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Jul 2015
Balancing Imagination with a healthy mind and spirit**

Were I to be given wings for a day, I would fly in the sky
not like all the other birds, I would fly way up high
with nothing to stop me, and the winds on my side
a chance to fulfill my dreams, I would now not hide

These beautiful soft clouds, through which I now fly
reminded me of this divine solitude, and a low cry
with plan and purpose, I thought my trip to make
but with the rising sun, I saw it was but a mistake

The heavens are His heavens, created for His sake
but the earth, to His creations, he let them take
even though way up high, that glorious bright light did shine
It was premature to traverse His domain, while not yet mine

Human spirit lets us imagine, the things we can do
but even an imagination, at times, we must subdue
our years in this world, no one really can know
accepting our limitations, seems the sensible way to go

If a healthy mind and spirit, you desire to hold
no question, surely more valuable than money or gold
the path toward its attainment is by finding the right way
by reigning over this, your imagination, long after today
A short poem about the power of imagination, and at times the need for its control.
Joshua Adam
Written by
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