of us at one time or another, fall into this melancholy and start to wonder
is it possible that we were so deaf and blind, unaffected even from the noise of thunder
all our lives heaven sent us those messages and signs, to wake us from this our slumber
yet we chose to satisfy our materialistic desires, priorities on our list, each with a number

Skeptics and scoffers evade the logic of their folly, ignoring the truth hidden from within
unwilling to change their ways, acknowledging this truth means having to admit their sin
they err lacking the knowledge, G-d does not treat us severely when we repent while alive
but if we fail to mend our ways, love and forgiveness, for ourselves alone do we deprive

I learned this lesson myself many years ago, praying for direction from the One above
never again to put my faith in man, I was rewarded with the wisdom of truth my true love
wisdom is within the reach of all, patiently awaiting those willing to drink and draw near
with but one condition which all must follow, to acquire true wisdom, sin you must fear

Where there is fear of sin, there is enlightenment, and wisdom has a place to call home
without fear you cannot control yourself, unhindered, your evil inclination is free to roam
your hopes and desires they can really be achieved, but remember to always remain true
that road to ultimate happiness, is to acquire that wisdom, a gift understood by so few
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
After searching for so long, I am convinced love has a heavenly source
emanating from my heart's chambers, but more powerful than any force
and when you share it with another, instead of having less, you have more
finding yourself with these emotions, and an imagination looking to explore

It's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder, another way that love shows
but I would sooner send a dozen roses, because this message every girl knows
escaping the loneliness troubling your mind, allowing a captured heart to love
then happiness will reign, worries disappear as you find yourself flying above

Love, a divine magic when reaching earth, creates a longing for another to be near
maybe a way for the heavenly world helping man to adjust, removing his earthly fear
humans are the most sensitive of G-d's creations, a few misplaced words and egos hurt
but love holds that power to repair, once again being able to reassure and bring comfort

So where must this love come from, acknowledging indeed that it emanates from heaven alone
but how can this be, having this power to heal, love must forever remain in a place of the unknown
perhaps then this is what it means when we say that someone is out of sight, but not out of mind
true feelings of love must exists deep down, a special love mixed with the divine, one of a kind

Feelings of the heart really emanate from our mind, it is the true place where all of our desires reside
so it comes as no surprise, why we'll never fully understand, because this love we seek is really inside
as the wind blows, and the sun sets, so too, love must forever remain a mystery of life never to know
Love is His greatest gift, unending happiness with us to share, G-d to beloved mankind did He bestow
The is a short poem describing where love is from and how it affects our emotional world.
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