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Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Choose your destiny, but your destination has already been prepared
you have only to follow the light of truth, with no cause to be scared
mercy is given to the merciful, and only in the land of the living
after returning to your heavenly abode, there is no longer forgiving

Know that the place to mend is here, and the time to achieve is now
passing into the world of souls, correction they will no longer allow
our personality traits are in need of repair, we must dig very deep below
if we fail to improve the error of our ways, forever will we remain low

Three things, jealousy, lust and honor remove us from this world
struggles of the body and duties of the soul, to us has this been hurled
we do not have the choice to desist from exerting our efforts, this is a must
heavenly eyes are watching, whether we will choose wisely and learn to trust

Encountering life’s trials and tribulations, mitigating circumstances they will weigh
what is required of us is to withstand, but for the right results we must surely pray
like in human affairs, judge your neighbor favorably is the correct way to go
becoming entangled in the net of gossip and slander, from them does sin flow

This world is the place where we are expected to toil, that is why we were created
at the end of this journey, we will finally see just how everything was interrelated
a person’s face in the image of G-d was he created, and yet we embarrass him so
his face turns red as he wishes himself dead, we have murdered him we must know

Those that lower themselves in this world, in the next they will be raised up high
everything is revealed, and for all the good you’ve done forgiveness you can rely
He neither sleeps not slumbers, throughout our lives G-d does patiently await
our shortcomings are no secret, despite our mistakes His love will never abate

The day is short and the work is great, consider your obligations the hour is late
how important it is to take stock, our destiny is ours and we control our own fate
suffice it to say when all else has passed, one thing alone remains to be said
look forward to what you acquired, eternal happiness, for you alone lies ahead
Spiritual Truth unbound by physical constraints, above and beyond human limitations.

— The End —