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Jul 2015
Resident Evil Always Lurking**

Transcend the world of darkness, beyond where human senses can go
perceive the existence of this reality, you would otherwise never know
waiting for you is your destiny, preordained, you alone have this control
preparations for the future, by casting off the body, elevating the soul

Transcend all physical boundaries, limitations are a figment of the mind
close your eyes and you'll see, following others is what keeps you blind
achievements are within your abilities, only others try and hold you back
hoping for you to stumble, harboring hidden jealousies, waiting to attack

Transcend the pettiness of an egotistical world, where the center of all is Me
until your life changes, until you become a giver, the truth you will never see
a world without is connected to our world within, bound by words and actions
another paradox of human existence, finding unity among conflicting factions

Transcend the selfishness of your surroundings, none of us are really fully immune
witnessing people with two faces, feigning kindness, wanting us to play their tune
surviving instability of an ever changing world, seek comfort in things of purpose
find consolation in this truth, the world is not what it appears to be on the surface

Transcend the resident evil clouding your thinking, and you'll free yourself to finally live
escaping from those pitfalls of hatred and bigotry, realizing the ultimate good is to give
now having come full circle in your life, you will understand the jewel you have found
spreading goodness to others, with an endless light of happiness, will you be crowned
This is a short poem which discusses some of the challenges we face in this world
Joshua Adam
Written by
   DaRk IcE, Little Bird and SPT
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