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Jul 2015
After searching for so long, I am convinced love has a heavenly source
emanating from my heart's chambers, but more powerful than any force
and when you share it with another, instead of having less, you have more
finding yourself with these emotions, and an imagination looking to explore

It's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder, another way that love shows
but I would sooner send a dozen roses, because this message every girl knows
escaping the loneliness troubling your mind, allowing a captured heart to love
then happiness will reign, worries disappear as you find yourself flying above

Love, a divine magic when reaching earth, creates a longing for another to be near
maybe a way for the heavenly world helping man to adjust, removing his earthly fear
humans are the most sensitive of G-d's creations, a few misplaced words and egos hurt
but love holds that power to repair, once again being able to reassure and bring comfort

So where must this love come from, acknowledging indeed that it emanates from heaven alone
but how can this be, having this power to heal, love must forever remain in a place of the unknown
perhaps then this is what it means when we say that someone is out of sight, but not out of mind
true feelings of love must exists deep down, a special love mixed with the divine, one of a kind

Feelings of the heart really emanate from our mind, it is the true place where all of our desires reside
so it comes as no surprise, why we'll never fully understand, because this love we seek is really inside
as the wind blows, and the sun sets, so too, love must forever remain a mystery of life never to know
Love is His greatest gift, unending happiness with us to share, G-d to beloved mankind did He bestow
The is a short poem describing where love is from and how it affects our emotional world.
Joshua Adam
Written by
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