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Cyndi Dec 2020
I use my illnesses as an excuse to not do what needs to be done, to not do what I want to be done.

I spent hours and hours on a project I love, but will likely never finish.

I went the whole week without finishing a single assignment.

I leave my hundreds of abandoned projects by the wayside, despite wanting to work on them all.

I dream of creating so, so much, but don't ever commit to something because it's not instantly gratifying.

I wrote a poem about how awful I am for friends and strangers alike to see and pity me over.

I told my parents that I did homework when I just lazed around all week.

I waste money on food when there's food in the house.

I woke myself up too late at night with this poem in mind.

I want to **** myself sometimes.
I don't know if this is similar to any kind of previously defined poem, but I followed a clear pattern in my word choice and stanza structure that I haven't seen elsewhere. Sometimes, you just want to define yourself, even if the definition isn't really always true.
I think I'll call this kind of poem "Défini via des Mots," because it just seems right to name it in french, haha.
I seek stability in
But I’m sorry,
I can’t offer you what
I ask you to give,
What we both need:
I don’t have a thing

What anyone I could find
Is anything, anything other than me,
I guess I’m too broken,
To provide the things I need
For either of us
I know my best won’t be good enough.

Keep out, make sure
You aren’t even close
I’ll ruin everyone not only
My limits have been broken since
I realised I wanted so much

In the end,
You would be
Off dead than
Dead with me.
Amoy May 2018
Take take
Take it all
No give back
Fill your cup
Never fill mine
Feel the sunshine
Let me stand in the rain
I care, you don’t
Push but no pull
Receive but never give
Salute but never stand
Selfish, that’s your brand
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
I will slither my venomous tongue
into those tender ****** ears
until my intent is well and hung
after bottles wash away fears
my genteel words only a facade
to feed my carnal desire
my affable countenance only a fraud
to cross the threshold of your attire
tonight we will worship fermented grape
my little maenad
in ecstasy my hands follow the shape
  of your curves, driven mad
my charm
your curse
my arms
your hearse

when the sun shows his face
I'm but a ghost
your conscience defaced
my next egotistical boast
some were conned into
doing the riddance
they'd been duped by
the lad's egotistical

how did he gain
such an overarching
more discerning folk picked
him for a selfish

those of no acumen
got on side with his
they did the ousting to
aid a wimpy

and still they're willing
in carrying out his dodgy
cause the lad hasn't a
scintilla of spinal
Kirby Walton Feb 2018
The sun rises and wakes a morning yearning
Like corporate cattle cows to slaughter, we leave to earn our meals

The sun is now at its highest we eat, but our ears are burning
Whilst blunt babbling bosses bellow orders, to feed egotistical wheels

The sun is setting now, we crave our sleep, we're yawning
But lengthy long logs and lists amount, as time it likes to steal

We are now at our twilight, and the cracks are finally showing
Whilst our plundering pirate pathetic leaders, go eat their gluttonous meals.
faith Jul 2017
i can't make myself happy
when i can't get off this chair
too anxious to stop crying
silently hating my stare

my face is so ****** ugly
i'm shaking, i'm trying to stop
nothing could ever console me
this dark and familiar spot

depression that grabs me is all too familiar
i'm crippled and tired, too tired to care

a few pills will save me from cutting my body
again and again i'll make myself sleep
it's always been there, this darkness and crying
but now i know that it's better to sleep

because it escalates to rage and seeing spots
and punching holes in the wall and filling holes from inside with
alcohol and cigarettes and petting my pride

my egotistical mind that thinks that if i look good
at least i have that, and that's one thing i have

so i spend hours in front of the mirror painting my face and doing my hair and ******* hating my face, my ****** stare

if i look long enough i see myself change and no longer am i fragile, i'm filling that space
where i can't hurt i  just harm and push everyone away
it's harder to ache and to look at my face
than it is to get cold and harder to touch and harder to shove

and i can't replace my face with anyone else's
so i better make it perfect
keep on going and try to calm down
keep myself busy and play music loud

so typical.
it's a cycle.
i'm trying.
still breathing.
7 - 20 - 17
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
Resident Evil Always Lurking**

Transcend the world of darkness, beyond where human senses can go
perceive the existence of this reality, you would otherwise never know
waiting for you is your destiny, preordained, you alone have this control
preparations for the future, by casting off the body, elevating the soul

Transcend all physical boundaries, limitations are a figment of the mind
close your eyes and you'll see, following others is what keeps you blind
achievements are within your abilities, only others try and hold you back
hoping for you to stumble, harboring hidden jealousies, waiting to attack

Transcend the pettiness of an egotistical world, where the center of all is Me
until your life changes, until you become a giver, the truth you will never see
a world without is connected to our world within, bound by words and actions
another paradox of human existence, finding unity among conflicting factions

Transcend the selfishness of your surroundings, none of us are really fully immune
witnessing people with two faces, feigning kindness, wanting us to play their tune
surviving instability of an ever changing world, seek comfort in things of purpose
find consolation in this truth, the world is not what it appears to be on the surface

Transcend the resident evil clouding your thinking, and you'll free yourself to finally live
escaping from those pitfalls of hatred and bigotry, realizing the ultimate good is to give
now having come full circle in your life, you will understand the jewel you have found
spreading goodness to others, with an endless light of happiness, will you be crowned
This is a short poem which discusses some of the challenges we face in this world
louis rams Jul 2015
my heart is a temple holding all the secrets of this sinner
where there is only one winner.
i'm a sinner who has won at every turn, and so many lessons to be learned
how does an old fox change his ways, when there is so many plays.
so many sheep for the slaughter, and the field is getting broader.
oh !  i love the sheep so young and fair, who strut around without a care.
always thinking " it can't happen to me "but this old fox they do not see.
i get them while they're in their prime- they try to think but don't have time
this old foxx is about to leave its lair- so you young sheep ' YOU BEST BEWARE "
(c) L . RAMS 070715
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