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Jul 2015
Death Is Not The End, But A New Beginning**

It is not the end, but a new beginning
a place that is the ultimate in giving
but a lifetime of attachment down here
clouds our minds, thinking of it with fear

The body replanted, with your soul finally released
a new way of living, part of a group called deceased
even though mentioning the word death causes fright
it's a place promised to be a delight, yes, for the upright

You're thinking how I can dare, mentioning death as a kindness
but your fear is natural, and perhaps caused by your own blindness
how would G-d, your Loving Creator, bring death upon you for naught
perhaps it has a benefit for you, but something you were never taught

The body is purged from sin, because our earth has this power to cleanse
so by burying the body in the earth, we will then enable it to make amends
if the soul is found worthy, after the day of judgement it will be redeemed
to be reunited with a pure body, something you would never have dreamed

Death, for the righteous, is then only the beginning, a harbinger for the ultimate bliss
an indescribable happiness beginning with G-d, taking his loved ones with a Divine kiss
thinking of death you no longer fear, because living a virtuous life you are now committed
the greatest happiness awaits for you to experience, knowing you will surely be admitted
This is a short poem relating to death and the righteous
Joshua Adam
Written by
       NV, Kat, Jake muler, brandon nagley, --- and 1 other
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